Lazze Metal Shaping: Shop and Classroom Tour

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 08.06.2010

Hi and welcome to Lazze's metal dreams . So here's the office. And um this is the office
for the hands on classes, and then it's where we teaching the people in metal shaping. What
you can see here is the hands on classes the area for that and we have two bead rollers,
we have access to five English Wheels, and we have four shrinkers and stretchers so it's
hands on all the time. We offer this year we offer one class a month and a couple of
step two classes this year. Over in this area we're filming now you can see the cars that
is a project stage. So here's a '36 roadster that we built from flat sheet and the student
build that on a step two classes. And here we have another '32 roadster that we build
also and behind that we have another project it's a '32 five window coupe that we're working
on. So we making all the other all the parts for the cars over on the step one area where
the tools are. And then we assembling the parts over here where we standing now. So
it works pretty good and it's important to keep your, the, shop clean so it's fun to
be here everyday. And it's fun to take the flat sheet over there, on the wall there,
and make car bodies or parts whatever we want. And if you think about it what we actually
do here in the class and that's what we teaching is you can do four elements when we talking
about metal shaping. When people mention or talking about metal shaping what is it? Metal
shaping how can you explain that, and it had been difficult for me to explain what it actually
is. Yeah we creating something, we forming metal, but what is it actually? And but it's
those four elements what you can do is you can cut, bend, shrining and stretch. That's
those four elements that you can do to sheet. When you understand what happen when you do
one or more of those four elements in a combination you can control the sheet. And if you can
control the sheet then you know that it's up in your mind what you would like to do.
It doesn't matter if it's a '32 roadster, '36 roadster, '41 windowless coupe up there
on the banner, or a motorcycle fender. It's up in your mind when you controlling the sheet
and that's what we teaching. And I am the teacher. The good thing with this is, those
four elements, is that if something go wrong you can always go backwards and ask yourself
what was the last thing I did. And then you start thinking about that and look at the
panel that you making and you see that it was, oh okay, I shrinked it here so maybe
I should have stretched it instead to get it to the right shape. So you can always read
the material and go backwards and then you can create anything that you want when understand
what happen. And that's what we teaching and that's not all what we do we also building
tools we making the tools here in house, most of it. So follow me here and we can go to
the back secret room. This is the part of the shop here where we making the tools. And
here you can see we have eight English Wheels in the stage that we putting together now.
And we have twenty more bead rollers that goes together. And um pretty soon this will
be ready to ship for powder coating. And then we have the assembly area over there where
we assemble the parts after powder coating. So the only thing we buy from other companies
is the small shrinker and stretcher head. Other then that we produce everything. And
I have some stuff that we make still making Sweden because the company had made it for
me there for many years and ship it over here and assemble it here. And then we also over
here we making the die for the bead roller. So we have a C&C over here where we making
all the dies for the bead roller. And we going to continue and make more of those parts for
our machine so we can make it in house. So this is the assembly area where I'm standing
now it's not a big production. But we, we what we stand for is the quality of the stuff
that we making so people are happy and satisfied so they can do quicker job and better quality
and they make more money. If you want more information about the hands on classes, the
video, the books you can go to Thank you so much.