Tujurikkuja 4 K.I.T.T. (ENG subtitles)

Uploaded by CatapultFilms on 30.12.2011

There's nothing left here! - No way!
There are at least three beers left of the six-pack.
There's nothing!
I gave... took...
used it to put out the steam room door fire last night.
OK, but is there any vodka?
Nope, no vodka. Just pumpkin salad.
Fuck! - What are we going to do now?
We have to go to the store. - Yeah, definitely.
I know a place, it's about 4-5 km.
But we're not gonna walk there, are we.
There's no way I'm driving - I'm so pissed!
Hello? Which one of us is sober?
Not us!
I can go!
Yes, me.
But you're comatose!
Don't worry, I've got a car!
K.I.T.T., gear yourself up! We're going shopping!
OK, get me some money!
K.I.T.T., why aren't you running?
Michael, I don't think we should be driving to at the moment.
According to my sensors, your blood alcohol is over 1,5 per mil
and your liver is damaged 0.8 per cent compared to yester-
K.I.T.T., shut up! Let's go shopping!
But Michael...
Stop messing around! The others are waiting!
Michael, a short drive in this cold is not good for my electronics.
It's only about 4-5 km, you're shell-proof,
and whining about cold? Stop being a bitch!
Michael, I'm not a bitch. I'm an -
Very good, then let's go!
Michael, you're in no condition to drive!
Never mind about that.
OK, you better drive!
Michael, wake up! We're in trouble.
Oh shit! What did you do?
Nothing, Michael.
Ah, no worries, then.
Good evening! What's the problem?
Good evening. Constable Liitra and Senior Constable Pohla.
You have no licence plates at the front or back,
and your seatbelt is not fastened.
Oh, it was such a short drive, I couldn't be bothered.
I'm from around here, I'll just pop by the store and back.
Have you been drinking?
Well, of course, a little bit.
Blow into this.
Actually, I know myself that I'm quite drunk.
Take the keys out of the ignition and come to out car.
No, I wasn't driving!
Then who was?
K.I.T.T. was driving. - Git was driving?
Yes... No, not git - K.I.T.T. was driving.
Please step out of the car.
No, wait a minute... K.I.T.T.!
K.I.T.T.? K.I.T.T.!
Say something! Fuck!
Please step out of the car!
No, wait, K.I.T.T. was driving, I was asleep half of the way!
See? That's the turboboost here!
If you press it, you can jump over broken bridges and stuff...
Slowly step out of your vehicle,
and keep your hands where we can see them!
Dammit! What the...?
I'm Michael Knight!
What are your doing?
Wait-wait, Reet, take it easy!
Fucking police state, shit!
Fucking Reet!
K.I.T.T., help me!
K.I.T.T., you fucking bastard!
I'll put diesel in you the next time, you bastard!