Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 1 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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The Shinwha group has selected as one of the biggest sponsors for the 2012 olympics ..
In the middle of a global financial crisis . .
Since the start of the Korean economic development.
a single company has been holding the highest ranking
continuing with its ever continuous growth.
Shinhwa has finally been established in the international market as a world-class company.
...And that company is Shinhwa.
From electronics...oil refining and automobiles... to delivery...and telecommunications,
and even if you're a Korean who doesn't know the President's name,
you would have definitely have come across the words "ShinHwa."
It is a massive empire; a model of Korean conglomerate.
The day ShinHwa achieved an unprecedented $10 billion in export....
Instead of accepting a medal of honor, the founder was invited to the Blue House, and it was there that he said,
"Mr. President...please let me build a school for my grandchildren."
Incorporated Association, ShinHwa Academy....
The school is the first of its kind to be seen in the history of Korean education
it was During a time when economic development was more important than equal opportunities in education
the president even spared every expense and even passed special laws to make his school a reality.
Now there's even a saying that a family won't get anywhere without a ShinHwa graduate..
ShinHwa is based on built by the top 1% of Korean society, for the top 1% of society.
Also, Enrollment is so competitive that even most upper class children would be unable to receive acceptance even if they were to apply for registration the moment after their birth.
However, once enrolled, students can attend ShinHwa from elementary, middle and high school all the way to university.
For all the Korean students and parents frustrated by college entrance exams, ShinHwa is both the object of their hatred and envy of every citizen.
However, in this school for the chosen sons and daughters of God..
something beyond anyone's imagination is happening..
Oh, poor MinHa...what shall we do about this?
You bastard!
Aish.Damn it! Get him! Get him!
How may I help you?
I have a delivery from JanDi's Dry Cleaning Service....
Okay, you may go in.
Thank you!
Ahh this isn't it
Find him!!!
There!! There he is! Get him!
wahh..Is this really a school?
Hey, he's on the rooftop! Lee Min Ha is going to jump!
whoah..Are you serious?
Is he putting on a show? No, this is for real!!
Really? Are you for real??
Lee MinHa??? oh!!! Lee MinHa!
I was right, huh?
He couldn't even last a week.
But he did survive three days.
It wasn't even three days. Exactly speaking . . .
This is what you guys wanted... right?
I'll do as you guys wish.
Hey! Hey! Wait a moment, Lee Min Ah!!!!
Oh no,...what a customer!!
Who are you???
Me? Oh, hehhh. i'm . . .
i have a delivery for you!
JanDi Cleaners. It is $30.
Oh ,my God! This is funny!!
OK, OK, $25.!
The gym suit is free. In return, you should be a patron..
After I die, settle it with my family...
Oh! Don't be like that...
Are you going to die right now??
I mean..come on..
You attend such a great school!
This isnt a school...
This is hell..
Excuse me!!
The real hell is out there. .. Have you ever heard about the hell of college entrance exams??
Have you ever heard of F4???
F..F.. what?
....What is that???
Once you get their red card, you become the target of all the students in school...
Just like me...
So are you gonna just sit back and take it??
Losers like that always move around in large groups doing cruel things..
If it was my school, I would catch them and kick all of their asses!!
How lucky...
your friends are....
Your friends, they're lucky to have a friend like you..
Not really. hahaha.
At the cradle of privileged education...ShinHwa High School,
saving an ostracized student was..
neither a son of chaebol nor of honorable family..
but an ordinary girl who was there to deliver laundry.!
The sons of God who are exempt from college entrance by way of wealth!!
If you guys have nothing to should try taking the SAT!!
If such a thing should come from privilege, it deserves capital punishment! ShinHwa group.. should blow itself up!
As a parent, I can't forgive them. I refuse to continue shopping at ShinHwa Mart.!!
ShinHwa Group, give us an explanation! Give us an explanation! Give us an explanation!!
ShinHwa Group, give us an explanation! Give us an explanation! Give us an explanation!!!
Abolish the elite education system!!!
I amm here now where people are protesting against the Shinhwa Group and they request to have Shinhwa elitist educational system.
Now, let's hear from one of the protesters.
Hello, what brought you out here today??
My friend was also heavily bullied and he dropped out of school...
That sort of thing can happen because of the unbearable stress of the entrance exams, but at a place like this they shouldn't have to suffer those kinds of hardships.
JanDi, do you know what your nickname is?
Common hero, Wonder Girl, you are our generation's true Wonder Woman.
