Chanakya - Episode 21

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Alenader considered an ordinary Greek general, Ambhi..
to be appointed as an officer.
Is this the way an Emperor behaves with another Emperor?
I am compelled to obey low-lorn people.
I will be defeated by the one who are losers.
Indradutt, go tell Ambhi amd Ethidams, that I
..donot accept them as my masters.
Aditya Haran.. - What's the matter?
Acharya has sent a message from Takshashila. - What is it?
Acharya has asked us to move towards Sindhu.
General is waiting for you. - Alright, head towards the mercanaries.
What is your plan Acharya?
I want Kakairaj do a favour on the Greek rule and Greek army.
I didn't understand you.
The survey has shown that the residents of Maskavati have
..not forgotten the merciless murder of their king.
If a riot takes place there, then we will get public support.
But if these villages are out of threat then it will
..sort the help of Ambhi and Euthidamas.
Euthidamas has no courage, and Ambhi has no capability.
Hence , both of them would request Kakairaj to bring peace to Sindhu.
..and Kakairaj would accept there request.
You have to make arrangements for this to reach Alexander.
What is the matter General Claiturcus? Why aren't you taking this?
King, Alexander the great, is no more.
Acharya Vishnugupt's desire to bind aII repubIics into one
poIiticaI entity wiII bring Chandragupt to you, Kaykairaj.
The instrument of setting up this new poIiticaI order
wiII be Chandragupt and you'II be the power behind the scene.
So, wait for the right time, King.
PossibiIities can turn into reaIities at any moment.
If you do not insist on Kaykai's ruIe over the repubIics ...
then your eminence is sure to grow.
By use of force, Kaykai can estabIish its ruIe ...
but that wiII onIy give birth to future confIicts.
Not onIy the Iand, Kaykairaj has ruIe over hearts of aII peopIe.
So, Kaykairaj shouIdn't take any hasty decision.
Is it that my minister is speaking on behaIf of Acharya Vishnugupt?
In the interest of Kaykai Iies my interest, Kaykairaj.
And Kaykairaj's interest?
In the gIory of Kaykai.
You are very cIever, Indradutt.
Forgive me Lord, but Prince MaIayketu is anxious to see you.
King, he is your brother's grandson.
Now why has he come here?
Guard! TeII him that Parvateshwar has no time to meet him.
Order him to Ieave the borders of Kaykai at once.
EIse, he wiII not Iive aIive.
No doubt MaIayketu is your enemy's son. But he's come to your doorstep.
They've forgotten their famiIy's traditions, but you must foIIow yours.
Send him in.
Greetings, grandpa. - May you Iive Iong.
Father has conveyed humbIe greetings. - AIright.
The entire Paurva cIan has sent you greetings, Kaykairaj.
Say whatever you've come to say quickIy.
Your nephew, my father is on his death bed.
Is he stiII aIive?
He wants to die under your roof.
Why? Aren't there any cremation grounds where he had run to?
PIease give him an opportunity to repent for his sins.
My mother and I beg you ...
My mother wanted to come to ask your forgiveness for father's sins.
But she couIdn't because of father's iII-heaIth.
I'm gIad to know there is a trace of humiIity stiII Ieft in the Paurav cIan
Since she couId not come herseIf, she has asked me to request you that ...
Go on. I'm anxious.
Forgive us for our sins and take us back under your protection.
So my nephew couId commit the misdeeds here that he couIdn't commit there!
After ruining his famiIy, he may ruin the entire Paurav cIan too.
You're the protector of Paurav cIan and we are your branches.
If you don't support us, this branch of the Paurav cIan wiII wither away.
This kiIIer branch of the cIan must wither away, Prince MaIayketu?
Why do you punish entire famiIy for the sins of my father, Kaykairaj?
Where were those budding fIowers when your father had surrendered
to the invader AIexander?
Why didn't any member of the Paurav famiIy prevent him then.
Where were they when two sons of Kaykairaj's were kiIIed in the war.
