[ENG SUB] Big Show 2011 Making Clips (GD centric)

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- I was hoping that the new song will be eventful a little
Because in 2009-10.. we have done all that could be done
Considering our comeback..
I think we need to start with our new song
- So deciding that is essential right now
How about 'BIGBANG'.. B to the I to the G
Reminiscing old times- that kind of feel
YB: Instead of 'La La La', How about 'VIP'
GD: It's rap though, are you okay with that?
We wouldn't do it exactly like the original We'd remix it like real hip-hop
Do we have a band? or
I keep thinking that having the band is not crucial
mm.. and if we don't have a band,
The stage space we can use becomes bigger, right? - Right
YB: We're not doing that song, right? - no
YB: It's a good song though..
Ah- doing 'Hands up' would be explosive though..
Exploding their hearts..
We've just finished our first day of shooting
'Secret Garden'
Daesung is finishing up his audio recording
I'm done so I'm eating some Ojjam* *(short for cuttlefish ramen)
Ojjam is especially good when you eat it during 'jjam'
*JJAM: slang for taking a short break in a very busy schedule
I'm very sensitive!
Ah~ he's so funny
Oh- and Seungri was so funny today too
Our members are all funny
Tomorrow.. probably..
Today, we shot here mostly
But tomorrow, we'll be shooting in Seoul
I'll see you tomorrow
DS: Just Seungri's left now
* BIG BANG LATE FEES * (PM 05:57 - 4TH / GD)
Hah. ridiculous.
GD: He has four minutes
I didn't come early just so that I wouldn't have to pay
I mean.. ofcourse we should come early.
This is our usual conduct.
Kids like Seungri, who doesn't keep this etiquette..
needs to be disciplined
GD: How are your sideburns lifted like that?
You're gonna fly away on those
Like Dumbo
GD: You owe $10 YB: $20
It's 6:01!
GD: It's still going until you pay from your wallet
Oh it's until he pays?
( A Sudden Second Rule: Until you pay )
I don't have cash!
Ya, hurry- it's until you bring it to us
It's still going up right now
After you bring cash, you also need to find out which one of us is the Head Secretary
Aghgh!! I'm in trouble
( Off to borrow money )
Can I- Can I borrow just $50??
- Exactly $50?
Yes I'll bring it back as soon as possible
..I was late so..
Ah! I need another $10!!
$10! $10!
I'm in trouble!
It's 10 dollars per minute!
Ah thank you! Thank you!
DS: Seungriya~~
Ya Seungriya, your situation is nothing compared to this
Jiyong hyung was like, 'gonna do some stretching'
- I was about to do crunches and now this is my state
( Serious Situation: GD's pants are ripped )
DS: If you look from the back, they're hot shorts.
The length of the back are like short shorts
SR: Ah~ my $50
* BIG BANG LATE FEES PART 2* (PM 05:59 - 5TH / GD)
(u mad?)
DS: Then everyone's on time?
What can I say..
I am naturally punctual
You shouldn't be late to a morning appointment
It's not because there was a penalty
It goes without saying-
You can't keep everyone waiting like that.
( Laughing at his own words )
Thank you for the meal~
It's medicine
I couldn't swallow medicine very well ever since I was little
but now.. in a way...
Now that I'm 24
It's delicious.
It's sweet
Seungri-shi, you worked hard today
How was it
Uh.. today.. was Kimbab
Big Bang's music is slightly..
Ah- I shouldn't laugh
GD: hey. are you. telling me. SR: We'll see you tomorrow
to film this??
Thank you- Ah- I thought I'd die it was so tiring
( 26th Concert - Yesterday
GD's accident in the middle of the concert )
My tooth broke!
during the concert
So I performed like this
- How did it happen?
I hit it with my mic
It chipped off, and I felt it in my mouth
And I was like 'uh? what's this?'
and then I felt it and this part was gone
To prepare one concert requires a lot of hard work from a lot of people
These people are the staffs, directors,
Our company family
Worked so hard, and it was because of them
That we were able to put on a great show successfully
It was an honour to work with them
I want to thank our fans for coming
and also.. the general public who do not know us who came
And we'll continue to work harder
In hopes that anyone would want to come to 'Big Bang's concert'
Thank you