Gluten-Free Pie Crust Recipe + Pumpkin Pie Filling

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Gluten-Free Pie Crust Recipe Pumpkin Pie Filling
>> Hilah: Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking, we have a special holiday
recipe for you. We’re going to do a gluten-free pumpkin pie. I know I have at least a handful
of viewers that are gluten-free and usually I will do a really great job of modifying
the recipes yourself. But since it’s the holidays and it’s really, really sad to
get left out of dessert, I brought on my friend and author of the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking,
the lovely Kate Payne.
>> Kate: Hi Hilah.
>> Hilah: Hi Kate.
>> Kate: How are you?
>> Hilah: I’m great. How are you?
>> Kate: Great.
>> Hilah: Awesome. I’m excited for you to share your gluten-free pie crust recipe.
>> Kate: Me too. It’s delicious and it’s pretty easy.
>> Hilah: Awesome. Let’s get started.
[Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe]
>> Hilah:So these are all the dry – we use multiple different flours here.
>> Kate: I use a bunch of different flours just to – it tastes better. It ends up being
a more versatile gluten-free blend if you kind of shake things up a bit. Add the butter.
We cut it up into small pieces.
>> Hilah: And it’s cold.
>> Kate: It’s very cold.
>> Hilah: It’s icy, like my heart.
>> Kate: And I have this cool tool. It’s a pastry cutter. I just start smashing and
take out your anxieties or things that went wrong in your day, whatever.
>> Hilah: Or your life.
>> Kate: Yeah. Yeah. You can do this with a fork as well.
>> Hilah: But this is very quick.
>> Kate: Yeah. It gets all clogged up in there so you got to like get it out. Tools.
>> Hilah: Nobody ever said pie crust was easy.
>> Kate: Nobody said pie crust was easy.
>> Hilah: Or neat and tidy.
>> Kate: Or – yeah, icky. So you want them about the size of little peas. Do your best.
Some are bigger you can see and what will make it flaky just like with the gluten pie
crust is little pockets of fat interspersed throughout a little network of flour.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: OK. I’m happy with that.
>> Hilah: Looks good.
>> Kate: All right.
>> Hilah: Well I have an egg and the apple cider vinegar.
>> Kate: Apple cider vinegar plus one egg and you’re going to whisk that.
>> Hilah: I’m doing it ma.
>> Kate: Farm eggs.
>> Hilah: Wow, look how bright that is. It’s as yellow as your apron.
>> Kate: Yes.
>> Hilah: It’s awesome. Good Lord, that’s beautiful.
>> Kate: Maybe we should just look at it.
>> Hilah: Everyone stop. OK.
>> Kate: All right. So I make like a little bit of a volcano, inverse volcano and you
want all that good goo. So we’re combining this with our best sturdy tool that we have
which for me is a high heat spatula. But it’s not by any means becoming a crust yet.
>> Hilah: Right.
>> Kate: This is where we rely upon our trusty friend cold water.
>> Hilah: Are you ready for him?
>> Kate: I’m ready. We’re going to start with two tablespoons.
>> Hilah: And this is actually water with ice in it. It’s very cold.
>> Kate: Very cold. Oops, I already forgot to take off my ring. Whoops. Anyway, I’m
going to take off my flour-encrusted wedding ring and I’m going to combine this. So kind
of get it together. It will start to get kind of sticky and this is where I start feeling
it, to see what’s happening in there.
>> Hilah: Yeah, it’s starting to come together.
>> Kate: See, we’re kind of getting the crust. We’re also kind of getting really
dirty. Get that dry stuff from the bottom. Maybe put your tool down because you just
need your hands now. This is where I assess how much more water we add and this is actually
holding together. See how it’s actually sticking together.
>> Hilah: Yeah, just a little bit of crumble but you can almost make a ball.
>> Kate: Right. I think we just need maybe just less than one tablespoon. You can add
up to two more tablespoons depending on the wetness.
>> Hilah: And you don’t really have to worry about overworking this dough because it’s
>> Kate: No. Gluten, you are not going to form a too glutenous network with this.
>> Hilah: Right.
>> Kate: We did add that egg and apple cider vinegar to help emulsify which will help the
flours stretch a little bit plus that xanthan gum in there. It’s going to help the flours
become like a gluten thing but I’m really happy with this dough. There is still some
crumble to it but you don’t want something that’s super wet. We’re going to let the
refrigerator handle getting it more together.
