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Where? Where, where?
You go left, we're going right!
Where? Where?
There is a smell that provokes my animal instincts.
What a wonderful smell.
Ah, how did such a weak body
save our Gang U?
She didn't only save Gang U's life
but she also saved mine, right?
I need to tell her something.
Go ahead!
Just the two of us.
If you're awake, listen to me.
thank you for saving me.
Just because you saved my life,
do you think I'll agree to whatever you want?
If that was why you risked your life to save mine,
then don't dream about it.
I've already paid for your hospital fees.
I'll make sure you'll leave this place healthier than you were before the accident.
Everyday, your 3 meals will be especially prepared by the hotel.
Also, I'll have them prepare some tonic to help you recover,
so don't you dare waste a drop and drink it all up.
I really hate it when people want to become deeply involved.
But I will always remember your face.
And till the day I die I'll always be grateful to you.
But don't expect anything more from me.
This is the most I can do for you.
Take care of your body.
That rotten brat.
And also, I'll personally contact your parents.
There's no need, I'm fine.
I don't think that your parents would agree with you.
Just tell Representative Gyeong their contact information.
I will take care of it.
I really don't know why those fans
like him.
What's with this commotion?
The reporters thought Gang U was here so they rushed over.
Gang U.
Hallyu star Gang U?
Why didn't he go to a better hospital?
That's why...
They said a trainee was rushed to the emergency room.
It looks like that she works under same company as Gang U.
Doctor! Right now, my father...
It's time for me to get off work.
What? But my father's condition is very critical right now. Doctor!
I'll help you look for the doctor on duty. Fighting!
Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
How can you be a doctor?
Being a spy at this age... isn't easy.
Ah, really! Should have made it bigger.
Ah, really...
Ah, I've been eating a lot lately, so I've gained a few pounds.
Ah, look at the sweat.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Who are you?
Identity confirmed. Appearance is a match.
Code name, Agent Red Bear's Paw.
Undercover since 1985.
Dispatched during the 1988 Korean Asian Olympic Games
to analyze South Korean society.
And to understand South Korean people's survival.
The legendary resident spy...
Myo Hyang San, No. 7.
I have stealthily infiltrated and risked the dangers of exposing my identity.
Please present a reasonable explanation for why you saved Gang U.
Quickly explain it, Comrade Han Myeong Wol!
Comrade. Comrade, do you understand how serious the situation is right now?
As a soldier, crossing the border without a reason, is considered as a high treason.
Unless you give me an acceptable reason,
the road before you is a dead end.
To capture him.
Nowadays, because of the Hallyu wave, Republic's
youth are being corrupted.
Even though the CAD's Enforcement Division was established to restrict them, (Note: CAD - Cultural and Arts Department)
it can't completely prevent the Hallyu wave from entering North Korea.
It just isn't efficient enough.
I'm here to eliminate the source.
In the name of Republic, I will eliminate him...
Gang U.
Comrade, your awareness is unlike that of the youth today.
I will report this directly to the headquarters. Fighting!
But, it's almost impossible to eliminate Gang U.
Eliminate Gang U? Me?
Why? How?
Why didn't I think before opening my mouth!
Now what do I do?
Being under my own command is still a command.
Take action.
What are you doing?
Seriously, what are you doing now?
Tried to escape?
Tried to climb through the window?
Psychological problem?
Is that so?
Continue to monitor her. And don't let her escape.
Don't tell me she's doing all on purpose to extort us.
Report to me immediately once the test results are out.
That girl in the hospital seems to exhibit psychological problems.
Although the temporary symptoms can be caused by stress,
if things aren't dealt with carefully, it will become more complicated.
She did seem a bit strange when I first met her.
Please confirm her identity first.
I'm very happy to work with you.
Is Gang U learning French?
He learned it from a special language school, Representative.
Amazing, right?
It's here.
Aigoo, what a headache. (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my God)
Hurry up and give me the codes, really.
Ah... I'm so tired.
Aren't you tired?
Let's listen to music instead.
=To people running fast, remember to run cheerfully.=
Quickly, start quickly!
