Gönülçelen )) Episode 22 - Part 3/7 [English Subtitles]

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oh look she's washing that same carpet again
Hey Safiye.. did you not wash that carpet just last week?
what’s it to you?
just cause you bought a new carpet you have to show off!
yeah yeah we get it it's a new carpet
- oh just get lost! - good bye
do you have to get on everyone’s nerves.. you're being cruel
everyone talks crap here.. What can I do..
I get angry and I tease and annoy everyone
- does it boost your spirits? - yeah! it feals good
shall we go to Cobra.. we can have a cup of tea.
good Idea I was searching for him anyway
here you go a queen..
she was nice though huh?
the girl I showed you at the coffee shop
yes.. she is pretty
but you know she talks too much
I like chatty women
you do?
do you know where she works?
yes? Why?
I mean a lot of men come and go you know
but the girl is good.. she's quite conservative
No way.. I'll trust the woman I love
who is it?
let me get the door
It might be the landowner..
you hide in the backroom
I bet he's up to something
Open up! Cobra!!
I'm coming..why are you banging on the door so hard?
we were just passing and we thought we would stop by..
why are you so nervous? look he is sweating..
Who's nervous?
are you up to something?
step aside and let me pass
you can’t go in..
why not?
look my flower It's not convenient inside
If you have a woman in there
I'll burn you and the house down
no woman.. I swear.. Cross my heart and hope to die
so why won’t you let us in then?
It's not tidy in there.. I had done washing
and my underwears are strewn everywhere
oh just step aside
- as if I won’t be seeing or washing your underwear.. - yeah.. let's go..
Gülnaz.. stop.. don’t go
oh.. Cobretin..
if you had brought these clothes to me I would've washed them
I didn't want you to be tired
oh such a thoughtful person
see we blamed him for no reason
why are you here to lovey dovey?
never mind.. let's go..
have they gone?
yes they have
I have done tea? Would you like one? And cake?
how did you manage to escape in the morning
no one saw you..
I jumped into the back garden..
and to the side road from there
levent was angry when he heard you had run off
I gather your opinions with Levent don't match much huh?
I don’t know..
everything is happening so fast
there was someone who used to decide for me beforehand
you mean Murat...
you don’t want to talk to me do you?
I don’t want to talk to anyone about it
I've arranged a little surprise for tonight
Hasret will be speechless when she sees us there
I'm looking for a new dress for myself
I've to look classy and stunning
I've known Kenan for many years
He knows what he is doing ok?
he's coming
nice to meet you
you too
Hi. Is our guest here?
unfortunately his plane has been delayed
so no he is on his way to the hotel.. he'll change and come
ok. Shall we go in?
when Levent was talking about you he was excited..
you are very beautiful.
thank you
and you should hear her sing.
Of course Kenan hasn’t heard you sing live
I watched the concert on tape
I want to listen to you sing live a lot
I've been a producer since 20 years
I heard many songs and people
there were some good and some bad albums of course
but you were nearly always a huge success
yes ok.. you know since we became partners with Levent...
have a seat.. here..
I haven’t been this excited for a long time
It’s not hard to see that you'll be a great hit
Are you always this silent?
let me answer that question.. No she's not
is that not Murat?
Murat is here too with his assistant
(Cobra takes Cafer to the bar where Balçiçek sings in order to introduce them, he plans to surprise him)
I see that you don't like it much here
we could change the restaurant
and the driver could bring the guest there
No this place is quite fine.. No need
what shall we eat?
we're very old friends with Kenan
we've done many business deals together
If you ask me this will be our best job together
the best will be Hasret’s new album
if you ask me I wanna be cautious about the album thing
I don’t understand
Hasret doesn't feel that she's ready
oh a trust issue.. everyone is scared at first
you'll overcome this feeling in time
I've many more things to learn
who doesn’t?
don’t worry, you can close the gap in time
for now we need to find you very good songs for your album
then the rest will unravel by itself
did you not wait up for me for dinner?
we didn't know when you'ld come.. just sit come on..
so shall I give your presents after dinner?
what presents?
I got my first pay..
Oh my god.. look Kadriye aunty..
this little rascal has grown up and earned money
here you go.. this is coffee cups
and Kadriye aunt.. a notebook and pen for you
to write down your orders at the shop..
I was going to buy you something too but
I didn't have a clue on what you'ld like?
it's not important.. come on.. let's eat..
let me go and say Hi to Murat..
say hi from me
the floor is slippery in the music market Miss Hasret
you've to know the right people to be a part of that sector
studying hard wouldn't be enough
Good evening
Kenan says Hi
so nice of him
when is Hasret’s new album coming out
very soon.. we're about to sign a contract
very good
Bon apetite
to you too
Murat is ecstatic about the news
Mr. Murat...
I guess Hasret is one of your most valuable students
I heard you did support her a lot..
really? How do you know?
I saw in a TV program..
Hasret talked a lot about you on that Program
I thought it must be so nice to be a loved teacher
I believe students should love music more than their teachers
Music is more valuable than being a teacher
is it not nice to be here?
very nice
it was a surprise for you
how do you like her voice
you can come here on your own.. when you want
No I'm not very fond of these places..
It's the first time I stepped foot into a tavern
first?? Well don’t say that to the girl
make it seem you always come to places like this
tell her you always go to taverns
even have one bottle of Raki on your own
our girls like strong men
what are you drinking?
I'll have a soda..
don’t be daft.. you're having Raki
here you go..
here you go..
would you like anything else?
what else could I want?
you could want this..
Crème Brule..
you can't even say the name of the dessert let alone the taste
well let them decide for themselves
come on eat up?
Mmm I loved it.. it's perfect..
it's the best BURULU I've had for ages..
how did you manage to do this
oh I've so many other recipes..