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my name is Michael Harvey and in the next four minutes i'm going to reveal my
crazy revenge story of how I and over fifty six thousand others reduced our
electric bill by up to seventy five percent or more
and just thirty days. In fact
many of us have completely eliminated or electric bill and now pay nothing to the
electric company
and i'm sorry to say but while we save money month after month you end up
paying more and more
now i don't know how you came across this presentation
may be a friend told you about it
maybe you got an email or maybe you just search google for you to save money but
now the you discover this presentation you can become part of this exclusive
group that is no longer forced to pay through the nose for overpriced
electricity not only that
you can really spent in the face of your electric company and actually have them
pay you for their electricity you produced
sounds crazy right
if you want to save thousands of dollars every year and become part of this
exclusive group it no longer pays for electricity then please watch this
entire presentation from start to finish and i want you to really commit yourself
to the short video you deserve a break
i can promise this presentation will be online forever so please watch it all
while it's available
i'm going to show you how to become part of a group that produces free one
hundred-percent green electricity seven days a week
how you can reduce your electric bill like seventy five percent or more in the
next thirty days guaranteed
and how you can break free from big energy for the rest of your life
all you have to do was watch the rest of this presentation and i promise in
thirty days from now you can slash your current bill by seventy five percent or
some of my to make such outrageous claims and actually guarantee these
like i said my name is michael harvey
a forty six-year-old electrician's in california ambit energy independent ever
since i stumbled onto this crazy idea four years ago
back then i was like you
i was looking for ways to reduce my ever-increasing electric bill
i've changed all of my light bulbs energy-efficient ones
then i started turning off everything at the wall
then despite the scorching heat i started turning off the air conditioner
that one really sucked
after trying every little trick in the book
after getting my family to hate me in the process because i turn into a power
after sweating it out for entire month i managed to save a crummy little sixteen
dollars off my next electric bill
what do you do
my family hated me that month we had fight after fight as i told him to
conserve energy and all this just the save sixteen bucks
i was furious
and i wanted revenge
i didn't care about saving a sixteen dollar spent
i didn't care for six fifty
i was better and i wanted to take big energy and he cuts really make them
suffer i had to find another solution because just conserving energy doesn't
like many of us looking to save money on electricity i'd love to getting solar
so after seeing a t_v_ ad for a solar company i decide to call them up in a
range for a quote
this time i thought i had the electric company back into a corner
i thought i had won the fight
after spending a few hours with the slick sales person from the solar
company i was finally given a price
get this
they wanted to charge me a ridiculous nineteen thousand four hundred and fifty
dollars for simple solar installation
and even then
this i system wasn't going to completely covered by electricity usage
i was still going to have a bill
no wonder where the well-off people can afford it goes solar
i got a few quotes on the price range from between sixteen thousand and twenty
thousand dollars
even the cheapest price was far too much for me to afford
it would be years before i paid off the system dot any real benefit
i really wanted to go solar
just so i can get some revenge on my left ur company but i had to confess to
it was just too much of an outlay
at this point i was an angry more
just down and depressed as i thought well that sit down
the electric company wins again
i gave up trying to beat the energy
then i remember looking at the solar panel and thinking
why the hell are you so expensive
i couldn't figure it out
so i did some research
do you know solar cells are made from silicon
did you also know that silicon has made from saint
when i discovered this i thought
how can they charge so much for solar panels on their made from something is
abundant a saint
it all comes down to shear agreed
if people are willing to spend this much on solar
then why would they sellers panels at a reasonable price
right then it hit me
like a frozen fish in the face
and michael great ideas it was simple
i thought to myself
why don't i make my own solar panels
now remember
i'm electrician's so at a fair idea of how solar panels worked
but actually building a solar panel isn't something you get taught we're
going for an electrical license
it seemed crazy but i'm but what
it instead of paying some big energy execs for their overpriced electricity
i could become my own energy company
what-if for a fraction of retail cost
i could build my own solar panels and save a fortune
this really was my last option
if this didn't work my quest to eliminate my electric bill would be over
