Newsies the Musical - Dance Dance Dance

Uploaded by DanceOn on 08.09.2011

JEREMY JORDAN: Everybody was always like, man, they should
Newsies a musical.
Everybody in my generation was just in love with it.
ANDREW KEENAN-BOLGER: It was sort of the first time that we
ever saw kids singing and dancing, especially boys, and
it being cool.
JEFF CALHOUN: Directing an original musical, so much of
your time is spent with the designers and with the
writers, something that gets neglected.
So having someone as brilliant as Chris in the room doing
that is going to make the show better than me on my own.
CHRISTOPHER GATTELLI: I was trying to marry my movement
with Alan's music and the score and everything.
The inspiration for the show is Michael Kidd.
It's that technical but athletic dancing that kind of
feels not of any period.
EVAN KASPRZAK: Chris Gattelli choreo is just off the wall.
And it's absolutely brilliant.
It's physical and it tells a story at same time.
BEN FANKHAUSER: His choreography is really fun.
And it's really character-driven, which is the
best part about it.
So you can really just throw yourself into it.
JEFF CALHOUN: You know what's great about these dancers,
because not only are they the best dancers that I've seen in
New York, but they also sing equally well and could be
hired as a singer as well as a dancer.
When Jeremy walked in, he's a star.
I knew it the moment he walked into the room, it was like
this is another Sutton Foster.
JEREMY JORDAN: Jack Kelly was like the coolest dude ever.
HARVEY FIERSTEIN: Jack is this untrained artisan soul.
JEREMY JORDAN: He certainly has the stance and the swagger
and the way he talks.
And plays with his hat a lot.
CHRISTOPHER GATTELLI: It's the most amazing group of triple
threats I've ever worked with.