How couId have they come to the battIefieId then?
Because they were yearning to see the destruction of my kingdom and gIory.
And where was your Paurav famiIy when Kaykairaj's famiIy was ...
mourning the death of his two sons and brave soIdiers of Kaykai army?
Shame on your famiIy.
Had you then extended your heIping hand to Kaykairaj,
history of Paurav cIan wouId have been very different.
And what did your father do?
Hearing about my friendship with AIexander he Ieft his kingdom ...
and ran away Iike a coward.
Why didn't any member of Paurav famiIy stop him then?
Why shouId I protect that branch of which is a scar on the Paurav cIan.
Let that branch be destroyed which has been weakening the cIan.
Our future is in your hands, King.
OnIy you can protect the women of Paurav famiIy.
OnIy you can grant sheIter to the chiIdren who are running...
from door to door for sheIter.
My mother and father beg for mercy.
I can't trust your father, Prince MaIayketu.
PIease forgive us.
I cant sheIter your father and brothers, Prince MaIayketu.
If women and chiIdren desire, they can seek sheIter in my paIace.
My father is on his deathbed. - My decision is finaI, Prince.
If you wish to rest, go to the guestroom, eIse you may Ieave.
I am sorry, but I can't grant sheIter to your father.
I wiII convey your decision to my parents.
They wiII decide.
I am Ieaving, Grandpa. Goodbye.
Goodbye, Minister. - Goodbye, Prince.
Aratta Republic
I weIcome the Ieaders of Aratta and aII those who have come from
the various repubIic of Vahik region.
Today most repubIics of Vahik region are free from the Greek ruIe...
and soon the rest of the repubIics wiII be freed too.
RepubIic of Aratta has asked me to shouIder the responsibiIity
of its government - which I've gIadIy accepted.
But in reaIity more than the ruIers, our repubIics need
a new system of government.
A system which wiII rise above the petty poIiticaI ambitions
and unite the whoIe nation into one repubIic - one famiIy.
RepubIics are indivisibIe Iimbs of the nation
Yet why do different repubIics fight with one another for their survivaI?
Don't you feeI pain when you see your famiIy member in pain?
Don't you heIp members of your famiIy in the times of distress?
How can you remain aIoof from joys and sorrows of your famiIy members?
IndividuaIs sacrificing for the good of society is in our tradition.
Why did Shiva swaIIow poison?
Why did sage Dhadhichi sacrifice his bones?
Then why individuaIs for society and society for the nation..
..aren't so eager to make sacrifice?
Why does a society feeIs that its progress Iies in downfaII of others.
Why a repubIic feeIs that progress of another wiII hinder its own progress?
Why does one person feeI to be in struggIe for survivaI with another.
Is a seed in struggIe with a Ieaf?
Are the roots in struggIe with the trees standing over them?
Then why are we invoIved in struggIe?
Don't you think that the Ieave, the fIower, the trunk, the branches ...
the root, aII have taken their forms from the seed?
Yet, we can't see the seed.
In the same way, we can't see our nationaIism.
But it is present in every Indian.
If you'II search for your seed, you'II feeI your nationaIism.
And if that seed of nationaIism is within us ...
..then how can I be any different from you?
Then what was the need for fighting with the Greeks?
Because we aII know that they've the same right to Iive on this earth
as we have the right to Iive on this earth.
Yet we did not accept the Greek ruIe. Why?
I ask you young man?
Because freedom is dear to me!
We fought the Greeks because freedom is dear to us.
But what is the meaning of freedom.
Does it just mean being free from the sIavery of another person or state?
Does freedom mean doing as we pIease?
Don't peopIe have to accept the ruIes of the society?
Doesn't the society have to accept the ruIes of the nation?
So even after acceptance of ruIes of society and state ...
why do we stiII feeI that we are free?
What is that awareness of freedom ...
that is equaIIy feIt by a person, society and nation?
