Shut-out Capture the Flag on Havana - Homeland Security Sucks

Uploaded by MisterDyslexo on 08.02.2011

Hello hello, my friends! Myname is MisterDyslexo.
Please call me Mister D.
Today, I am bring you my favourite game mode. Capture the Flag.
What I used as a mic in my previous commentary has apparently died.
And I have ABSOLUTELY no idea whatsoever as to what killed it *cough cough*
Hopefully I'll have a new one this weekend sometime.
Anyways the map is Havana, its a decent match.
I go something like 3 K/D, even with two or three flags caps, which isn't too shabby.
I just wanted to show off some CTF, and it done right, since its so rare on youtube.
I was playing in this lobby of the same randoms for about four hours.
I rallied the troops, we kicked ass, we chewed bubble gum.
Leading by example, some people with common sense will go "Hey he's better than me. I should listen to him"
Anyways, probably the most fun I've had playing Black Ops right here.
Using a standard flag-runner class. Lightweight marathon.
Got my favourite SMG the HK MP5 with extended mags.
You've seen it before, nothing new.
Although I do use a tomahawk to keep quiet. Comes in handy later as you'll see.
Fortunately this was a good match of CTF.
CTF can go sour, very, very quickly. Just one teams quits trying, and just camps out the flag.
Five gunsights, all using ghost, claymores on the flag.
Which btw, is the most unique strategy EVAR!
Both sides end up digging their heels in. Not fun.
But like I said, this was a good one.
The first round ends here about a minute-and-a-half in.
Anyways, I wanted to talk about something in the news real quick.
If you haven't heard, there are riots all over there because
the president is a piece-of-shit corrupt bastard.
Apparently 28% of Fox News viewers think they should go back
to doing that whole "Pharoh" thing.
Fox News-Because you want laughs, and Comedy Central is airing infomercials
Anyways, the egyptians got inspired by Tunisia, another country that just forced their leader to step down.
Ooh watch this!
Love the 'hawk. Nice and quiet.
Anyways, the Tunisians forced him down for being a piece-of-shit corrupt bastard.
I'm seeing a pattern here.
That was caused by wikileaks, so I'm expecting more Wikileak-inspired riots
and for them to hit Europe, Mexico, and maybe even the United States.
So I want to unveil my new security plan, which I hope all of you abide by.
United States Homeland Security's makes no sense whatsoever,
so I made a simple one that everybody can understand.
It has three Alert levels; 1, 2, and 3.
Alert Level 1: Find a helmet, and brush your teeth.
Because the only thing that'll possibly hurt you is Gingivitis.
Double-spray :D
Alert Level 2: Carry a helmet with you, and stock up on nuclear holocaust-proof foods like Twinkies and Slim Jims.
We all know that Family Guy is on the forefront of nuclear holocaust strategies.
Alert Level 3: Put a helmet on, and blow all your money on adopting kittens and lottery tickets.
When you've got so little time left, you might as well enjoy it!
If you're allergic to cats, a trip to the local brothel is also an acceptable substitute.
So I'll uh update you about that stuff as it goes on, because I preach the truth!
Better than Homeland's Security, which most people don't understand. Their's goes blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
Blue: The world is a shining utopia. The streets are made of synthetic puppy-fur, and everybody gets around by
crowd-surfing on each other.
Sounds nice, but its pretty boring actually.
Green: Women should worry about guys staring at their chests. Thats about it.
Men should be worried about getting an uppercut to their jaws from women.
Yellow:Be wary of falling air conditioners.
Happy Gilmore is on the loose.
Orange: Y'all need to hide yo' kids, hide yo wife, hide yo' husband
because the commies are climbing in your windows, and raping you!
Red: Put a helmet on
and adopt a shit load of puppies.
Personally I think mine is better.
Everybody knows kittens are better than puppies.
Don't believe me, youtube search "Maru"
Ooh awareness fail in 3...
And then this guy lol
If you know who Elpresador is, imagine me as his long-lost,
incredibly younger, and smarter, brother.
I go Elpresador rage pretty often when ealing with people like that.
I will admit though, they give you pretty damn good motivation.
And I should be burning alive here lol.
The Napalm is so screwed up xD
Got another gameplay where I Elprez raged.
That'll probably be my next Black Ops upload.
Alright the game is ending here.
If you liked the video, thumbs it up.
If not, thumbs it down.
Thats the way it is.
Mister Dyslexo here, signing off.