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THE NARRATOR: Sometimes, a moment can change things. Sometimes, in an instant, our
choices are made for us. The retaliation of an enemy. The realization of a truth.
The betrayal of a lifelong friend.
Yes, indeed, it is the small moments that change everything.
Including two best friends, bonded by brotherhood, yet separated by circumstance.
JIMMY: Hey, yo, Justin, Justin, come on, check this out, man. Let's go inside. JUSTIN: What kind of
place is this? JIMMY: Yo, what is this place, man? Check it out. JUSTIN: Whoa, this
is sick. It's crazy, dude. JIMMY: Go in there. Stop being a girl. JUSTIN: Let's go inside, come on.
JIMMY: This is sick. Ancient, antique. JUSTIN: That's your type. JIMMY: Dusty. JUSTIN:
Just like your mom! JIMMY: Yo, Justin! Justin! JUSTIN: What's up? JIMMY: Are you ready for
my bow staff skills? JUSTIN: Bow staff? JIMMY: Can't even hold on to it man. JUSTIN: Let's go! Huh?
JIMMY: That was close man. JUSTIN: Cross the line! I dare you! JIMMY: Man, I'm
not even gonna waste my JUSTIN: Whooaaaa! JIMMY: Bro. Bro, you alright? Yo, stop playin'.
JUSTIN: Help me up, man. JIMMY: You all right? JUSTIN: That hurt. JIMMY: My bad, not really though.
Wahhhh! JUSTIN: I got you. Whoa!
JIMMY: Whoa. How'd you do that? JUSTIN: I don't know.
JIMMY: Yo! I gotta get me some of that! Watch out, man. JUSTIN: Look at you. You look ridiculous, man.
Dude, you don't actually believe that's what got me to do that. JIMMY: Stop hatin' man.
You're trippin', it's gonna work. Just watch.
JUSTIN: No way, bro. JIMMY: Aww yeah, man.
JUSTIN: Yo, check this out.
COLE: Cole Waters here. Reporting to you from the warehouse
the government doesn't want you to know about. As I've been reporting on my website, this
place has been under heavy surveillance by me. In the past couple months, these these
these odd items have been getting shipped into this recently "abandoned" warehouse. The
items include such stuff as clocks and colored lights, sneakers, thousands of empty test
tubes, weird stuff. But this story keeps getting stranger.
These two young men defy gravity as I'm watching them.
I found this this symbol the other day.
Oh crap, ok, ok, listen. This is Cole Waters
reporting to you from
More info to come.
JIMMY: Where were you today?
JUSTIN: I gotta go. I got this in the mail.
JIMMY: The LXD? JUSTIN: They want me to train with them.
JIMMY: You gotta do what you gotta do. JUSTIN: Keep your head up, all right? You'll be next.