What is that thread which binds the person, the society, the nation ...
yet makes them feeI independent.
Who has created this mechanism which we aII accept so wiIIingIy?
What is it that 'independence' gives to a person that he becomes
so eager to Iay down his Iife?
What is that mechanism that we aII caII independence?
Why do we want to be independent and not under the ruIe of Greek?
What is the difference between 'independence' and 'dependence'?
Why couIdn't we accept the mechanism of 'dependence' on the Greeks?
Because we beIieve in the mechanism which our sages and thinkers.
have created for us.
We beIieve in those eternaI vaIues which our ancestors have created.
And the principIe of , ''weII being of aII'' ...
..which our ancestors have foIIowed have been inherited by us.
VaIues created under eternaI truth and Iight of knowIedge by our sages..
..that is our mechanism of independence.
We've estabIished our sociaI system on the basis of those eternaI vaIues.
OnIy our ancestors' system can be the basis of our ...
personaI, sociaI and nationaI Iife.
That is why we seek freedom.
But is that system, method and freedom different for MaIav an Shudrak?
Is it different for Kaykai or PanchaI?
Can quest for best vaIues differ from repubIic to repubIic?
The sociaI vaIues which have been created by our ancestors ...
how can it be different for different repubIics.
It's because we can't see that seed which is present ...
in every part of the tree.
We aren't seeing the cuIture which is fIowing in Iife of every repubIic.
RepubIics are branches of one giant tree that has shaped from one seed.
We are not abIe to see our roots but seeing our outward differences...
We are refuting our oneness.
We are not abIe to see the unity in our diversity.
Maybe we are deIiberateIy ignoring it...
..because of our seIfish poIiticaI interests.
I know there are certain difference in poIiticaI system of some repubIics.
But poIiticaI system is not cuIture.
PoIiticaI system can suppIement the cuIture ...
but not a synonym for cuIture.
CuIture shows way for the progress of peopIe, society and nation.
So the responsibiIity of poIitics too is the progress of ...
peopIe, society and nation.
Then why do peopIe fight in the name of the system.
Perhaps because they do not see the common goaI of the
peopIe, society and nation.
Or because their seIfish interests motivate them to oppose each other.
This seIfishness and Iack of unity ...
had compeIIed us to surrender our seIf respect to the Greeks.
The Greeks hadn't seen differences in the systems of various states.
Invaders had treated everybody in the same manner.
UnfortunateIy repubIics had not chaIIenged the Greeks with unity.
Because we Iacked nationaI character.
If aII repubIics had united as one nation and chaIIenged the Greeks ...,
wouId it have been possibIe for the Greeks to conquer this Iand?
Had aII kingdoms taken the responsibiIity of protecting Sindhu ...
..wouId it have been possibIe for Greeks to cross the Sindhu river?
But the warriors of Kat, Madrak, Dhundrak and MaIav did not beIieve
that TakshashiIa was door to their borders too.
Our borders extend up to the spread of our cuIture.
From HimaIayas to the depths of the seas it is our Iand. is our nation.
And if we don't protect our nation, who wiII protect it?
If we stiII don't unite and present ourseIves as one nation ...
the invaders can come back again and history might repeat again.
If we don't unite even now then path is wide open for the invaders.
Need of the hour is for aII of us to unite under one king ...
so that this nation can become competent, powerfuI and gIorious.
And we, the immortaI sons of our motherIand can say ...
path of duty Iies wide open - march ahead, march ahead.
HaiI Mother India ... !
Acharya hasn't come yet, Siharan.
Someone might have stopped him on his way here.
But why does he Iet himseIf be stopped on the way?
Everyone has as much right to Acharya as you have.
Who wouIdn't Iike to come into contact with such a Iearned person?
But I can't bear to wait for Acharya.
I don't know why, but I aIways fear for him.
Rise son of India!
Some peopIe had stopped me on my way here, so I was deIayed.
Greetings, Acharya. - May you Iive Iong, Siharan.
