The Dark Side of the Olympics (Trailer)

Uploaded by vice on Jul 19, 2012


MALE SPEAKER 1: I'm pretty excited about the Olympics.
MALE SPEAKER 2: A moment in history which
will never be repeated.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: There's nowhere else in the world that
could do it justice.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: I'm not sure that people who are angry
about the Olympics would be very patriotic.
MALE SPEAKER 3: I think there's a lot of
MALE SPEAKER 4: It's a complete overkill for what is
a sporting event.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: The Olympics is not about politics.

MALE SPEAKER 5: We're seeing the biggest mobilization of
troops in the UK since the end of World War II.
FEMALE SPEAKER 3: Do Londoners feel safer?
We've now got drones coming in over the sky.
MALE SPEAKER 6: I'm not afraid of the army or the police.
The longer you're out, the better it is.
MALE SPEAKER 7: There's going to be a
threat of an alien invasion.
The whole area could be sealed off in a heartbeat.
And then effectively it becomes a concentration camp.
MALE SPEAKER 4: The security's predominantly about defending
the interests of the sponsors.
MALE SPEAKER 8: Instead of a park for the people, we've
actually created a toxic wilderness for a corporate
sports day.
MALE SPEAKER 9: We should have a right to
hang around our area.
FEMALE SPEAKER 4: We're a community.
This is my home.
And I don't see why we should be kicked out of it.
MALE SPEAKER 10: We're going to have a lot of rather
useless, rather empty buildings left in Stratford.
MALE SPEAKER 11: The London I knew really is dead and gone.
MALE SPEAKER 12: That's a bit extreme.