=A letter from Wolbok Dong's Hwang Ji Ni.=
=Ah! I finally mastered the butterfly stroke.= (Butterfly stroke - a type of swimming stroke)
Even if you throw me in the East China Sea now, I won't be afraid.
So starting today, the swimming course has let me...
=Miss Hwang Ji Ni, congratulations!=
=Playing the requested song,= - This announcer, really, he didn't even read according to the letter.
Why change it? What a funny fellow!
Wait a minute.
Graduate, graduate.
What are you trying to say?
According to the analysis of the report sent in 15 minutes ago by Red Bear's Paw,
Han Myeong Wol went to Gang U's filming location...
to take pictures.
Report complete.
This... are you saying she went there to take pictures?
When that child applied for the Secret Service Division,
are you sure she wasn't insane?
Didn't you double-check it?
In Han Myeong Wol's quarters and office,
we didn't find any suspicious items.
However, she was recently involved in the Singapore situation...
and was observed to have attended a performance by Gang U while she was there.
It seems like she went to Singapore to see Gang U's concert.
Is that so?
Comrade Choe Ryu.
That crazy person...
how long will it take to eliminate her?
Comrade Lieutenant.
What's wrong?
You clearly know why Han Myeong Wol went to Singapore, right?
If anything happens to this mission, I'm not the only one that's going to be implicated.
If it's not taken care of properly, not only will the country be thoroughly discredited, you will also be in danger.
We just need to eliminate one little girl, and nothing will happen.
But Comrade Han Myeong Wol...
is the crazy girl who ran to South Korea to take pictures of Gang U's concert.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol is not that kind of person.
Didn't you say it yourself?
That her fatal weakness is acting before thinking.
That is our proof. That is!
Aigoo, this fellow.
Snap out of it!
You are your father's only hope. What do I do?
I said to stop putting flowers on your head.
People will call you crazy if you do that.
Why you must be like this? Really!
Drool. Saliva.
Aigoo, this guy saw a flower and really drooled.
~ You are my extraordinary star. ~
We're the bald eagles guarding the stars.
Kid, stop!
Something went wrong.
There seems to have been a small mix up with the report.
The report about your situation,
well, it says that you came here alone in order to take pictures of Gang U.
It's difficult to explain.
We don't have much time.
Comrade, due to the misunderstanding,
the officials have issued an order for you to be eliminated.
There was no way that we could have predicted this.
Eliminate me?
No... then why did you take pictures with the enemy?
Who could forgive that type of comrade?
Don't you know them?
What pictures? What are you trying to say?
Aigoo, we must wait till midnight before we can correct the report.
We don't know what will happen during this period.
We should have a big go at it.
Gang U's current location is written here.
Hey, Hey, hey!
Look at this article, Sunbae. (Sunbae - senior, mentor)
The reporters have gone crazy.
Everyone's lives have been turned upside down.
Watch your mouth.
I've been around this industry for 3 years, so I've already become deaf and blind to it.
How is the investigation on her identity?
Representative Gyeong is inquiring about it everywhere.
However, because of her unstable mental state,
we don't know how much we can believe her.
Check out the situation every 10 minutes, then report it to me.
Yes, Hyeongnim.
How long have I taken care of you?
A little more than 5 years.
Is it because In A has been good to you,
that you're daydreaming?
I have no reason to be a daydreamer.
In A said
you bought a book not long ago.
It's not a big deal.
Driver Yin, looks like we have to go on a trip to Singapore.
I understand.
=Who are you exactly?=
=A human or an animal?=
In the name of Republic, I will eliminate him...
Gang U.
What a young female comrade.
Always have principles, full of ambition, has plans,
but still alone.
To be precise,
you are really impressive.
As soon as I snatch back that jerk's book,
everything will end.
=We don't know where she went the day after her surgery.=
=She disappeared without a trace.=
What were the bodyguards doing?
=That's the question. Let's see how will they look for her.=
Please gather a few people and look for her again.
Is that girl missing from the hospital, Hyeongnim?
She's really mysterious.
So Hyeongnim, my mother said if I don't go,
she won't eat, sleep, or go to the hospital.
Who is it this time? Ju In A's new stylist?
How can I use my mother as an excuse to go around dating?
