How to Make Planters From Soda Bottles | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 02.09.2012

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Today, my friend Mitchell is gonna show you how to make some pretty cool planters out
of soda bottles and a mop handle. Wait, what? I was online and I saw these great planters
for outside. They were $92. Immediately I thought, not only can I made that, but I have
everything in my house right now to do so. And you do too, so I'm gonna show you how.
I think I might have found this mop -- it might of come with my house when I bought
it. You can probably find one in your garage or your neighbor's or at least maybe at your
grandmother's house. I know that you can buy them at the dollar store for like a dollar.
Now I'm using this mop handle because it's hallow. This will provide drainage for our
planter. I'm turning it over to the bottom of the handle because that's the big hallow
side. This smaller side will be easier to spike into the ground when we're done. So
this is pretty close. I am using a razor knife. Try to be careful. I do wanna get just the
top of this bottle off. This is regular old duct tape and it will last forever. So if
you cut little slits, you have more control around the curve. So I'm gonna put my hot
glue right here, just a little bit. And I'm gonna stick this on. This is where I choose
to do my most shallow point, and then we'll pick this off. I would advise not eyeballing
this part. In this bottom, we're gonna put rocks, then we're gonna put potting soil,
then we're gonna put the plant. So I don't wanna make this too far down at the bottom.
So I'm gonna go about, keeping in mind what all is gonna be in here, I'm gonna make my
short part right here. And the tall part, I can make as tall as I want. I think it'll
look the best if I get right under this curve. Okay, so I just put a little hole right there
to start, but I'm gonna cut it out with my kitchen scissors. I'm gonna cut above where
my line is so I can just get this top part off. Then we can go in to the details. And
we'll know if that's not right when we paint it. And now it's time to paint -- my favorite
part. I'm painting this pink because it goes with my friend's house. We're gonna stick
this in my friend's yard because I care about her and like to make her presents. It's better
to do, always, light coats, a bunch of them, then one big heavy coat that drips. This is
already metal, and this paint is ultra coverage. But really, with spray paint, you can get
it for $0.99 a can and have whatever color of anything you want. I do not mind getting
paint on my hands. But if you do, you can use little rubber gloves. And we're gonna
let this sit for a minute, and I'll probably go over it again. It's only gonna take a minute
to dry and then we'll come back and do another coat. Now see this, there was a second where
that black was showing through but we hit it with one more coat and now it's not. You
know what's gonna be fun, I thought of using a couple of these for a little detailing around
this. And all I have to do is hit real quick with the glue gun, just a tiny, tiny bit.
The glue can just be one bead running down like this. And then wrapping the twine. So
I really like how this detailing of the mop rope turned out. It's all dry and I think
ready to plant. This is my favorite part. Okay, I'm gonna loosen these roots up just
like I was taught, and I'm gonna pull off a little bit of this on the bottom. Put this
in right in there. Look at that. I'm gonna add a little water to these in a second. And
we're ready to enjoy them. Remember, these were $93 online, and we just made them for
nothing. I don't think I paid a thing for the supplies. Had it all already.