after spending countless hours researching how i could make a solar
or if it was even possible
and after talking with various professionals in the industry i'd
finally come up with a plan
i purchase all of the materials i need from a local hardware store combined
with the inexpensive solar cells that eyesore storm line
i took my plan to the back yard
and got to work
in just a single day i completed my first solar panel
the cost
the cost of my homemade solar panel was just ninety eight dollars in a few cents
and i couldn't believe it
here is a photo of me working on my solar panel
and here's another photo of me with my very first homemade solar panel
i finished my solar setup that same weekend and basically forgot about it
for the next four weeks
i saw the mailman when i realize he just delivered my electric bill my heart
skipped a beat
i raced out to get the mail and with the envelope in my hand i was more nervous
than ever before
not because i was scared of how much i was going to be charged
i was nervous because i was about to find out of all those hours of research
of all my hard work was worth it
i had already told some friends about my do-it-yourself panels and they basically
left in my face
so i really wanted is the work
i secretly hopes for a saving of about eighty dollars
cautiously open the envelope and hope like hell number would be good
ice scroll to the bottom line
and my jaw dropped
so here's the results of my little experiment that my friends thought was
usually my electric bill is anywhere between a hundred twenty and a hundred
sixty dollars but this time i was looking at a figure of just eighteen
i was blown away
my homemade solar panels just saved me over a hundred dollars
at the time this was a huge deal
but i had only just scratch the surface with might do it yourself panels and i
knew i could save more for a scaled my system
in fact i started toying with the crazy idea
doubling the size of my system to force the electric company to pay me
i was overwhelmed with motivation to build on my system
i started adding the savings and earnings up in my head
that was four years ago
today my power bill is one hundred-percent wiped out
i'm the one with all the cards
i now force the electric company to pay me for the electricity that i feed to
the grid
now they're calling me big energy
and over the last four years i've saved over four thousand seven hundred and
twenty one dollars off the cost of electricity
that's almost five thousand dollars that i've been able to spend on myself and my
family instead of four king it over to the blood sucking big energy companies
they probably hate me for doing this but there's too many years
i hated them too
the electric company is probably thinking about the ways the slug me with
fees and charges but you know what
my do-it-yourself solar set up as one hundred-percent legal and all above
there's nothing they can do about it
it took a few months for my friends to admit that i was on to a great idea but
it actually
every single one of them asked the same question
can you do the same for me
even my neighbors one of the peace of the action
and as you watch this presentation
you probably want some help too
well eventually i was in over my head
people i didn't even know started calling emailing and even knocking on my
door just to find out how they can slash their electric bill like i did
then what was on the phone to some random person in another state
i have my second great idea
i decided to create an easy to follow step-by-step died so that anybody no
matter their locations or electrical experience could build a solar panel
using easy to find parts
the problem was i was electrician's
would be average joe with no technical experience be able to make a solar panel
like i did
to test out my methods i found forty three people
both male and female
who are interested in solar but knew nothing about making panels i gave them
my guide in came back in a week to see what they had built
in one week all forty three of the solar newbies were able to create a well
polish solar panel that generated enough electricity run their household
it was the solid proof i was looking for
i now knew that anybody no matter their electrical experience could use my
simple to follow system to save a buck load of money
earth or energy was born
feature complete guide to saving money and going green
earth for interview as a system tested by over fifty six thousand people from
all parts of the world
i personally guaranteed at the earth for energy system will reduce your electric
bill by seventy five percent or more in the first thirty days
i will talk more about this amazing guarantee later on so make sure you
stick around until then because you're gonna wanna hear it
but first here are just a few things you're going to learn with mice or
training program
exactly where to get top quality solar cells delivered to your door at the
lowest possible price
getting the correct cells can make or break you
my experience shows you what to avoid so your project doesn't collapse like the
house of cards
learn how to scale your project and connect multiple panels
this little secret will show you the fastest way decrease your system size
reduce your electric bill even more
with this technique you can power anything from a ten watt light bulb to
an energy sucking plasma tv