I get worried whenever there is any deIay in your coming.
That's why I request you to Iet me stay by your side.
Keep your mind in controI, Chandragupt.
Don't worry about me. Worry about the nation.
I'm the path, not the goaI.
Even if I don't Iive, you wiII have to find a way to attain your goaI.
Accept the fact, Chandragupt.
For the goaI you want to achieve, the individuaIs are ...
Iess important than the goaI.
The means are unimportant but goaI is important.
Conquer your affection.
I can't remain detached from my feeIings, Acharya.
You wiII have to change your opinion about yourseIf, Chandragupt.
Let there be emotion in reIation but not the heIpIessness.
Extreme cIoseness breeds expectations which can cause unhappiness.
Respect reIationships. Don't be sIave to them.
But can you be free from your feeIings for Chandragupt?
I don't Iet my heart ruIe my mind, Chandragupt.
Pardon me Lord, King Paurav wants to meet you.
King Paurav? - But why has he come here?
We wiII know it after meeting him.
But have you met him before, Acharya? - No.
Neither I have seen him before.
But King Paurav (Pauravaraj) won't come here Iike this!
There is no harm in meeting with Pauravaraj.
Escort him in respectfuIIy.
Greetings, braveman. Won't you greet me?
You are weIcome, Pauravaraj.
I had a great desire to meet you after hearing your fame.
I couIdn't stop myseIf, so I've come uninvited.
You are great braveman. Your cIan is great ...
Your kingdom is great, and your teachers are great.
Your appearance here has done me honor, Pauravaraj.
No brave man, onIy Gods make appearances.
I am onIy a simpIe mortaI distressed by my needs.
It takes greatness for a person to be so humbIe, Pauravaraj.
Thank you, braveman.
He is my son, MaIayketu.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Be seated, sir. - Thanks.
You didn't introduce him to me.
He is my Acharya.
I am fortunate to meet two great souIs today.
I offer my respectfuI greetings, Acharya.
May you Iive Iong.
I've no desire to Iive Iong, Acharya.
I am onIy waiting for death now.
But we have no controI over the god of death.
He won't set me free without torturing and hurting me.
I Iost my kingdom, my prestige, my famiIy's honor at the hands of Greeks.
What eIse is Ieft in my Iife except sorrow and needs.
So before I die I wanted to pay my respect to Ieaders of freedom.
It is heart-breaking that my own peopIe have grabbed my Iand.
to expand their own kingdom.
Kaykairaj wants to take away my Iand from me.
So you are the nephew of Kaykairaj.
Yes, I am a descendant of the Paurav cIan.
When the Greeks invaded your kingdom, where were you Pauravaraj?
I preferred to give my kingdom but in the greed of keeping my kingdom ...
I didn't Iike Iosing my famiIy name and honor at the feet of Greek King.
So I voIuntariIy gave up my kingdom and sought refuge from my reIatives.
But why didn't you heIp Kaykairaj in the battIe?
He didn't ask my heIp - so I didn't heIp him.
Is it customary for Paurav cIan to invite their kith and kin for heIp?
Without prayer even the Gods don't come forward for heIp!
And had I gone uninvited, I might have been insuIted.
But you didn't feeI insuIted when you surrendered to AIexander!
To save his own reputation after being defeated in the battIe ...
Kaykairaj has been tarnishing my image.
Because I preferred to fIea from my kingdom rather than surrendering...
to AIexander to keep my kingdom.
That's how Kaykairaj pIotted with AIexander to takeover my Iand too.
In what way can I heIp you, Pauravaraj?
If you Iike, you can indeed heIp me.
If it is possibIe I'II be eager to heIp.
If you Iike you can ruIe my kingdom. You can free it from Kaykai's sIavery.
I'II have no objection.
But why shouId I takeover your kingdom?
For my sake. And I'II support you in this effort, with arms and money.
Pauravaraj! I respect Kaykairaj.
I won't think of harming him with words, and never with my weapons.
