How to Install Bi-Xenon HID - Ford Mustang 1998-2004

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Hi, Phil with
today we have a 2004 Ford Mustang GT doing a Bi-Xenon installation on
this install will work with all models 99-2004 let's pop the hood
and get started
here's what we'll need to perform this installation
we have a standard Bi-Xenon kit here a bulb type 9007 for the Ford Mustang
this is the 6000K color variation it comes with 2 standard ballasts
the 9007 Bi-Xenon wiring harness
two bulbs and some mounting brackets
the tools we'll need for this installation
are an 8mm and 13mm socket,
socket wrench
the zip ties included in the kit
and just a regular philips head screwdriver
first thing we need to do
is remove the old halogen bulbs
in order to do so we have to remove the headlight housing
from the frame of the vehicle to get access
there are two clips
right here and right here
that you need to pull up on
and remove
so you can pull this headlight housing out all it takes is a little bit of effort
and it should snap out
we now have access
to the bulbs to remove your halogen bulbs you have to turn the retaining clip here counterclockwise
pull it away
and that will allow you to remove the 9007 stock bulbs
now you will have to remove this from the factory harness
there's a clip here that you can just take a flat head
gently pull up on it and it should come apart
the process is the same
on the passenger side
in order to install the new HID bulbs
you must first unlock it
from its socket
you can see here there's a lock and unlock position
twist it to open
and this clip should come out
you'll want to install this piece first
into the headlight housing
make sure that's on
take the retaining ring
reinstall this
and insert the bulb
and relock it in place
there you go
what i've done here is i've taken the Bi-Xenon wiring harness and laid it out
on the path that we want to install it in
you can see that the passenger side over there is already set up
if you come over to this side
the blue
connector goes to the factory harness
you have your connections to the driver side bulb and you have your actual power wire
that going to connect to the accessory port
from your battery terminal
as you can see here there is a compartment here that flips up
all your accessories plug into here
its a 13mm bolt just go ahead and unscrew it
get this one on
and then
we'll get the rest of the harness wired in
now what i've done here with the stock
connector is i've actually cut it and allowed it to get a little bit larger because the bolt here is a little
bit larger
it does fit on nicely
and it does secure
is order to mount the new HID ballast we're going to use the supplied mounting brackets
take the longer of the pieces and put it underneath
and there's a clip here
that comes right over the top
take the supplied nut and screw
and secure it tightly
let's go ahead and get these mounted in the vehicle
what i've done here with the drivers side ballast is i've taken the mounting
turned into a right angle
and actually use this grounding bolt here
for both
the grounding wire to the Bi-Xenon wire harness as well as the mounting
for the actual bracket
tighten this one up
this side should be set
now the additional wiring here
is going to filter through
the hole here
so all the wires come through the central
hole in the chassis right here
for you to get access to
now what you want to remember here
with this harness not all harnesses come the same
the wiring for an 04 Ford Mustang
is the blue wire on the left side
brown wire at the top middle
white wire on the right side
now that we have all the wiring through
we can take
the Bi-Xenon connector
connect it to your stock
factory connector
and you're gonna have to take the ballast
signal wire here and actually get underneath from the mounting point
it will be a little bit hard to see but i'm just going to connect it from the bottom
similar to the drivers side we're going to be mounting the HID ballast in the passenger
to the grounding bolt
here on the frame
if you take a look here we've already loosened it
just going to remove it here
set that aside now what we can do to is actually connect
the Bi-Xenon wiring
to the ballast first
and drop this down
next to the air intake
so it's actually going to sit right on top
and you're going to have to bring the
grounding wire
bring the grounding wire up
and install all 3 components
using the bolt
now that that's secure
we can grab the signal wire here
as well as the power cable
and feed it through to the HID bulb
now that we have all the connections set up let's go ahead and test these lights before
putting everything back together
that's low beam... high beam
as you can see we've already installed the headlight back into the chassis
put the two clips back in place now the wiring has been tidied up with the supplied
zip ties
is running along the overflow tank here
shouldn't get in the way of the hood
and now we're just going to install the last headlight
high beam back in place
there you go should be all set
that completes our tutorial thanks for watching and make sure to check out
for additional offers and information on HID lighting