Didn't you sell your father last time?
That time, I said that the person who died was like a father to me.
You don't have anything scheduled tomorrow morning, right?
Just let me go this once. Hyeong!
It's up to you.
Thank you!
You don't have to thank me. You're distracted
so you won't be any help anyway. I should have kicked you out sooner or later.
I will come back early tomorrow!
What is this?
Why are you here?
Do you want to die?
Hold on. Hold on.
Hold on tightly!
I know you're awake so listen up already.
I don't care whether you live or die.
It looks like you're trying to gain my sympathy but,
don't even try it.
Do you really think that a big star like me falling in love with an ordinary high school student...
could actually happen in real life?
I think you've been reading too many romance comics.
I don't think so, but I'll ask anyway.
Are you from chabeol family? (Chaebol - Korean conglomerate)
You're in high school. You have no education or wealth.
Appearance... is not my type.
What did he say? Rotten brat. Can't I just kill him now?
Student, the truth is,
even if I was forced to get married,
it would have to be with a good-looking woman who has the best education and family background.
They could form 2 lines from Gwang Hwa Mun to Yeo Ui Do.
If it's like this, why would I pick you?
If you're listening to me, choosing to marry you would be crazy, right?
Gang U, you should thank God that you have the book with you.
Or I would have snapped your neck already!
What's wrong? Disappointed?
Sad that your beloved Oppa turns out to be this kind of person?
There is no reason behind my actions. This is the reality.
I know it's hard to accept but don't waste your money, okay?
Also, stop making your parents worry.
If you understand, then go back home.
I told you to go.
Where am I? Why am I here?
Do I have to tell you again? Stop messing around.
Do you need to see the police in order to think clearly?
Yes. Is this the police station?
My head! My head! It hurts!
What happened?
You're not really sick, are you?
Ajussi, my head hurts a lot! (Ajussi - older man, uncle)
Your head? How does it hurt?
My head's pounding. Can you help make it stop?
You... who are you?
What were you doing?
Hey, are you really insane?
Who are you? Why were you touching my body? Are you crazy?
did you save me because you were crazy?
Or did you become crazy after you saved me?
Hey Geuk Bong, where did you put the painkillers last time? Where did you put it?
Where? Which side is it in?
Not here. Not here!
Which bottle, the big one or the small one? Ok, I'm hanging up.
- Hey...! =It's me.=
It's late. What's up?
How come I can't get in touch with Geuk Bong? Can't you fire him?
The revised script is out. I've sent it to you.
Memorize the script by today.
Understood. Oh, right...
=Yes. What?=
Student, let's go to the hospital because there's no...
What's going on?
Where did she go?
Where did that crazy student go again?
How is Mission Eliminate Han Myeong Wol going?
The plan will be completed today.
Sir, I think it is a premature judgment.
It would be better if we thoroughly investigate it again.
Go out for a moment.
Do you have any personal feelings involved?
No, sir. I just can't sit down and watch my junior become a scapegoat.
If you can't, do you want to die with her?
If you dare give me your opinion again,
I will report to the superior that you and traitor Han Myeong Wol are deeply involved.
We received a new report.
=Bok Man from Jeju's Shin Dang Dong has sent us a letter again.=
=He knows his grandmother is still at her friend's house.=
=He says he is going to pick you up now.=
=He asks her friends to keep grandmother from leaving again.=
=Has Jeju Island really established a new Shin Dang Dong?=
=Next, let's enjoy his requested song.=
=From Park Sang Min's drama By Your Side.=
I have to get that thing before I receive the next command.
Why did an agent from CAD's Enforcement Division go to South Korea?
Doesn't this prove your lack of control over your command?
- Well, that... - There are many rumors flying.
Things such as covert operations in Singapore and being detected by South Korea.
If the superiors are aware of this,
your entire CAD Enforcement Division will falter.
This isn't about improper management.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol... Comrade Han Myeong Wol... It was I who dispatched her.
Her assignment was to have Gang U voluntarily defect to the North.
To have Gang U voluntarily defect to the North? I heard it was to eliminate her.
That definitely is a false report.
It is not easy for our country to produce someone like Gang U.
