Momentum - Lilou Breakdancing - Episode 19

Uploaded by redbull on 31.08.2012

I get my motivation out of the fact that you can always learn new moves. You will always learn, learn, learn, and learn. You will always be a student,
never the guy who has nothing left to learn. I'm hard on myself, pushing my limits to see what I can do, always wanting to do more and learn more.
Lilou is a double World Champion in one-on-one breakdancing. A beast with no limits.
There are moves that Lilou knows that we try to imitate, and it forces us to really push our limits.
We would all like to be in his position.
He's one of the world's best, he represents France well.
He represents France, he represents Algeria, and most of all, he represents Lyon.
I only started breakdancing after I saw him perform.
When I was 16, I achieved the black belt in Kung Fu. I was one of the youngest in my neighborhood, because you can't get a black belt before you turn 16.
There was no doubt that I was good, but there was a moment where I had to decide between my two passions. I decided to pick breakdancing.
I don't necessarily include Kung Fu moves in my dance, but it does inspire me. The philosophy and attitude of Kung Fu is helpful.
Especially the spirit. When you face a competitor, you need to know him. You have to know how he reacts.
It's the same with breakdancing. You need to know the points where you can attack. He'll have no chance.
You need to beat yourself, not the others. That's the most important thing. First, you need to find inner peace, before you think about world peace.
And if everyone finds inner peace, the rest of the world would be in much better shape.
Lilou is part of the Pockemon crew, one of my favorites, as I've known this group now for a long time. The group itself is very strong and well known in the scene,
additionally, there seems to be another dancer who is rising that seems to be very strong on solo parts, and quite cool in general.
I think if I was on my own and not surrounded by the right people, I wouldn't be able to make this progression and reach this level.
My crew as well, that's why we always support each other, and how we stay motivated to never stop progressing.
Lilou is a unique character, special, and essential to the group.
I'd say in our world, the world of Opera, we would call him the little prince. Or in your world, the little genius.
A genius is someone who knows his craft, in this case it's breakdance. He knows how to work with it, the way he thinks, the way he puts his art in the context.
My philosophy is to be yourself, don't forget where you come from, and to set goals in your life. Nobody is better then all the others.
We are all the same. We all have two hands and feet. We all die some day. That's it.
I started breakdancing in 97 and 98, only in my neighborhood of Vaulx en Velin. Then later my friend told me "you should leave. Go to Lyon, go to the Opera."
That really opened my eyes, to all the strong dancers keeping their nose to the grindstone. I began rehearsing with them, and that's how it all started.
It was a battle to hold the square. It was very difficult as police forces didn't want us or squatters from the surrounding neighborhoods to stay.
They were in front of the Opera everyday, rehearsing and dancing, all impressed and influenced by these youngsters dancing like Gods.
We were immediately interested in this phenomenon, and approached them with the administration, to sort out structured ways of cooperating.
You're a genius.
No, I will always remain a student.
Yeah, sometimes I'll go on a holiday spontaneously. Two weeks ago, that's exactly what I did. I went away with my wife for a week.
You see, when I'm in Lyon I'm very relaxed. I take advantage of it as much as possible, and spend time with my family and parents.
I didn't know what this breakdancing was. At that time, it was not well known. He eventually started to focus on school, and finished his A Levels.
Two months later, he started breakdancing. I said "No, I wanted him to go on studying. I wanted him to continue." But of course, he said "No."
It's only you and your competitor on stage. So you need to build up a lot of charisma and mental power.