you'll also learn how to keep restore your energy for later use that you will
never be in a position where you have to sit in the dark due to a blackout
plus you will get a complete list of all the tools you need to make the job is it
easy as possible
didn't correct tools for the job or make it faster and the final product looked
just like in a great factory built unit
the only difference is the extra cash are going to have in your account by
using my do-it-yourself plans
plus there is much more include in the earth for energy package including these
five fast action bonuses if you decide to try the system
fast action bonus number one
for no additional cost i'm going to give you the complete two-hour do-it-yourself
video series i have these videos professionally created ever accorded to
make it even easier for you to build a solar panel
the production cost was a small fortune but with these videos you actually be
looking over my shoulder i'd build a complete panel from scratch
all on camera
the video series will soon be sold as a separate product with a price tag of
ninety nine dollars but today
i'm going to give a queue for free
bowers number two
i'm also going to give you my sore sizing calculator
i actually created this calculator when i was citing my system
all you do was anderson information about your power usage and at the click
of a button
you will see what percentage of your bill you're going to cover
this really useful tool valued at thirty dollars is now included for free
bonus number three
because so many of my customers are looking for additional ways to save
money and do their part for the environment
i decided to include my complete wind turbine training program with a price
tag of sixty dollars
for free
my do-it-yourself wind turbine guide will show you how to build your all
winter vying for less than ninety two dollars principal parts of your local
hardware store
and online
combine this with your do-it-yourself solar panels and you will get off the
grid twice as fast
once again
this is my free gift to you
bonus number four
not only will you get the training guide and videos and downloadable format for
instant access
but i'm also going to send you the truth for energy cd
straight to your door
with the cd you can watch the videos and read the guys without the need for an
internet connection
it also makes for a great backup copy
and finally
bonus number five
i will give you my personal email address for one-on-one training
this is a free enrollment in my solar email coaching program where you get
twenty four seven support
for full twelve months and i will do this for you absolutely free of charge
just so you know
this usually cost twenty seven dollars per month
before you know it you'll be like me
energy independent sticking it to the big electric eyes and saving a stack of
so by now i can imagine you're asking okay michael
how much does the earth pretty system costs
well let me answer that with a question
how much is it worth the say fifty one hundred
even one hundred and fifty dollars per month for the rest of your life and put
that or something you've always wanted
how much is it worth the safe dahlsens of dollars by doing this project
and finally
what is it worth to have me
by your side showing you what to buy
how to build it
how to set it up and what mistakes to avoid
donna price in your head
many people would be more than happy to pay five hundred or even a thousand
dollars if they were guaranteed reduce their electrical by as much as i have
but you're afraid of the system doesn't cost anywhere near this in fact it
doesn't cost
half of this
when i first started selling earth for energy system it sold for just ninety
seven dollars
for the entire system including all the training videos fast action bonuses and
twenty four seven support
i was charging just ninety seven dollars
but today on this web page only
i'm going to do even better than this
i'm going to offer you have to deal of the century
if you miss out on this you're gonna hate yourself later
so here's a quick reminder of what you get when you try the earth for energy
system today
the earth for energy do-it-yourself solar panel training guide that's a
fifty dollar value
the two-hour instructional video series at a ninety nine dollar value
the custom solar sizing calculator
uh... thirty dollar value
the do-it-yourself wind turbine died
a sixty dollar value
afford role meant to my email coaching program will you will get twenty four
seven support
for an entire year
that's a twenty seven dollar per month value
plus europe ritter g cd delivered right to your door
it's a total value of five hundred and sixty three dollars
just forty nine dollars and ninety seven cents
there's no catch
and it's not too good to be true
and i just want this to be as the easiest possible as affordable as
i don't know about you
but i would find it pretty ironic if i offered to save you money by paying me
hundreds of dollars
so right now
on this page
to be entire system
valued at five hundred sixty three dollars
for one-time payment adjust fourteen nine ninety seven
there are no hidden cost are ongoing membership fees
this is just the one-time fee
now about the amazing guarantee i mentioned earlier
i have complete confidence that the quality and results of the scores are so
outstanding by providing a sixty-day no questions asked. Earth4Energy Review