So I thought it would be better to let Gang U voluntarily defect to us.
The first stage of our mission: Develop a deep impression.
Thus Han Myeong Wol deliberately risked her life...
to save him.
Will that plan work? Will Gang U voluntarily defect to the North?
Don't worry. I will put full effort into this mission.
Our first mission is nearly completed.
We will soon proceed with the second mission.
What is the second mission?
That, that, that is...
to dispatch another agent called Choe Ryu from Secret Service Division.
Until our objective had been reached, we will work diligently to succeed the mission.
What's the ultimate goal of this operation?
This operation is classified.
Keep in mind that this mission is classified.
Comrade Choe Ryu, didn't you said something about fatal weakness? Is it Comrade Han Myeong Wol?
You must certainly take care that weakness.
Things have become too coincidental or is it a blessing in disguise?
Comrade, you must certainly bring it back.
How could she did this to me?
Hold on tightly!
She's gone crazy and disappeared. Why am I still thinking about her?
They might as well kill me next.
Where exactly did that rotten girl go?
Comrade, you should find it and bring it back.
As expected, you have a strong heart.
Show me yours.
whether or not this is genuine,
shouldn't we confirm this first?
So, we've invited an excellent connoisseur.
So we meet again.
Can you help me once more?
You have been cheated.
Comrade's position has already been exposed.
An agent
will be sent just to eliminate comrade.
No one knows what will happen.
Eliminate me?
Comrade, will you deliberately kill?
You're back...
A guest just came in.
In this situation, you'd still recieve guest?
Excuse me...
Excuse me, because of some private matters
we're unable to take any cases at this time.
I'm hoping that you can help find one grandma.
Won't the local police find her faster?
Why waste your money here?
She lives in Jeju's Shin Dang Dong.
You go out first.
I said go out first!
Go, go.
The grandma's name is...
Grandma Bok Man.
Yes, missing person.
About 170cm tall or so.
Age? About 18 or 19.
=A teenage, right?=
=how long has she been missing?=
Ah, how long has she been missing...
8 hours 18 minutes 22 seconds.
That, 8 hours 18 minutes 22 seconds.
I see.
Sorry. Thank you for helping.
How long will it take for the police to find her?
That, they said 9 hours isn't long enough to really be considered as missing.
They said to give it two or three days. Then, call the police again...
Then go back to the Seoul Hospital ER again.
See if there's any student matching her description who has recently been hospitalized due to an accident.
What are you staring at?
Hyeong, you're acting very strange.
That you would actually worry about other people.
It's the first time.
Who says I'm worrying!
Right now you look really worried.
She's a mental patient.
If she's running around, won't that pose a danger to the public?
Hyeong, if you are really not interested in this matter...
Go out now!
If you don't find her in 3 days,
no, if you don't find her within 2 days...
Do I have to sleep outside?
Get out!
Okay, Hyeong.
Get well.
This is the last place she was seen when she disappeared.
Because she's wounded, she couldn't have gone far.
We can do a blanket search within a 10km range.
That comrade can take 40 kg of complete equipment,
and keep walking for 500 km within 72 hours.
Aigoo. What a wonderful thing. When I look at that child, she only has thin arms like stovepipe.
It looks like recent education has made a lot of progress.
Intelligence network.
How far can the intelligence network be applied?
To kill someone, the fatal pressure points are beside the left eye, central jugular,
vocal chords, and central abdomen.
She's really going insane.
Hey! Do you know how long I've been looking for you?
Take some time to say goodbye.
You... the only reason I wanted to find you
absolutely isn't because I was worried.
Don't misunderstand.
What's this nonsense?
Hey, I've been commissioned as the Seoul Youth Ambassador...
to help problematic youth like you.
I have a social obligation to take care of you all.
What's with this guy? Is he possessed by a ghost?
What's all this crap he's saying?
Therefore, in the future...
you have to report to me everything you do. Do you understand?
You must report.
Report what?
From far away,
a comrade has come.
What were you actually thinking, executing it alone to become a reckless operation plan?
I really want to know.
Ah, about that...
that is what she told me before when I found comrade, which is
to eliminate Republic's enemy, Gang U.
