Sally, Colon Cancer Survivor

Uploaded by screenme4life2010 on 28.10.2010

I am a retired teacher
And I love to play racquetball.
I love to play bridge
and I love to hang out with my family.
And I love to travel.
About 20 years ago
a friend and I were planning our first trip to Europe
and I got this little pain in my side.
And they found this polyp.
So they went in and removed it.
And because of this
my daughters now have early screenings
and their polyps were zapped.
The colonoscopy is a cinch.
For a lot of people, these early screenings
show that there's nothing there
so that you can relax about it.
For the people who do find something.
It's usually a very small polyp
that can be zapped during the colonoscopy.
We can screen for this one.
Come on folks, you know?
There's so many that go hidden til it's too late.
But not this one.
I am eternally grateful
to those wonderful doctors
and to those clinicians
ahh, who found the cancer early.
My daughters said to me
Mom, we cannot live without you.
And I said stupidly,
I can't live without me either. [laughter]