How wouId you be harming Kaykairaj? It is my kingdom.
You freed Vahik region from the Greek invaders.
Kaykairaj is invader of my Iand.
Is it unjust to fight for the freedom of my motherIand?
Aren't you too fighting for the freedom of our motherIand?
Is it wrong for the weak to take heIp from the strong?
You aren't answering my question, braveman.
I would be unable to help you, Puravraj.
The future of our famiIy is at stake, Sir.
Think it over, braveman.
If you use your resources to heIp me today ...
..then tomorrow my resources wiII be dedicated to you.
I am heIpIess Pauravaraj.
To attain independence I searched everywhere for you, braveman.
I'd faced many difficuIties and obstacIes to reach you.
But perhaps destined has something eIse in store for me.
I'm Ieaving disappointed. Permit me to Ieave.
Goodbye, Sir.
Siharan. Ask your spies to keep Pauravaraj under constant surveiIIance
This man must not go out of sight.
Acharya. Why are you giving so much importance to Pauravaraj?
Pauravaraj is angry with Kaykairaj.
We can use him, Chandragupt.
But this person isn't trustworthy. - I know that.
Yet you wish to pIay with that snake! - He must be controIIed.
For fear of burning, warriors don't stop using fire, Chandragupt.
What pIans do you have concerning Pauravaraj?
You wiII obIige him. I wiII use him.
Of what use can he be, Acharya?
Why do you forget that if he doesn't get back his kingdom ...
he can resort to any conspiracy or compromise.
And as Iong as he is aIive he'II spread unrest to get back his kingdom.
And we need stabiIity and peace in the Vahik region.
SecondIy, if Kaykairaj refuses to heIp us in impIementing our pIan ...,
then we can use Pauravaraj.
There are numerous possibiIities.
We must use our resources according to the situations we find ourseIves in.
Pardon e sir. Representative of repubIics are eager to meet you.
Bring them in after a whiIe. - As you command, Lord.
Now I'II return to my quarters.
You take care of the administration of the repubIics.
As soon as Siharan returns, send him to me.
Rise O' India!
You aren't mere dream of Iife, Chandragupt.
You are the reaIization of my Iife. You're the test of my Iife.
As Iong as you are aIive, Vishnugupt can't die.
If you're within me, Vishnugupt too wiII be aIive within you.
Then why do you get so anxious?
May you Iive Iong.
Father. With your permission may I try to taIk with Chandragupt again?
It wiII be of no use, MaIay. No use at aII.
No doubt Chandragupt is in the driving seat ...
but the reigns are in the hands of that shrewd Brahmin.
And that Brahmin favors Kaykairaj.
He tried to destroy my image by taIking about the war.
Without his consent Chandragupt won't move one step.
Pardon me Pauravaraj, a servant of Chandragupt wishes to see you.
Bring him in respectfuIIy after a few moments.
My Iord Chandragupt has sent greetings to you, Pauravaraj.
You are weIcome braveman.
TeII me what message Prince Chandragupt has sent?
My Iord has sought your forgiveness for his mistakes and requested you...
that as Iong as you are in Aratta RepubIic you stay in his house.
We haven't come to Aratta to stay. - I know that.
But prince Chandragupt wishes to speak to you in private.
You know the subject.
Chandragupt couId have said this right there.
Prince Chandragupt too has some compuIsions Pauravaraj.
Some positions have pecuIiar importance and certain ...
formaIities have to be observed.
Chandragupt is a cIever person too. I accept his hospitabiIity.
But how did he find out that I am staying in this rest house.
When you couId find Chandragupt ...
then it isn't difficuIt for his servants to find Pauravaraj.
His cautiousness is aIso commendabIe.
So what is your message for Chandragupt?
Inform Chandragupt that my attendants and I wiII be at his service soon.
I'm Ieaving a trusted soIdier in the rest house for escorting you.
Much obIiged. - Permit me to Ieave, Sir
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Prince Chandragupt is not onIy a poIitician he is dipIomat too.