Really... is it only because of this?
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
A military order cannot be ignored.
As a soldier, you have failed. You cannot deviate from our basic principles without orders.
I don't think this assignment
is worth for Han Myeong Wol to defy military orders to become famous.
As there were no orders from the superiors, I took matters into my own hands.
Even if I'm pardoned, I won't regret my actions.
See how this comrade has a sense of mission.
That's why I...
I also feel that sending this comrade directly to her death is really inappropriate.
Although this sounds like I'm being defensive,
I was unable to confirm her identity,
so I wasn't sure if I should report her or not.
But since you've personally come here,
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Serve only with The Motherland's interest in mind,
Have you prepared yourself?
Of course!
The Motherland orders Comrade Han Myeong Wol to marry Gang U in 3 months!
After the marriage,
both are to return to the North voluntarily.
After the marriage, return to the North voluntarily?
I hope comrade can complete the task without any problem.
I'll wait for the good news.
You might... might as well...
might as well let me kill him!
Comrade Officer.
Do you think this is proper?
Since the beginning, you've questioned your superiors' orders.
I'm not questioning it.
I just feel this doesn't seem like a proper order.
In any kind of mission,
shouldn't feasibility be considered before carrying it out?
If the feasibility of the order is low,
then there is no point in carrying it out.
Is that what you mean?
It's not like that.
it's just I don't have the self-confidence.
You might as well just let me kill someone or blow things up.
Can't I just do something else?
The feasibility of this mission depends on you.
The earlier you make a firm resolution,
the better for comrade and The Motherland
to have a favorable position.
Compared to your own self,
you should think more for The Motherland's success.
If you give up...
then, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to realize your serious mistakes...
in the jail.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
He already thinks that I'm crazy.
How do I seduce him?
Boss Lee.
Boss Lee.
What, what, what?
Boss Lee.
I said I've already sold it.
Then? What next?
You obviously know it.
Do I look like a fortune teller?
How can I know?
I feel like I'm about to suffocate.
Angry Miss Kim,
do you want me to call your wife?
Boss Lee, are you afraid of her?
That's why I said love conquers all.
It's just my wife, what's there to be afraid of?
Did you think I will just give up on love?
Boss Lee!
You are the one that I afraid of. This dead ghost!
=Jeju's Shin Dang Dong's grandmother says she will wait for her husband at the beach.=
=Tomorrow will be the 300th day since she has waited for him.=
=Hope that they can quickly see each other.=
=The next one is...=
Whatever happens,
I'm willing to bear it all.
So-called love, is the rainbow hanging on the blue sky, after the storm.
That woman, is she going to be my instructor?
23 years ago, her code name was Tuberose.
The one who operate at night, when the tuberose blooms.
What kind of mission was that?
The mission of bribing military generals.
Was it successful?
She was caught bribing an officer at the Military Academy's hotel.
The mission was unable to proceed.
They said because of that drastic event of bribing the officer,
you have ceased all contact with the superiors.
No, how did you know about it?
At least 20 years ago,
there was full of camaraderie in our division.
We would raise up each other's achievements.
Intentionally or unintentionally, we would share intelligence secret with each other.
Indeed, there was that side in the division before.
Our division was full of camaraderie.
It's unlikely to come back.
I also feel regretful about this.
Maybe we
are the only agents left in this field.
Stories of our generation will definitely become a legend.
That being said, the mission this time is...
What? Get married?
Not Myeong Wol, but the two of us getting married?
To create a perfect identity background for Comrade Han Myeong Wol,
first of all, you two comrades are to be married
to provide her a cover of having a family.
What progress are we making by getting married?
What do you mean?
I'm off to work.
I love you.
You're thinking about it too realistically.
There's one thing that has to be clarified.
Remove the pretense
of me being sensitive in the strategic phase.
Any demeanor will be unacceptable.
Really, I am also thinking the same thing.
What exactly are you saying?
That, we'll discuss these things amongst ourselves alone.
All right.
The day Comrade Han Myeong Wol will reestablish contact with Gang U,
is tentatively set four days from now.
Untill then,
Comrade Lee Yeong Seo, all the skills that you know...
teach them to Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
4 days?
