Ask The Specialist: What is the Best Procedure for Underarm Sweating? - Dr Leon Egozi

Uploaded by AskTheSpecialist on 23.08.2012

Patients that have exclusive axillary or underarm sweating are great
candidates for this new procedure, the miraDry procedure, which as I
mentioned before it is a microwave-type of technology that takes care
of the underarm glands, the sweat glands; it's done in two sessions,
it's done in the office, it's non-invasive it's done strictly under
local anesthesia, which gets injected directly into each of the
underarms. The procedure in total takes about an hour to do both sides
and it is extremely effective. The great part about it is that it's
not a surgical procedure it's done in the office, and it works
immediately with very, very little down time.