Geum JanDi Laundry, fighting! Send the Wonder Girl to ShinHwa High school!
Stop it!
By the way, the Flower 4 . . .
Are they really so doll-faced?
I wish I could see them up close in person.
Flower 4?
What flower 4? Fly 4 makes more sense,
four dung flies.
Miss Jandi, please look over here!
Miss, please say something.
Excuse me! Look here! Smile!
Is that school for gifted people?
It's neither a science school nor a foreign language school. It's literally a school for the rich.
Doesn't Korea pursue a fair society?
That bourgeoisie school is . . .
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
The group PR department and related companies are trying their best to extinguish the public opinion.
Extinguish? Do you think this is being extinguished?
How do you let the reporters dare?! Dare to mention JoonPyo's name?
I'm deeply ashamed.
Do you know why public opinion is something to be wary of?
Because it is ignorant.
Once it goes berserk, it's unmanageable.
Reason or common sense doesn't work any more.
The one who set the fire should extinguish it.
Madam Chairman, the prime minister is on the line.
Yes, sir.
It's getting interesting.
I was never cut out for hiding from the paparazzi!
What a tough delivery! Shoot!
I'm really sick and tired of this ShinHwa school or F 4 something.
I'm ho . . .
She's here! JanDi!
Say hello to him.
He came from the ShinHwa Chairman's office.
So I finally meet the famous wonder girl. Nice to meet you.
I didn't push him.
Really, I didn't. F4 or something, they did it.
That's not it.
JanDi, my daughter, calm down and just listen.
Starting tomorrow, you will attend ShinHwa High .
You're in!
What the heck are you . . .
To tell the truth . . .
The Chairman has come to admire you, and she decided to accept you as a special scholarship student!
Scholarship student? Why me?
We would like you, Geum JanDi . . .
Noona, you know how you used to swim back in middle school?
She wants you to swim again! SWIM AGAIN!
I don't want to!
And why not?
Noona, are you crazy?
I like the way things are now.
I wouldn't fit into the school and I don't want to go to that school either.
You should probably go.
JanDi, why don't you think about it a litt-
There's no need to think about anything. She will be there tomorrow.
Shut up!
JanDi: Why not? Mom: Shut up!
Then, I'll see you at school tomorrow.
Yes, even if I have to drag her by the neck, I will make sure she's at school tomorrow.
Okay then.
Mr. Secretary,
you are aware of the phrase "Nak Jang Bool Ip."? "What's done cannot be undone.", right?
Be quiet and just take a look at this!
ShinHwa High! ShinHwa High! ShinHwa High!
I really didn't think this day would come in my lifetime.
For the first time in my life, I am proud to be your brother.
Dad! Wooooohhh!
How can the words, "I'm not going" even come out of your mouth?
Do you even know how much the tuition is?
No. I still don't want to.
I still don't want to go. Mom, I really don't want to.
Oh my!
Others study hard, have the money, and they still aren't able to get in . Why wouldn't you want to go?
Wasn't it you who's always saying those people only know how to brag about their wealth?
It, it, it was jealousy.
The truth is, it's like winning the lottery. Who wouldn't be happy?
I don't care. I have a bad feeling about this.
Just to let you know, regardless of what you say, I'm not going.
But, you like to swim.
You said you wanted to go to a school with a swimming pool.
Are you trying to get me to go to that school by saying they have a swimming pool?
I"m not going. I don't want to. I'll never go!
Just wait a minute, miss!
I'll go and come back. (A Korean saying when they leave the house etc.)
Geum Jan Di, Fight!
Go on
Dry cleaning is here, dryyyy cleaningggg!
JanDi dryyyyyy cleaningggg!
Dry cleaning is hereeee! JanDi dryyyyyy cleaningggg!
Isn't it pretty? Yeah, it is.
There were only two made imported from Japan. I got myself one, guess who bought the other?
Goo JoonPyo.
That's really cool!
Don't you think my style is a lot better?
Hey, let me borrow it.
Hey, me too, me too!
Just where is it?
Uhhmm, do you know where the swimming pool is?
Oh, that way? Thank you.
I'm so sorry for interrupting. You can continue on.
AH! It's F4! AHHHH!
Move it!
Is something wrong?
I will give you to a count of three.
What? What for?
Three . . .
Two . . .
Hey, WooBin, do you have some juice left?
Yeah, you want it?
Hey, are you okay?
What kind of crazy person is that?!
Why didn't anyone say anything? How can they just stand there?
oh my god
Watch your mouth.
Who are you guys?
Us? By the way, sorry for the late greeting.