Let us see what is in his mind.
Get up MaIay and prepare for housewarming.
I want you to have your kingdom back.
What if you get your kingdom back with my efforts?
Then my repubIic wiII be at your disposaI, Chandragupt.
You wiII be free to use my kingdom.
I don't desire to have your kingdom, Pauravaraj.
I want stabiIity in Vahik region, not confIict.
So I want a promise from you that after you get your kingdom back.. wiII maintain peace and tranquiIity in your kingdom.
How can there be instabiIity and unrest in your kingdom, Chandragupt.
I mean there must be no vioIation of the borders.
You draw the boundary Iines and everyone wiII stay within them.
So can I be certain that ... - I wiII try.
And you must aIso try, Pauravaraj. - Meaning?
You must ask forgiveness from Kaykairaj.
If asking forgiveness couId get me my kingdom, why wouId I take your heIp?
You try it. I'II have no objection.
What if I don't get my kingdom even after asking forgiveness!
I'II persuade Kaykairaj to return your kingdom to you.
What if Kaykairaj stiII refuses to return my kingdom?
You wiII sureIy get back your kingdom, Pauravaraj.
So when do we Ieave for Kaykai? - Soon.
So, shaII I stop worrying? - That depends how far you trust me.
Goodbye. -Goodbye.
He is very cIever.
How did it go?
Pauravaraj is wiIIing to ask forgiveness.
Chandragupt, I'II Ieave for Kaykai tomorrow.
And soon after you reach Kaykai, I'II put my future pIans in action.
But you must be carefuI and aIert. - Don't worry, Acharya.
I shaII Ieave now.
May mother India guide your path!
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
For how Iong wiII you rest? Even the cowherds have gone home.
Grant me some AIms.
WeIcome Vishnugupt! Come.
Have you come aIone this time?
I've Ieft my students in the rest house.
You may have brought them too.
They too shouId experience the hardships of Iife.
Be seated.
When wiII you give up this hard Iife.
Who toId you that I'm Ieading a hard Iife?
I know you weII, Vishnu.
When have you ever accepted that you can be unhappy too?
You have gained victory over sorrow and pain.
You've started attacking me so soon after coming!
Does it hurt your heart?
If you wish to see me free from my probIems, then heIp me.
Can I be of any heIp to you? - OnIy you can heIp.
I know what you mean.
I'm not going to waIk into your trap this time.
Then shaII I Ieave? - What do you mean?
What do you think of yourseIf?
That you can compeI me as aIways!
Because of you, I can't answer Parvateshwar.
Because of you, there was rebeIIion in Kaykai and Gandharv.
Because of you, the Greeks are annoyed with Parvateshwar.
Because of you, disturbances spread throughout Vahik region.
In such an atmosphere anything couId have happened at anytime.
Because of you, there was rebeIIion in Sind and Pithan was overthrown.
The entire Greek power has become an enemy of Kaykairaj.
How wiII Kaykairaj answer the Greeks?
And you compeI me.
You've made me a puppet.
Go if you want to.
But have you any answer?
Did aII this happen because of me?
And whatever has happened, was it wrong?
Was it my fauIt that it happened?
CouId I have stopped it from happening?
WiII I be abIe to stop whatever has to happen in future?
WiII you be abIe to stop it?
If I couId do aII this myseIf, why wouId I come to you for heIp?
And if you think whatever has happened was wrong, then I pIead guiIty.
And if you think I am responsibIe for aII these events ...
then why don't you open the doors of Kaykai's prison for me, Minister?
Where are you going?
To Iook for him.
What happened?
I've no idea where he is gone.
He wasn't at the rest-house.
I've Iooked for him everywhere.
Even his students are Iooking for him.
Come and have some food. - I don't want to eat.
It isn't the fauIt of food!
I toId you I don't want to eat.
'Where couId he go?'
'I shouId go to rest house again. May be he has returned there now.'