So I’m going to turn this out. I’m going to put like the big chunk down and then dump
out these little crumblies right here and then we will turn this into a small round
object as best as you can. So just kind of smash it and then bring those edges back in.
This is recycled parchment. I use this for pie crusts, for a few times. So you don’t
have to get new parchment every single time but believe me, gluten-free pie crust rolling,
you will be glad you did use parchment and not just tapioca flour all over your whole
>> Hilah: Would wax paper work too?
>> Kate: I think wax paper would work.
>> Hilah: Fine. OK.
>> Kate: Round enough for me.
>> Hilah: Looks great.
>> Kate: So then you give it a sandwich. Hello sandwich. And then you fold it up like this
and either stick it on a plate, put some Saran over it or stick it in a freezer bag.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Kate: What we don’t want is for it to dry out in the fridge.
>> Hilah: OK. So that’s …
>> Kate: So we want it to be contained.
>> Hilah: Airtight.
>> Kate: Yeah.
>> Hilah: OK. So then I will press the air out.
>> Kate: Yeah.
>> Hilah: And we will refrigerate it for how long?
>> Kate: It’s best for two hours.
>> Hilah: OK. All right.
>> Kate: But if you don’t have the time, stick it in the freezer.
>> Hilah: OK, cool. Well we have one that you already made ahead of time so I will get
>> Kate: Yes. Out we go.
>> Hilah: All right.
>> Kate: We let it sit for like 20 minutes on the counter, to kind of soften up a little
bit because otherwise, it’s going to be like a rock.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: And I go around the edges and if you do not have a cool Hilah to hold your
pie crust, then you can kind of grab your sandwich or your parchment paper like so and
it will hold it for you. And you can just keep going in circles until it gets wider
and wider and becomes a larger circle. But I have a cool Hilah so she’s going to hold
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: Perfect.
>> Hilah: Huge and big.
>> Kate: Whew!
>> Hilah: So we’re going to fliparoo with this guy.
>> Kate: Yeah, we’re going to stick this like so and we’re going to take off the
top layer.
>> Hilah: Save that to reuse another time.
>> Kate: Saved. And this is a matter of preference. If you are a confident book reader and you
want to flip your pie like the page of a book, like so, or you can also just take your whole
cutting board and go flip.
>> Hilah: Ta-da!
>> Kate: Wow! So we will just kind of move it a little more on center. So just peel away.
Saving for next time. So we’re just going to ease this into the pan and if any breaks
off, it’s OK. We can just pat it back down. So we’re going to flute the rim. I just
take my two fingers and I go like this.
>> Hilah: So you kind of …
>> Kate: I’m kind of …
>> Hilah: Crimping it.
>> Kate: Crimping it from the back. So I’m pushing forward with my thumbs and I’m holding
the little Mouth Rushmore head that comes out with my fingers. Does that sound gross?
>> Hilah: It makes perfect sense though.
>> Kate: But you are not blasting with dynamite. You are just kind of using your fingers and
doing the best you can do.
>> Hilah: I get to do the last one. Yay!
>> Kate: Crimping. You could spend a lot of time or not that much depending on how you
are on your fluting.
>> Hilah: I’m not very, are you?
>> Kate: Me neither.
>> Hilah: OK. Then I think this looks great. So I have an egg and a brush over there and
we can do a little egg glaze. This is just the yolk of an egg. I’m just going to splatter
it around here and this just kind of helps seal it when you put the – it helps keep
it from sort of like melding to the filling I guess.
>> Kate: Soggy, soggy crust. No.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: Pressed, delicious, flaky crust, yes.
>> Hilah: Yes. And then make sure you get around the top edges here and it’s going
to make our flutes beautiful and shiny and golden like your face.
>> Kate: Oh, Hilah. Let’s make pies everyday.
>> Hilah: Cool. So we’re going to set this in the oven just to prebake for like …
>> Kate: Ten minutes?
>> Hilah: Ten minutes. OK. Cool.
>> Kate: See you.
>> Hilah: All right. So I cut up – before you got here, I cut up a pumpkin like this
and I put it on a baking pan with a little bit of water, covered it in foil and just
roasted it for like 30 minutes at 400 I think. Yeah. So we have some very tender pieces and
that you and I can peel them and put them in a blender.
>> Kate: That sounds good.