We are Ginger!
We are the Jin, Sun, Mi (the true, the good and the beautiful) of ShinHwa High School.
What you were saying before, it wasn't regarding the F4 was it transfer student?
F, F what?
So that guy who made a scene is a member of the notorious F4?
You mean famous.
If you're not careful with what you say, you'll be in big trouble!
I hear your family owns a laundry shop..
It's not a laundromat. It's a dry cleaners.
So, what?
This is my first time seeing a dry cleaner's daughter.
It's very fascinating.
Look all you want, I won't charge you.
Since this is your first day of school and you're a commoner who knows nothing of the world, I'll let you off this time.
For the things you said about the F4!
What? Are they that remarkable?
Hey transfer student, you really don't know a thing about the F4 do you?
No, I don't.
Girls, let's go.
Song WooBin, the son of Il Sim Construction, also know as the blue-chip stock of the construction industry.
They are real estate tycoons. People say half of Jejudo belongs to Il-Sim.
The head family of Il-Sim-Pa, an organization(gang) of 50 years history.
They still have quite a few high-class clubs and saloons.
When it comes to cash mobilization, they are valued as King Wang Jjang.
So YiJung is a genius ceramic artist who debuted at Biennale at the age of 16 as the youngest artist.
He is one of the young artists to be selected by UNESCO.
There is at least one who made it on his own.
Cast away the prejudice that genius would be poor.
You know the cultural assets independence fighter, So YoonHe, in Korean History textbooks? He is the owner of WooSong Museum and the grandfather of F4 So YiJung.
WooSong Museum?
Do you mean it's his family's? How rich are they?
Don't imagine. You'll hurt yourself.
That's a picture of the old president (of Korea).
Look at this kid sitting next to him.
He is F4's very own Yoon Ji Hoo.
The son and daughter-in-law of Yoon SeokYoung president died in a mysterious traffic accident. The only survivor was his five year-old grandson.
You mean Yoon JiHoo is the grandson of President Yoon SeokYoung?
You know SooAm Art Center where Jang YoungJoo played?
He owns the SooAm Art Foundation, a soccer team in Europe and a Major League baseball team.
I envy him most in the world.
You know him without my explanation, right?
This man is the F4 leader, Goo JoonPyo, the successor of the great ShinHwa group, whom even 3 year-old Korean kids know.
F4 are those sort of guys? No way!
Goo JoongPyo, you are Goo JoongMool (sewage)!
F4, you flies!
If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you should be thankful and be nice to people!
It's annoying that someone like you is the successor of ShinHwa group!
You better hope the two of us never come face to face.
The day I have to call you "senior", I will dive from the rooftop! Ahhhh!
Yoon JiHoo!
How noisy.
It's so loud, I can't even sleep.
I'm so sorry. I thought no one was here.
Is that really true?
That you will dive?
So, the thing is . . .
So you heard everything?
About what?
I mean . . .
Goo JungMool (sewage)? Or flies?
Oh right, JoonPyo
It's "Goo JoonPyo," not "Goo JoongPyo".
Remembering the right name is the least thing to do when you hate someone, right?
Rice balls!
You like them?
What the heck are rice balls?
It looks so pretty and delicious!
What's that smell?
It completely stinks!
Oh, here it is.
Oh my god! Terrible!
Hey, transfer student, why are you eating such low grade food when there's an expensive spread over there?
Over $50 for one meal is a nuisance in my home.
So, you're planning to keep eating these stinky lunch boxes?
Yes I am.
It's F4! AH!
MiSook, come on!
I'm going crazy!
Can I . . . try that?
Thank You!
Is she from Germany?
Yeah, she looks really pretty. I thought she was a doll or something.
Anyway, it's great that you made a friend already.
I was worried you might be a loner.
I am a loner.
I'm an outcast.
But I'm thankful that I don't get noticed.
I'll stay a loner until the day I graduate.
Who are you?
What happened to our JanDi?
The one who protected me from that wicked kindergarten owner's son,
the one who fought against the gangs in junior high. All of that was the work of the justice girl: Geum JanDi.
So what's wrong?
What can I do?
I'd sooner get into it with my mother before causing trouble and being expelled from school.
You! Ah!
Do you think, do you think I'm wasting cucumbers?!
Your father wanted to eat cucumber kimchi but I'm investing it in your face.
What kind of investment are you doing with cucumbers?
Won't this treatment give you beautiful skin?
Even the worst boy in your school is the super A plus when it comes to marriage material.
