AVIO for Charity 2011 @ Harkema (NL)

Uploaded by 4V10 on 05.12.2011

Hi I'm Alphaverb
And I'm intractable One
A Few weeks ago, we started an auction.
So people could win a meet and greet with us.
This came with a winning bid.
Yeah, it was 1500 euro's!
For charity
Yeah that's right, it's for charity.
It will go to the "ALS Nederland" foundation.
We're going to the winner of the auction.
We'll see where we'll end up!
Yeah, Harkema!
This is it?
Yeah, this is it!
What number are we at right now?
Number 90, and we need to be at 17.
It says here (tomtom) it's still a minite away from here.
Than we will drive for another minute right?
Yeah maybe it's better to get back in the car...
Let's do that.
Are we there yet?
Yeah, almost there!
We're in the right direction
I think it's here somewhere.
Good evening!
Hi I'm Daniel
Yeah I know who you are.
And Coen
Good evening.
Are you the one that won the auction?
No that's Jelte, he's inside.
Ok let's look for Jelte than.
Let's close the door behind us.
Good evening.
Intractable One: OMG I hear a dog
Alphaverb: Who is Jelte?
Because you have won the auction, you will also get all AVIO Records on vinyl.
That's a little extra; AVIO001-AVIO009.
Now it's time to party right??
Let's make a picture.
No it's not a picture, it's a movie!
Yeah, the atmosphere is good!
Where will we go now?
"De Klok" in Harkema.
We arrived at Cafe De Klok, where we will play mainstage tonight.
It's gonna be a great party!
Let's go inside.
*Complete license* (so everything is allowed!)
Where is Harkema?
Can you point Harkema on the map?
It's too small, but it's somehere over there.
Very good!
It's going to be fun.
We're about the recieve our VIP bracelets!
Oh really?
Yeah really!
Wow, sounds hard over there!
This is the charity we're doing this for.
"ALS Nederland" Foundation
Coen Oudejans
Serious security: He's not on the list...
Daniel, we're not on the list!
But I already got my bracelet, so...
Well than, let the party begin!
There was a birthday of TSjTsjTsj (Snaredrum?)
So we will first sing for him together!
Happy birhtday to you..
I think you know what time it is now...
Together we have raised over 2000 euro's now for "ALS Nederland"