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BETH HOYT: Here we go.
Here we go.
And we're going to do it with one.
Ready guys?
You think I can do it?
Let's start the show.
BETH HOYT: That was a risky beginning.
OK, you guys it's me, Beth Hoyt.
And it's Monday here on My Damn Channel and in the world.
First of all today, I'll be chatting with you guys with
your chat, so get in the chat and chat at me some questions.
Um and, OK, so I told you guys--
I know I told you I would avoid thrills this weekend,
and for the most part I did.
I caught up on Honey Boo Boo because Grace loves it so
much, and because I've got to be able to red-neckognize when
we host the show together on Wednesday.
It's gonna be really exciting.
So I watched a lot of Honey Boo Boo.
So I didn't avoid thrills there, because that's a
thriller, right, that's supposed to be a scary show?
And then I biked um from my apartment in Brooklyn to the
top of Central Park and back.
That's like 25 miles.
And I did it on a scary bike, you guys, like a real bike,
like with the thin tires.
And I didn't Hoyt myself at all.
Except my forearms, which are very, very sore because I was
just gripping the brakes the entire time.
So um that-- that-- that's a new soreness.
That hurts.
Oh yeah.
I love Mondays, because we get to chat with you guys.
So let's get into your comments.
Let's do that now.
All right, from Ugene94--
"papa smurf, garfield, pink power ranger." This is
definitely from the Wednesday show when um I played Fuck
Marry Kill with W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito.
OK, what were they again, papa smurf, um pink--
can I see that again?
Uh, pink power ranger, and which one-- and what else?
Garfield, how could forget?
All right, so we got a man, we got a cat, a
lady, and a male smurf.
Well, I wanted to--
I wanted to get with Papa Smurf--
that's a long time coming.
That's a daddy I want to--
so we're going to fuck Papa Smurf.
And then we're going to--
well the-- the pink power ranger is that Ki-- is Kim,
that girl who then went on to be in Felicity, right?
She's got a--
she can probably save herself with her powers.
I don't want to marry her.
I don't want to marry Garfield, either.
I'd have to cook for him all the time.
He's a little-- he's kind of a little shit head.
He's kind of a little bitch.
I'm just going to use up all the swear words in the first
minute of the episode.
I'm done, by the way.
I don't know, what you guys think?
I think I think I'm going to--
I think I'm going to kill Garfield.
Because the pink power ranger's got to-- it's got to
be some fun things that she can do throughout our
marriage, like teach me some tricks.
That's-- that's what I'm going to go with.
OK, next comment.
"How was your roommate in college"--
Um, I-- the first one was--
she was--
it was the random one I got for my freshman dorm, and she
talked like a 40 year-old man in that like she only talked
in like catch phrases.
Like, she's just always be like, you know how Beth is.
And then, I'd-- like I'd come, you know-- or she'd be like,
well that's college.
You know, like never-- she was never real.
And it was like, what are you-- what are you thinking?
Or she'd be like, well, here comes Beth.
And I'm like, what is happening?
Tell me something real.
She wasn't the greatest.
She also never left the room.
Oh my god.
Hated it.
Can-- it's so weird that you live with someone in such a
tiny, tiny space for a year.
That is weird thing--
I'm glad it's over.
And I know a lot of you are about to enter that phase of
your life--
can be really fun, can be really fun.
I don't like living in that close of a space with someone
who I don't choose to be in that space with, you know?
Let's look at another comment.
"Beth did u watch Ture Blood?" Ture Blood.
Didn't watch Ture Blood but I think you mean True Blood.
I didn't watch last night's.
I've been watching this season out of like, sheer just habit.
I hate it.
It's so dumb, you guys.
There are just too many plot lines happening.
I don't care about the smoke monster.
That's the guy-- that guy's from Felicity, though.
That's cool that he's on.
But he's--
his lips are so big.
They're just eating up the screen.
I like Sookie.
I think she's really good at delivering her lines, and that
like, if you said her lines out loud, you would just sound
so ridiculous.
I think she does a great job of doing those corny lines and
still being in it.
And she like cries when she needs to cry.
I don't--
I don't--
I'm watching it.
I didn't watch last night's, though.
We'll talk more about this later.
I have a lot of things to say.
Let's look at another comment.
"Beth should be in a reality show?" I am-- that's--
I leave that with a question mark, too.
I'm like, yeah?
Aren't I in one right now?
Isn't this kind of one?
Just did my hair live.
I get drunk a lot on the show.
You know the difference between Bachelor
Pad and Real World?
I watched those shows this weekend.
Spoiler alerts-- no, spoiler alert to my life.
Anyway, the difference I think between Bachelor Pad and Real
World is the glassware.