It seems we've hit the jackpot. Don't you think so, honey?
Don't disturb me. I'm artistically sharpening the edge.
Mom, stop this!
Look at you, look at you!
Don't be so ungrateful!
And why are you ironing that?
Your arms'll hurt because of ironing all day long.
15 years in the dry cleaning business and never once before have I seen such fine clothing.
Ordinary people would be lucky to wear such cloth even on their wedding day.
Oh, boy!
Sister, let me borrow it to wear on Sunday.
JanDi, when it comes to clothes like this, you must treat them as kindly as your boss.
Be careful when you sit and stand up.
Take good care of it and avoid any stains. Understand?
I'm ironing this beautiful thing for my daughter. There's no way my arms would hurt from that. No, daddy's totally fine.
Oh my!
That girl! Honey, you should iron the lining too, right?
Justice Girl Geum Jan Di hasn't died yet.
Outcast in this way, outcast in that way, and thrown about anyway!
I will say what's on my mind!
F4, from tomorrow, you're all dead!
It's F4!
JoonPyo senior, I baked this myself for you.
Please accept my heart.
Our JoonPyo only eats cakes made by a top-notch patissier.
Who are you?
You have something to say?
Yeah, I have something to say! I have a lot to say!
Do you have absolutely no respect for people?
I don't even expect you to have humility as a rich person.
If you didn't want to eat it, then you could have rejected it nicely or . . .
Will it kill you to accept it by thinking of that person's effort?
What are you going to do if she says she'll jump off the roof, you bastard!
Who are you?
You have something to say?
Why are you swimming so hard? You'll become exhausted and faint.
It's punishment.
What did you do that was so bad?
It's the punishment that the Justice Girl inflicts upon the super obsequious.
So, do you feel better?
All of the reasons why I'm going to this school are right here.
What are they?
The swimming pool and Oh MinJi.
I'm so sorry, JoonPyo senior.
If apologizing solved everything there wouldn't be laws and police officers.
But it was an accident.
I'll buy you the same exact shoes right away!
You, are you richer than me?
Even if you had more money, it would be impossible.
These shoes were made by a craftsman in Firenze,
how could you possibly buy me the exact same ones immediately?
I'm really sorry. I'll do anything I can do to fix it.
Lick it.
I said to lick it.
Didn't you say you'd do anything?
Isn't that enough?
You! You think she fell because she wanted to?
Apologizing is enough, don't you think?
Who's this nosy person?
Hey second year! I'm guessing it hasn't been long since you returned (to Korea), but . . .
you shouldn't try to use the American style here.
Why so informal?
Oh, so you're the famous "Wonder Girl"?
People were saying Wonder Woman and stuff, so I expected at least an "S" line and a "D" cup.
How homely!
So sorry to dissappoint you.
Is it comon for you to ignore your status and be so nosy?
Why are you butting into other people's business?
She' is my business. She's my friend.
I guess in rich people's dictionaries, there are no words like "friend" or "friendship"?
Let's see this great friendship you speak about.
Lick it.
I'll forget all about this if you lick it instead.
What's up with you?
Does she have more money than you? Did you yourself earn all of that money?
What? Is it common for me to be so nosy?
It's common for me not to overlook rich bastards who think it's okay to act out because they wealthy families to bail them out. Why?!
At our place, it's $2.50, but I calculated it by Kangnam standards, ok?
If the stain still doesn't come out, then bring it by.
[JanDi Cleaners, 300-5648]
What the hell is that piece of crap?!
What's the matter with JoonPyo?
I think he's still shocked from what happened today. He just keeps throwing darts.
What's with that serious face?
Don't bother me. Can't you hear the wheels turning in my head?
I'm thinking of the best way to completely crush that little weed.
Why are you even bothering to think about her? Just handle things the way you always do.
Man! You really are smart!
JanDi Cleaners, you're dead now.
Look, look!
Geum JanDi of second year Class B drew an F4 red card!
What is this, a soccer field? What are they talking about a red card?
Hello. Hello, Crazy!
I guess your desk isn't here.
How can you study with us when you're a commoner?
Why did you even come to school?
My book. Hey, move over.
Get out of here! Annoying! Die! Go screw! Lick my froth!
You're dead today.
[Fuck off! Screw you!]
Who did this? If you have something to say, then then say it to my face!
Who did it?
JanDi, when it comes to this kind of clothing, you must treat it as kindly as your boss. Be careful with it at all times.
This great suit is my daughter's. Why would my arms hurt? Daddy will be just fine.
