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Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This little refrigerator magnet should help you have a little bit of fun in the kitchen.
This is my little "Kiss The Cook" refrigerator magnet. And this is how we start with him.
You take your wooden spoon and unless you know actually what you want to do and you
can draw a face without practicing first, I suggest your trace the spoon bowl on a piece
of paper first and then practice the face that you want on your little cook. For some
reason that mustache just seems to make it. After you've drawn your face on your paper,
on your paper little spoon, then you want to draw your baker's hat. And you want to
draw it right on your little guy here so you know what it's going to look like and how
big it's going to be because you're going to cut it out of tag board. So you're going
to draw it first on him one paper. And I actually used two pieces of tag board to give it a
little bit of a 3-D effect. So you're going to draw it on your paper till you have it
the way you like it and then you're going to your spoon and you want to mark on your
spoon where the hat is going to start. So that when you cut it out and put it on your
spoon, you'll know where it goes. So you have that marked on your spoon so that you know
where the hat is going to go and you can even draw the line across because it will erase.
And then you're going to want to paint your face on the spoon. Now you can either use
paint and a very fine brush or you can use a felt marker, a magic marker. One that's
permanent. And I simply use white paint, black paint and red paint for him. And my red and
white checked ribbon, scarf so that they kind of matched. So I put his face on and then
after I had his face drawn on here, I drew little ears on here too. I cut the ears out
and I cut the hat out. And then with white tag board, I traced the hat and then on tan
felt, you can trace the ears or tan tag board. Either one would work. Once you have painted
your face before you glue on the ears or the hat, or you put anything else on him, you'll
want to seal it with something like Modge Podge or some other sealer. Covering him with
it and a little clay pot works really well to lay him across until he's dry. Once your
sealant has dried, then you're ready to glue on your hat and your ears. And then you can
just take a piece of fabric, it can be the red and white checked or it can be a piece
of fabric like this and just make a loop in it and stick your spoon through and just tighten
it. You're cook might be in to pastels instead of red and white. And then I just took a piece
of red tag board but you can take anything. This one would kind of match this decor. And
I used my pencil and I drew "Kiss The Cook", I printed it on there. Then I took white paint
and a fine brush and I went over it with the white and put my "Kiss The Cook" on there.
And then you use your tacky glue or your hot glue, glue your sign on, glue your hat on
and glue your ears on. Then the last thing I did was to take a piece of strip magnet,
you can buy them in the craft store and the hobby store. This little piece right here
is actually big enough to hold him very well to the refrigerator and he also will hold
something on the refrigerator with it. So you don't need a piece any bigger than that.
But you do want make sure that you glue it on to flat part and not in the bowl. Because,
of course, you need it to be right up against the refrigerator. I didn't glue his ribbon,
his scarf because I keep moving it around. Sometimes I put it on this side, sometimes
I put it on this side. But if you want to do that, you can use your tacky glue or your
hot glue and glue his ribbon on to or his scarf. So there you have it. Mr. Kiss the