Re: Healthcare, Let's Help Each Other

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Hey, Youtubers. FightingAtheist here.
Hi, FightingAtheist!
Uh, your camera's too far down. Just tilt it up a bit. Hello? Can you hear me? You've
got your camera too far low...Oh, never mind.
I was having a conversation with somebody earlier, and they're like, 'You know, this
Universal Health Care, or Socialism, or whatever, you know, is crap.' I said to myself, really,
you know, so let's, if you...If your mother said, you know, 'I don't have health insurance,
and I've gotten sick, I've got cancer or whatever, I need some money. Could you please help me?'
Of course you would give it to her. Or your father, yes. What about your brother?
Your sister?
What about your cousin?
Of course.
What about your friend?
What about your neighbor, your next-door neighbor?
You know, we're willing to help each other, but for some reason, when it comes to 'socialized
medicine,' when people have to put 'socialism' on it...
Because it IS socialism. You know, I really wish these people would stop crying like we're
name-calling whenever we say it's socialism. If that's what you're for, then why don't
you man up and defend socialism?
They run from it. Why aren't we willing to help each other?
We are, as you just said. But if you're wanting to know why we're against socialized medicine,
you need to ask a different question. I'm willing to dig into my own pocket to help
someone. I'm NOT willing to find someone else, mug him, take his wallet, and use those stolen
goods to help someone. And that's what socialized medicine does.
Like, for example, Haiti. Millions of people have given money to Haiti to help them. But
for some reason, when Americans say, 'Hey, we should help each other out,' becomes
this evil thing.
Because theft by force IS evil. It's as simple as that.
Just because it comes out of your tax money doesn't mean that it's still not going to
help somebody.
Actually, it usually means exactly that. Most of the money goes into the hands of politicians
and bureaucrats and politically-connected corporations instead of getting to where it
needs to be.
Take the $900 a month I pay to this health insurance company and let's put it into taxes.
That way, it's not going into somebody's profits...
Yes, it is, and if you think otherwise, you're deluding yourself. Who are these angels you
apparently think are in our government? Why do you think all of the waste and all of the
corporatism and all of the cronyism and other shenanigans our government gets into with
things like hurricane relief, or fighting the War on Drugs, or farm subsidies, or any
of these, why do you think this suddenly won't happen with government health care?
It's actually helping a person who goes to the hospital and says, 'I need stitches,'
or, 'I need chemotherapy.'
Believe it or not, a far greater proportion of the money you give your insurance company
goes to helping those exact same people. The profit margin for health insurance companies
is about 6%. ANY form of government spending loses far more than that--20% as a minimum,
just to take that round trip through Washington. Look at highway funds: the Federal government
taxes people, who live in states, and then gives that money right back to the states,
who do all the actual work making the highways. Except that by the time the states get the
money, 20% of it is GONE, lost in the overhead of Federal bureaucracy. And that 6% the insurance
companies make in profits isn't even lost; most of it gets reinvested so that the insurance
company can expand its reach and help even more people.
I'll be the last one to say that the insurance companies are all good and lily-white, but
compared to the government, they're the ones I want to deal with.
One day, YOU may be in that position. YOU may need help.
I was. And if anything, it helped strengthen my resolve that the best way we can improve
health care is to get government out of it completely.
It's okay to put money into one system together, whether you call it 'socialism' or whatever
you want to call it, it's okay to put money together, and all help each other.
No, it is absolutely NOT okay. Aside from the issue of theft I raised earlier, what
if I don't like the way your government health care system is run? What if I want to take
that money instead and give it to the Children's Health Fund, or the Medic Alert Foundation,
or the March of Dimes?
Or what if I want to start my OWN health care association and compete with yours? I'll show
people that if they give to mine instead of yours, then more of that money will go to
the people who actually need it. And then we'll get into competition about it: each
of us trying to one-up the other on how many people we can help with the same amount of
Those are called mutual aid societies, and we had them all over the place until government
started interfering with health care. For about one day's wages, you could take care
of your health care expenses for a YEAR. Some of these were set up by and for women, some
by and for blacks and other minorities.
But that's not what you're calling for. You're calling for a MONOPOLY--a monopoly sustained
by nothing more than coercion. If you really felt the way you claim in your video, and
you really understood the problems with our health care system and what causes them, then
you would NOT be calling for universal health care--you'd be calling for all of these oppressive
government intrusions to be taken away so that we can form our own mutual aid societies
again, with doctors competing for our business--and maybe even making house calls again.
Let's help each other out. Let's get rid of profits that are going to other people...
I just have to include this quote from Lord T Hawkeye, one of the users over at the Bogosity.TV
"Anyone who speaks of profit like it's a dirty word is a hypocrite. Every single one of us
who have any contact with society whatsoever makes profit off the needs of another. This
is a GOOD thing! It's what binds us together. Anyone who tells you it's a bad thing is doing
so for his benefit, not yours."