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MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, welcome to Drive Central, the nucleus of
Drive, where the Golgi bodies of the mitochondria and the
endoplasmic reticulum--
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That's nice work, Ian.
So this week on Tuned, Matt Farah
drives an electric DeLorean.
And I my promise not to make a single movie reference.
88 miles an hour--
let's watch.
MATT FARAH: Ah, the DeLorean, the car that
made me love cars.
From its stainless steel construction, Giugiaro
styling, and a role in one of my favorite movie franchises
of all time.
What's not to love?
Well, there is something not to love, actually.
And that's the engine.
Because although it does work, it is boring.
And I have been on a quest to find a better,
faster, cool DeLorean.
So far it's been my unicorn.

That's Tuned every Monday on Drive.
And Tuesday on Live and Let Drive, Alex shows up at the UK
home of Chris Harris of Chris Harris on Cars.
What happens next defies any explanation I can give.
Let's take a look.
CHRIS HARRIS: Last year, I was in a market town near here.
And I was in something like this.
I think I was in another GT3, a press car, maybe an RS.
And I parked it up.
And in front of me was a lovely jalopy that had a
wood-burning furnace in it or something.
And it had one chimney hanging out the top of it.
And it was about 20 years old.
It was falling apart.
And this family got out.
And they were very earthy.
And they were quite hippyish.
And they looked really cool and happy and didgeridooish.
And they just looked like they were having a lovely time.
But the parents clearly judged the vehicle.
They saw me get out the car and just
thought, capitalist scum.
ALEX ROY: Right.
CHRIS HARRIS: That upset me a bit.
I'm not like that.
I don't live my life like that.
I just happen to like cars.
It's doesn't mean I'm evil.
But as they got out, they looked at this car-- the
parents did-- and walked away.
But one of their children-- they had three children-- one
of their children, the littlest one, looked at their
Dad and went, that's a GT3 RS.
I loved that.
That proved to me the irrepressible
nature of young people's--
and just human being's--
attachment to these things.
ALEX ROY: Cars and children.
CHRIS HARRIS: We just love cars.
And this kid's obviously watched stuff here.
His parents have tried to stop him
watching this thing probably.
They said, get away from it.
Get the garlic out.
MIKE SPINELLI: That was mega.
That's Live and Let Drive every Tuesday.
And on Wednesday, Chris Harris drives something awesome.
And wait til you see how it turns out.
Let's see a clip.

That's Chris Harris on cats.
That's Chris Harris on Cars every Wednesday on Drive.
And on Thursday, Jalopnik TV goes behind the mystery of a
Dino Ferrari once buried in a Los Angeles backyard more than
30 years ago.
Let's see a clip of that one.
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That's Jalopnik TV every Thursday on Drive.
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