>> Hilah: Yeah, fresh pumpkin pie. If you wanted to use a can of pumpkin, you could
do that or even I bet like they sell that frozen butternut squash puree. That will be
a good non-can option.
>> Kate: Yeah.
>> Hilah: And also mashed sweet potatoes would work with this too.
>> Kate: And you have plenty left to make muffins and all sorts of good stuff.
>> Hilah: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. You probably do. Probably get three pies out of a pumpkin
that size.
>> Kate: Let me put this in there.
>> Hilah: Yeah. We’re just going to need about two cups of mashed. So that’s probably
good. So I’ve got a couple of eggs and anytime you’re doing some kind of like – I know
you know this but anytime you’re doing some kind of custardy filling like with eggs and
milk, it will work best if your ingredients are all at room temperature and then I’ve
got some milk. You could use half and half or cream, brown and white sugars; and our
spices and this is like all spice and cinnamon, ginger and fresh nutmeg. Then I like to add
a little maple syrup.
>> Kate: I do too.
>> Hilah: Yay! And we will just blend this which you can totally do this on a food processor
or even a stand mixer I think would probably work. Want to smell it?
>> Kate: Hmmm.
>> Hilah: Pumpkiney and spicy. So as soon as our crust is done which is like in one
minute, we’re …
>> Kate: Pour it in.
>> Hilah: Yeah. That will be fun. OK. So our crust is a little prebaked. I forgot to prick
the bottom of it with a fork so it got a little puffed up but that’s OK. Just going to do
that now so it kind of sinks back down and isn’t a big thing. Sorry I messed up your
>> Kate: No big deal. I don’t think I even told people to do it. So …
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Kate: If it poofs up, prick it.
>> Hilah: Words to live by. OK. So I’m just going to poor our stuffing stuff in here and
then the crust is still hot. That’s totally great. All right. So we will just put this
back in the oven.
>> Kate: Oh, yeah, it’s hot. So let’s try not to grab it.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: Because I would do that.
>> Hilah: I would too. So I’m going to turn the heat down to 375 now I think. I will double
check that and then for like 30 minutes, 35 minutes until it’s set in the middle.
>> Kate: Ready, set, go!
>> Hilah: We’re going to eat pie. Ta-da! So this is actually one that we baked earlier
and I just took it out of the oven when the center was set but not dry-looking.
>> Kate: Yeah, kind of like Jell-O.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Kate: Just no like drippy goo.
>> Hilah: No. No.
>> Kate: And don’t pry around in it because you will just mess it up.
>> Hilah: Good point.
>> Kate: Just shake.
>> Hilah: Just give it a little jiggle. And now this has been cooling for a couple of
hours at just room temperature so we can go ahead and …
>> Kate: And it firmed up.
>> Hilah: Yeah, yeah. Totally.
>> Kate: It’s not moving.
>> Hilah: That pie isn’t going anywhere. So you want to …
>> Kate: There is no specific way to cut a pie. Just do it fast so you can eat it.
>> Hilah: Wow, it’s so flaky. Nice.
>> Kate: Now we’re going to use a pie server substitute.
>> Hilah: I apparently don’t have a pie server.
>> Kate: And …
>> Hilah: Look at that. Look what we made.
>> Kate: Look what we made. Cheers.
>> Hilah: Cheers to us. We’re fabulous and let’s eat. OK. Here’s your fork.
>> Kate: Thank you.
>> Hilah: OK, let’s try this.
>> Kate: Go for it.
>> Hilah: Nice. It’s not like hard or anything.
>> Kate: Whoa.
>> Hilah: Flaky. Cheers! Oh, it’s such a great texture and it has got that nuttiness
from the buckwheat flour that really complements the earthy pumpkin.
>> Kate: We could even maybe stretch as to say it’s even sort of healthy for us.
>> Hilah: Totally. I’m totally going to eat this pie for breakfast.
>> Kate: Put yogurt on it.
>> Hilah: Oh, yeah.
>> Kate: Breakfast food.
>> Hilah: Definitely. Pie parfait. Well thank you so much for coming. This was fun.
>> Kate: This was great.
>> Hilah: Yay! I’m going to link to Kate’s site and that will have all the ingredients
for the pie crust recipe. So I hope you make it and I’m happy to have you on the show
for this.
>> Kate: Thank you.
>> Hilah: Yay!
>> Kate: I’m going to eat the rest of this.
>> Hilah: OK. I’m going to just chug this. OK. Bye everyone. Thanks for watching.