The New Evernote for Android

Uploaded by EvernoteAndrew on 08.11.2010

Welcome to Evernote for Android
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create new notes
as well as browser and search through them.
We'll also go over some cool additional features.
Here's the home screen.
Lets start our by creating a new note.
You can give your note a title,
add some text
you can also record audio at the same time as you type in text.
You can take a snapshot,
attach a file,
and once you're done categorize it by adding a tag,
and placing it into a notebook of your choice.
Then hit save and your note will synchronize with
every other version of Evernote that you use.
Now let's browse through our notes.
Back on the home screen, click on all notes.
This will bring up all of our existing notes.
You can swipe through the list to browse your recent notes.
Evernote gives you two options for viewing your notes.
Click on your phone's menu button and select from the drop-down.
You can either have detailed view or thumbnails.
Tap on the note sorting drop down to see your notes by notebook or by tag.
Next, let's do a search.
Click on the magnifying glass either on the home screen
or in any of the note views.
And then type in a search.
Let's try "salad".
And here are the results.
Let's check out this recipe.
This recipe looks pretty good, but I'd like to see what other options I have.
So, I'm going to tap near the bottom edge of the screen
and a tab will show up and then swipe left and right
to see other search results.
Hm, this one looks good.
You know, I like this search.
It's probably one that I will do again later.
If I return to my search results screen
and click the phone's menu button,
I can create a shortcut.
I give the shortcut a name, in this case "Salad Search"
and hit save.
Now, I'll have a home screen shortcut to that search
and I can jump right back into Evernote whenever I want.
Since we're on the home screen, let's talk about creating an Evernote widget.
The Evernote Widget is a great way to jump right into Evernote features.
You create it by tapping and holding on the home screen
and choosing Evernote from the widget menu.
And there it is.
Now, you can create new notes
and jump into a search right from your home screen.
If you're an Evernote Premium subscriber,
then you can select notebooks to be stored offline,
meaning that they'll be available
when you don't have a network connection.
To do this, go to Evernote's home screen
and click on your phone's menu button.
Select Settings and choose Offline Notebooks.
Now, choose the notebooks that you would like to have offline.
Offline notebooks can be stored either on your phone's internal memory
or on an SD card.
One thing to keep in mind,
any notes that you create or view on your Android device
will be available offline.
And that's for all users, both free and Premium.
And those are just some of the features of Evernote for Android.
You can also take snapshots,
find notes near your current location, and lots more.
And as always, any note you create using your Android device
is also available from your computer and the Web.