Pregnancy Tips : How to Keep Up Your Beauty Regimen During Pregnancy

Uploaded by eHow on 09.11.2008

O'kay so you're pregnant. You are in the first trimester. Your face is breaking out, you
are gaining weight, you feel icky. I'm Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to
keep up your beauty routine in pregnancy. Pregnancy brings a lot of emotion, your hormones
are fluxing and everything is changing. Your skin changes, your weight changes, you start
to not feel so good. Well what are the dos and don'ts, can I keep up my beauty regimen
and how do I make myself feel better? Well in general I would tend to stay away from
putting anything in your body that is not known to be safe in pregnancy. Therefore take
your prenatal vitamins and drink lots of fluids. Those things help improve your skin tone and
make you feel better. Acne medicine is fairly safe in pregnancy if it is only Benzoyl Peroxide.
I do not recommend any product with Salicylac Acid in it and I don't recommend definitely
not the Accutane, Retina or any products that you would have gotten from your dermatologist.
Those need to be stopped and can actually be harmful to the baby. Tanning, another big
question, can I tan or not? No I don't recommend tanning in pregnancy. I don't recommend staying
in the sun for a long time and getting a sun burn because that could dehydrate you and
burn and hurt. Other things like makeup all safe, go ahead with that. Hair, can I dye
my hair? Absolutely. People say to try not to do it in the first trimester but some people
don't know and it is safe if you have had it done but don't actively look to do it in
the first trimester. Nails, can I have a manicure, pedicure? All safe, no problem. I tend to
recommend not to do acrylic nails just because the nausea factor and it might irritate your
nose a little bit. All of these things are very safe and will improve your self image
and make you feel better when you are pregnant. I am Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling
you how to keep up your beauty regimen in pregnancy.