A face oculta do Facebook

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The hidden face of Facebook
An Harvard student called Mark Zuckerberg created the Facebook,
a web page of social networks.
At the beginning it was created within an university context
but quickly became an international phenomenon,
devastating other websites such as MySpace, Hotmail or Flickr.
Nowadays, Facebook has about 140 millions of users,
with over 2 million joining each week.
The users create their own profile,
where they include every type of personal information
and post messages so that others can read them.
Facebook becomes a virtual window.
In 2007, it was in the cover of the Newsweek and in January 2009
Facebook had more than 140 millions of active users worldwide.
Facebook describes itself as being a social tool for connecting people all around the world.
But does Facebook really connects people?
The danger to me in Facebook is not so much about how people relate with each other, but instead why people have the need to expose their lifes,
if we do not state what we are doing, we are nobody.
Aparently, Facebook allows you to have the option to control who access your profile.
But have Facebook users read the privacy policy of the service they accept?
According to the newspaper "The Guardian" many users do not know that
according to the conditions of the contract that virtually take
they give Facebook the right of perpetual and exclusive property of all information and images they post.
Moreover, members automatically authorize Facebook to perpetual use and transfer their data, with the distribution rights
and public disclosure of everything they post on their web page.
Even more alarming is the fact that when users cancel their membership
their photos and personal information remain, even after the cancelation of his account.
We may say or think things and repent later.
We change, that is life, we evolve, mature and even we contradict ourselves.
We must be able to evolve and so it is therefore necessary to have the right to oblivion.
It is the ability to say one day:
I remove myself from the system and do not want that the information
related to me, stays accessible in that system.
Given this policy, what actually happens to your data?
On Facebook though there are some privacy filters,
there is a lot of people with the ability to retrieve a lot of information to do their job.
At the end of 2007, Facebook sold 1.6% of the company to Microsoft.
In exchange that these became a tool that provides a broad and real database
of its users, thus becoming potential consumers.
Contradict, Facebook's terms of use reserve them the key right
to grant and provide all the content generated by the users, to large multi-national companies.
By using the same Facebook page with a profile selection filter activate, we have photos,
general information, we have likes/interests, profiles, .. that allow us to honor this intermediate.
And somewhere in the world, right now,
there is someone taking notes even of the smallest detail you have on your Facebook profile.
He has your age, favorite color, where do you live, your shoes number,
the color of your eyes, the amount of times you finished with your better half.
In another column he has your favorite movies, the cloth you wear, the photos of your vacations,
including how much does your brain weights. When this man finishs writting down every personal information you have on Facebook,
he will rise and go to another room, where more men will divide in pieces your private life like it was poker chips.
Therefore, in Facebook language to share means to announce.
Its creators just need to sit back and cross their arms and watch how millions of addicts voluntarily transmit their personal information,
photos and lists of their favorite downloads.
Once received the broad database, Facebook does nothing more than re-sell the information to advertisers.
For instance, we are at the moment working on a campaign concerning the skate and the use of skateboard
in the last 25 years. And we have searched for types of tendencies,
clothes, photos, ... we have also searched for videos ...
Although the project was initially conceived by the media star Mark Zuckerberg
the real face of Facebook is the 40 years old capitalist of Sillicon Valley and futurist philosopher, Peter Thiel.
Thiel is trying to destroy the real world, called nature and
install in its place a virtual world. It was within this context that Facebook appeared.
The Facebook is a global manipulation experiment.
Now, we stop to look at the company's third board member: James Breyer.
This guy is the former president of the National Venture Capital Association.
Well, this year Facebook has received 32 million dollars by the Greylock Venture Capital
where Gilman Louie is president and also a former president of the National Venture Capital Association
and member of In-Q-Tel. But what is In-Q-Tel?
Nothing more nothing less than the principal CIA's laboratory of investigation,
that is dedicated to find technological means that can provide information to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA.
Therefore, both CIA and the interests of the USA promote ideologic themes from Facebook.
Besides using it as evidence downloader and source of information about all its users.
We are not far from George Orwell's romance - 1984,
in which an ubiquitous character controls everything.
Therefore, we can say that we are begining to live in an orwellian society.
Because although Facebook intends to be freedom, it is actually more like a virtual totalitarian regime
ideologic motivated with a population that will soon exceed the UK.
This is the true about Facebook and its investors: a media star, a futurist philosopher who wants to destroy the real world
and a third investor directly involved with the CIA.
They have created their own nation.
Now, you tell me...
What are you going to do?
Who knows what other great macabre secrets can hide the largest social network created to date.
And they enter our lives as easy as you click on "Accept".