How to Make Christmas Flower Arrangements : Tips for Making a Christmas Flower Arrangement

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi this is Pooja from Walai FMP today on behalf of Expert Village. Maybe some help with the
tape. Put the tape there. Got more tape there. As we can see that the scotch tape is coming
out, I'm just making the long stem perfect. We take a whole length of it and then we place
it. This is how the arrangement is done. If you guys feel it is a little empty maybe you
can add another stem of red, which can go around it. But I think it's more than enough,
it's perfectly dressed for the occasion and that's Christmas. It's a round arrangement,
no matter which direction I want to keep it. If I want to keep it on a dining table because
two people sitting across, it stretched out for that. You can take it on your console,
you can take it in your main entrance area. You can place it wherever you want in the
house. It can easily be lit up. The certain types which you need to consider when you're
doing a candle arrangement.