Smile! Good.
1,2,3. Good.
Han Myeong Wol is Ri Ok Sun's extramarital daughter.
After graduating from high school,
In order to cure her illness,
Ri Ok Sun has been living in Gangwon mountain valley,
cut off from the outside world until now...
About Han Hui Bok.
Because Han Hui Bok had a mountaineering accident last summer,
he had stayed in Ri Ok Sun's house.
Thus, their fates were tied.
They finally decided to get married.
What is it?
We have a census registry here.
But Han Myeong Wol comrade seems to have just come out of thin air.
I will be responsible for procuring the actual census registration.
Now what?
There's still a basic issue.
What's that?
I don't know if it's because she's too accustomed to training and military life,
but this comrade lacks feminine charm.
It looks like it'll be very hard to get it out of her.
It's because of this fundamental problem,
that's why Comrade Ri Ok Sun is a part of this mission.
We can't say for certain, it also might be innate in her.
If that is the case, then it'll really be very difficult.
Comrade, have you had a relationship with a man?
I haven't.
Not even once?
Why is that?
Because of training, I haven't had that kind of spare time.
That's quite true.
Also, I don't have self-confidence.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
You don't seem to want to join the Secret Service Division.
You've said this work is more important than your own father and family.
That you would do the work for Secret Services Division until death.
Have you forgotten all that?
I haven't.
I want to return home and work for Secret Service Division until I die.
If it's like this, then from now on
change yourself.
I will do my best.
Clip the eyelash a bit.
Clip, and again clip.
Expression... Angel.
Go overboard on the cuteness!
Right, right!
Yes, like that, like that.
Brush it on, brush.
Like this, brush.
Cute, make it a little bit cute.
No. Again. A little more sexy.
Right. Correct. That's it.
Fling it around, fling it.
Correct. Straight ahead. Keep your sight in straight line.
Keep the legs straight.
No, don't you know how to show your legs? Like this.
Just a little. Look ahead.
Just like this, just like this, turn around and try it.
Correct. Side to side.
Open the shoulder like this.
Correct, correct! Do that shake again.
Do it again like this a little. Right, right! Shake it a little again.
Relax your waist. That's right. Again, once more.
Straight. Correct! Do that again.
You're turning too much here!
Don't just focus on taking notes.
Concentrate more on what you see on the screen.
Get the feeling!
Feel it!
Are we ready for the mission?
Not yet.
That comrade...
doesn't even know what the heart feels like.
She just doesn't know.
She doesn't know even these basic things.
How is it possible to start a relationship?
There's only one way.
What is it?
Blind love confession.
Blind love...
Everyone, get out!
Get out!
Why aren't you taking my call?
Marry me.
Isn't this what you want?
Galaxy Hotel's successor,
Ju In A's husband.
Become top star's lover, Ju In A's lover.
That's what you want, isn't it?
Aren't you too paranoid?
Looks like you have to receive treatment.
I'll marry you.
I said I want to marry you.
If this is the case,
no matter how outstanding you are as an actress,
it will be very difficult to get the role.
It because J is too weak.
A woman who's afraid even of explosion sounds...
Don't forget this.
Grab hold of me.
In this world, finding a woman who's more obsessed of you than me
is close to impossible.
Is that so?
what happened?
I missed you.
I thought my heart was going to explode.
Because I wanted to see you one more time.
I even went to your house to find you.
Right now, what are you trying to say?
I do not have high hopes.
Just let me be by your side.
What are you doing?
If you're crazy just stay at the hospital.
I love you.
If you're crazy,
then anything is possible, right?
You and I...
where can this lead us?
-=Episode Preview=-
Isn't she that girl?
Who is it, Hyeong?
Don't get entangled with that crazy woman.
You better give up now.
I must certainly find it.
I understand, you want to clear all the misunderstandings before.
Are you...
I'm looking for someone called Jo Jeong Eun.
The female high school student who rescued Gang U,
was actually Gang U's bodyguard.
Dare to cause trouble? Remember this.
You will all die in my hands.
Even if it's a crazy person's love, I don't care.
I will make you give up on that crazy love of yours.
Wait for it.