Because in Real World they have plastic cups, and
Bachelor Pad they have like the proper glasses.
That's the only difference.
Next comment is um from Connor Ames.
"do u have any tattoos, if so, show them." Yeah, totally--
no, I don't have tattoos.
But I um--
I do paint this finger differently than the rest,
which is a pretty funky.
I'm crazy.
Sometimes I wear two different earrings.
Today I'm not.
But uh no, I have no tattoos, mainly because
I can't make decisions.
And I'm afraid of pain.
So those two things will keep you away
from the tattoo parlor.
All right, you guys, also today it's McMayhem Monday.
Here's a brand new one.
It's called Pepper.
STEPHEN SEIDEL: There's a lot of fresh people out there.
And we got fresh pepper for them.
Keep it fresh.
MATT MCMANUS: You want some pepper on that?
FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, please.
MATT MCMANUS: Yeah, come on--
MATT MCMANUS: Let me touch that.
Let me touch that.
Let me touch that.
Can I put some pepper on your cigarette?
It's good luck.
Hell no.
MATT MCMANUS: It's on your cigarette, though.
MALE SPEAKER: Don't even do that.
MATT MCMANUS: What about your shoe?
MALE SPEAKER: What the fuck-- is you crazy, boy?
MATT MCMANUS: You guys need some fresh pepper on that?
Yo, would you like some fresh pepper on that?
MATT MCMANUS: Excuse me, sir, would you like
some pepper on that?
Pepper makes food better but it also makes cars better.
You want some pepper on your hood?
MALE SPEAKER: No, no thank you.
MALE SPEAKER: Is this a test?
Am I on candid camera or something?
MALE SPEAKER: I'ma tell you hell no, man.
Stop that shit.
FEMALE SPEAKER: What does that do for me?
MATT MCMANUS: Makes you more spicy-- woah.
MATT MCMANUS: Do you want a little pepper on that?
MALE SPEAKER: Why would I want pepper on my helmet?
MATT MCMANUS: Everyone wants a little pepper on their helmet,
if you know what I'm saying.
Want some pepper on that?
MALE SPEAKER: Uh, no thanks.
MATT MCMANUS: I'm raining down on you
ladies with some pepper.
I want to put some pepper on your phone number.
You want some pepper on that?
Would you like some fresh pepper on that, sir?
MATT MCMANUS: It's just black pepper.
What are you, prejudiced?
You want white pepper?
I don't have--
I don't have that.
I'm just giving some fresh pepper out today.
MALE SPEAKER: You don't work here.
MATT MCMANUS: Oh, you're--
I'm sorry, you're right.
It's the wrong place.
I'm Kurt Braunouler, and you're watching My Damn
Channel Live.
BETH HOYT: Don't you want to watch me attempt this again?
We're going to go for one more shot and if not we're going to
just take it down.
Let's look at another comment.
This is from crash 1813.
Next comment.
"Picture John without Garfield." Isn't he-- wouldn't
he be a lot happier?
Wouldn't he maybe like find a lady and like have a enjoyable
life, and like, you know stay out late, and you know--
I don't know--
open a bottle of wine and play some jazz.
And I think that maybe he would be happier.
So sorry, but you know I did decide to kill Garfield.
OK, next comment.

that's very inspirational. "Have you ever studied
"abroad?" I haven't, but um I have been--
I went backpacking in Europe for a month.
That was fun.
And I also went to Japan.
I sang in a choir when I was 14.
And we sang at Tokyo Disneyland and like all over--
we went to our Sister City, Kamagawa, and sang there.
So I've traveled.
Just haven't studied anything.
Just have done anything worthwhile--
I mean, worthwhile, yes, but not like you know, learning.
OK, next comment.
"Do you like sea food?" Meh.
Um you know, do you know-- you know what I mean, right?
You don't like seafood--
seafood, right?
Too bad I wasn't eating something there.
Uh, I love seafood.
Actually, that's not true.
Um, I like fish.
And I mean I like lobster like when it's dipped in butter.
But I am afraid of sea creatures.
Uh, shrimp, I come and go, like if I'm really drunk and
that's the only hors d'oeuvre being passed around, I'll
maybe go for it.
But uh the idea of shrimp and lobsters-- and crabs, no, no,
no, I don't like that-- ugh, I hate them so much.
They creep me out.
Uh, it's a big fear of mine.
I also am really afraid of whales, majorly, because
they're so big.
And octopus are my ultimate favorite.
They're-- they're so scary.
And octopi have a beak-- you guys know this--
do you know this?
They don't have a smiley face.
They have the big beady black eyes and a black beak that
comes out of the middle and kills.