Throw more! Throw more! Just try and throw more!
Hey, hey, hey. Someone bring some oil. All we have to do now is to fry her.
What wil she be then? A pan fried pumpkin?
Do more! Just try and do more!
Isn't it over now?
What do you mean over? It'll be over when that commoner kneels before me.
So, that's why they say not to bother a sleeping wolf.
Don't you mean a lion?
It seems this time it won't even last a week.
1 week? I say three days.
Yi Jung, you, if I win, then I get that traditional pot from your last show.
For a fool that can't tell a pot from a water bottle, what's the sudden interest?
My baby is a fan of the potter, So YiJung.
Okay. If I win, then I get the number of the Super Girls.
Hey guys shut up. It's almost time for her to show up.
Alright. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Jjang!
Ah, that's right. She's probably embarrassed to show up in front of me in that disastrous state.
Yep, I was a bit hasty. One more time.
1 . . .
What's wrong with you guys? Did you do it right?
Then, why isn't she here?
Where the hell did that chick go?
Surrender? You wish!
I say JanDi, and you think it's grass for you to walk all over?
You picked on the wrong person!
Have you guys ever eaten dough soup that has been cooked with tears?
Have you ever seen a free pass to the public bath house?
Commoners are nothing if not unyielding and persevering! You should know that!
How many eggs did they just throw away?
Those idiots don't even know how precious flour is. What's wrong with them?!
So wasteful . . .
How many pancakes could they have made with these?! Seriously!
Oh my!
Who's there?
You're really noisy every time I see you.
Do you know how to make pancakes?
All you have to do is mix flour, eggs, milk, and sugar and fry it.
Just like Bindeadduk (korean pancake).
That's simple.
Your handkerchief . . .
I don't need it.
I'll return it to you next time.
I won't be here again.
It's no longer quiet, thanks to someone.
I'm sorry, JanDi.
Forgive me for being a coward.
I think it'll be at least $30.
Wow, I know the actual price. That's not fair.
The express service is a little bit more expensive.
Also, look at the condition of these clothes. I've already given you quite the discount only because it's a school uniform.
Come on, really. I'm a junior of the dry cleaning business.
If you don't like the price, forget it. Next door is JanDi Dry Cleaner. Go there.
Cmon, Mister. Alright . . . $25!
Bon apetit !
Yo, yo, yo! What's up, man?!
They only accept one group per week here, so . . .
I made reservations a month ago and I'm still waiting, so. . .
How did you do it?
This one is better.
You're right. It's a beauty.
Enough to make your cuisine even finer.
And just who told you that I was a chef?
Your . . . delicious-looking hands.
Do players know things just by looking at a woman's hand?
You need at least to know she's a chef at Michelin in order to be a player.
Of course. My bro, yo!
Yeah. Are you doing what I told you to do?
Don't make a mistake and do it correctly. Understand?
Let's eat.
Alright. Cheers!
You must be crazy! Everyone is dying to lose weight, but,
here you are stuffing your face?!
Will you be happy if I die doing such a worthless thing?
Hey! You need to diet and at least have a killer body so the rich boys will notice you!
Really! We're not rich nor do we have a good family background nor are we smart!
What are you talking about? Dieting is worthless?!
Give me the rice container!
No, I can't. Right now, surviving is more important than dieting to me.
Hey! In this day and age, even swimmers must be skinny to become stars!
Haven't you seen Kim YuNa? You're a young girl, how can you not know the trends?
Give me the rice container!
(Mom! I said, I don't want to!)
Give it to me!
Hey, you!
Mom, Kim YuNa is a figure skater.
Kim Yuna is a figure skater, not a swimmer!
Stop! You!
Hey! Give up the rice container!
JanDi? JanDi? The rice container . . . JanDi?
Has my stomach gotten bigger?
A little bit.
I'm sorry. I haven't been able to take care of you.
I'm only putting up with this because of the swimming pool.
If I had attended this kind of school from the get-go, there's no doubt I would have been in the Olympics.
No doubt at all.
What the? What is this? Goo Joon Pyo!
Hey! What's going on? You keep on smiling to yourself.
She's probably really pissed right about now.
Perhaps, the laundry girl? Still?
Wait a minute, how long has it been?
It's been over a week.
Okay, hand them over, the girls' phone numbers.
She's really something.
Wait, isn't she the first girl to really face off with the F4?
What are you saying? It's only because I'm going easy on her.
But, how come JiHoo's not here again?
He's probably sleeping somewhere.
Let go!
Be quiet! Let go of me!