And that's how they kill and it they'll strangle you.
They're not cute or smart.
Though they're smart.
They're terrible creatures.
And the people that can eat kalamari at like a fun bar and
eat the fried--
and then eat the little octopus thing and put that in
their mouth.
I don't understand how anyone--
the tentacles are hard enough.
I don't even know.
There's the texture and it's freaky.
But the idea that someone can take that little fried thing
that is an entire creature and then just chew it while
talking about Basque.
Well I don't--
Next comment, before I vomit.
"Call Megabeth, Call Megabeth!!!" Gosh, seriously,
uh I have her on speed dial.
MATT MCMANUS: That's what happens when I call her.
She's uh--
it's busy.
Busy signal.
She's busy trying to channel to me to be not afraid of
Because that's what she does.
She has the lobster and she's not afraid of him.
So she's busy trying to channel that--
does that make sense?
I got really meta there.
Really meta for the mega.
OK, next comment is from uh Connor Ames.
"Show the camraman." How do I do this?
Here we go.
How about-- oh.
Can you see this?
Yeah, there we go.
Pop out, Brian.
There he is.
He's so handsome.
You're having a very good hair day, Brian.
He doesn't-- not-- he does not every day does he
have that good of--
I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
OK, next comment is from LiveLoveYaz what is your-- is
that like live, love, like Yaz for the birth control?
that's good if you can still live and love after Yaz,
because aren't there like a crazy amount of side effects?
Anyway, "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW?" Breaking Bad,
Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad-- don't tell me what happened
last night because I didn't watch it yet.
And then I watched True Blood after for like a come down of
like, let's get back into reality.
Not everything is as good as Breaking Bad.
So that's how I--
that's how we deal with that.
I am also really into Master Chef right now.
Thanks, Molly.
And, So You Think You Can Dance, because I think I can.
Next comment--
um cinpfen--
"Beth did you like being the youngest?
sorry i keep commenting." First of all, don't you ever,
ever apologize for commenting.
I love that you comment.
I want all of you to comment all the time, because that's--
you guys are making the show right now.
Just so you know, I didn't write it, you know, because I
want to just talk to you guys.
So keep commenting and never apologize.
And um uh what was-- oh, do I like being in the youngest?
Yeah, because--
because you get a lot more attention, I think.
Uh and then also like they get to like-- they get in trouble
for breaking all the rules, and then by
the time I came around--
I was an accident.
I was a lot--
I was seven years younger.
It was like, Beth did this, well, Brian did that, too, so
you know, we dealt with it then and we don't
care as much anymore.
So it was great.
You get away with a lot more, I think.
Next comment is from um HeyItsMEEP again-- "Do you
like Challenges?" Not necessarily.
Oh well, it's not true.
I like competitions.
I do like challenges.
I just don't like thrills.
I was thinking challenges meant like, um, on reality
shows, when it's like challenge time.
Like dive off something high, or like a physical challenge
like that--
that's scary--
I don't like that.
But um I do like challenges that are like games or
anything you can win.
Um, hopefully I get to win it.
I like those.
Yes, so, yes no is the answer.
Next comment is from PSdaniti--
"Tell us about a random dream you've had." Really?
Do you really want me to?
Because I hate when people tell me their dreams.
I hate it so much.
As soon as people are like, ah I had this dream, I tune out,
because it's like--
you can make up anything.
And I don't know how long this is going to go on.
Like you--
there's not a story arc, because you could go on for
like two minutes of this dream, and then be like, and
then, and Spiderman came out, and I was dating him.
And you're like, this is all fake.
I don't care.
I mean, if it's like-- if it's like a psychic dream, that's
interesting, but that's a whole different things.
So I don't want to--
I don't want to bore you with that.
I'm sorry.
I also don't remember any dreams I had last night.
I slept super hard after that biking.
So, um, next comment is from parth malavia--
"What is your favorite move-- favorite movia?" Hm.
My favorite movia is um-- that's my Tommy Wiseau.
I think you--
my favorite movie is Best In Show and Troop Beverly Hills.
You guys, did you ever see that movie?
It's with Shelley Long and there's a girl scout troup in
Beverly Hills.
It's so good.
I know all the lines.
I could do it all for you right now.
Oh, and Home Alone.
Nate reminded me of--
thanks, Nate.
He reminded me of my favorite movie.
Maybe it's because I'm not--
I'm in like a summertime mode.
But Home Alone is my-- is my all-time favorite.
It's not just what Nate always prompts me.
I don't work for Home Alone.
It's not like something that I had to be told to say.
It's true.
I love that movie hard.
I love it hard.
Next comment.
"Hey Beth.
I'm standing behind you.
BOO!" Oh, god!
OK, so he's not.
just checking.
He's not you guys, I checked it out.
Um, oh, just kidding, I should have kept reading.
Um, "did I just make things awkward?!?" And then this
face, which I think is like eyes really wide apart with a
serious smi--
is that this?
Like, like--
is that what that is?
Am I making my eyes further apart right now?
No, I'm just making-- it's hard.
It's a very hard thing to do.
I don't know if that's possible.

That's something an octopus could do.
You know, and that's why they're scary, because they
could probably do that.
Uh, you-- yeah, things got a little awkward there because--
because you would have been very tiny and then I--
I would have been-- it would have been weird.
Next comment is from uh dyna--
"Do you believe in ghost?" Well uh, I saw it in the movie
theater, and um I own it on VHS, and uh I can quote it.
I love Whoopi Goldberg and I definitely uh--
you know, the pottery scene is just classic.
And it's what I hold the bar to for all romantic dates.
So I definitely believe in Ghost, and the power of um--
of that film.
Next comment.
Sofia Tiger--
"Hi i'm finnish.
What do you know about finland??" Hold on a second.
Let me just Wikipedia real quick.

um, I'll tell you what I know.
It is--
it's a Nordic country situated in Fennoscandian region of
Northern-- it's--
Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.
It's bordered by Sweden in the west, Norway in the south, and
Russia in the east, although Estonia lies to its south
across the Gulf of Finland.
So I knew all of that.
But I don't know very much.
I think that that's cool.
I am--
I'm Welsh, so we're borth--
we're both from, you know, up there.
Uh, thanks for watching, Finland.
That's very cool.
Next comment is from Randomness1214--
"Spin the globe and see where your finger lands."
Yeah, I'll do that.
I will do the crap out of that.

What'd we get?
No, that'd be cool.
Wouldn't that be great?
I should have planned that.
We got Florida.
We got--
there's Mitt.
Mitt Romney's on the globe.
He's everywhere, you guys.
He wants your vote.
All right, next--
let's look at another comment.
Are we still going?
"Have you seen The Hunger Games?" Psh.
Yeah, I seen it.
I read the books and I saw the movie.
And there's also a really funny trailer out right now
called, like, the Real Hunger Games.
Have you seen this?
It's very funny.
It's a trailer kind of um--
you're just going to have to watch it.
Not right now.
Stay here.
But yeah I love--
I love The Hunger Games.
I love Jennifer Lawrence.
I think she's great.
The movie's like a little lacking--
I think you know if you read the books--
but they all do it and I think they did a good job.
I enjoyed it.
And uh Peeta is just precious.
I like Peeta.
Next comment.
"are you a belieber.?!" I think uh--
I think I am.
I saw Never Say Never, and that's pretty much--
that's qualif-- that qualifies me, right?
I have some his music on my iPhone.
Um, I think those are two--
I think that--
I think I am.
I think that-- yeah.
Next comment is from uh shrleybunhop2--
"Whats your favorite song at the moment?" Um I don't--
let me see.
Let me see what I last listened to.
This might be really embarrassing.
Oh my--
I'm almost worried, because it's from a--
it's from a playlist that says Sum-- it's Summer Run 2010.
Oh, well, that song you won't know.
I'm going to find--
well, now I'm not really--
I'm just finding a cool song.
Oh, here's one.
This is my--
I can't play it though, can I?
Michael Jackson's "Baby Be Mine" is such a great dance
song, especially if you're watching So You Think You Can
Dance and you like think you kind of can dance because you
watching it.
And then that is in a little known Michael Jackson song.
I mean, relatively speaking, but it's perfect for when
you're a little bit drunk and you're like, I can dance.
Put that puppy on, and you can.
Next comment is from wossenator--
"Can u name something intresting in
the backround." Psh.
You mean without looking?
Um yeah-- oh, I don't know what you call it, but those--
these things that you played with when you were a kid when
they have like--
this, it's this.
What's the name for these, you guys?
Does anyone know?
It's like a um--
you know, when you-- you-- you know, you know how to play.
And we haven't filled it out yet, but we will and we will
play this with you.
This is that.
Oh, you guys--
that's all the time for today.
That was fun.
Thank you for watching and for leaving awesome
questions and comments.
You should subscribe.
I left you a minute to do it.
And then come back tomorrow, because I'll be teaching you
how to play tennis.
Complete with like jewelry attire and grunting lessons.
And Wednesday, both Grace and I will be hosting.
It's going to be so much fun, you guys.
Um You are very much a part of that show, so be sure to tune
in and get in the chat for our last summer party.
I'll see tomorrow.
Later dudes.