Notre Dame de Paris-Chabada with eng.subtitles(04.12.11.)

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Helene Segara,Julie Zenatti with Luck Mervil,Daniel Lavoie,Patrick Fiori,Garou.The original troupe is here to perform one of the most beautiful songs from "Notre Dame de Paris".We are here 13 years after the first show.Don't miss this important event at the end of the year!Hello and thank you!
Thank you that you're here together again.We talked many times about this and now you will sing together at three phenomenal concerts 16,17,18 december in Paris,Bercy.
10 000 seats have been prepared for your return,expected from several generations of fans.Tonight we will hear some of the most beautiful songs from "Notre Dame de Paris"
with ,as always,Fabrice Ragot-guitar,
David Lefevre-bass gutar
Aurelien Noel-accordeon
Frank Dalessio-piano,
The beginning of "Notre Dame de Paris" was in 1998.It's amazing how you look after 13 years.Who is who?
I'm Garou.
I'm Esmeralda's mother
And I was the priest.
I am Luc Plamondon.I guess you recognized me.
You haven't changed at all.That's incredible.
A lot of plastic surgeries.
Very expensive surgeries
-As far as know Helene has some materials with you.She will share them with us. -Why me?
I'm not surprised.She took a lot of pictures
But the most important thing-we'll sing.
I listened to the album while I prepare the show.There are many beautiful songs which we all remember:
"Les temps de cath?drales", "Belle".But there are and another which we'll hear till the end of the show.Let's start with "Vivre".
Helene,please.Of course,we all know the story of "Notre Dame de Paris"written by Victor Hugo.
Helene plays Esmeralda-the beautiful gipsy who made burned with passion Frollo,the priestů
That's you,Daniel.
The terrible priest.
The crooked Quasimodo-Garou and the handsome Phoebus-Patrick.
Nice to meet you.
He doesn't allow us to forget this.
He's handsome man,but like any other handsome man, you can't trust him.
Of course
Don't trust him."Vivre".
Because of you.
Helene what happened on your tour when you were together all the time? You told me that you spend a night with Garou.
I remember only two.
Pijama parties.
Yes,we watched "La nuit de pierre",a movie,my place at the pillows on the couch. My cat goes crazy when he came closer to her.
Yes,we spend two nights together.
That's right.
Like brother and sister.
For me-yes.
In pijamas,in pijamas.
You are wearing pijama?
Pink suits him perfect.
Now she will tell you how I frightened her cat which wasů
Luck,how you see Garou ,one of the canadiens in the troup? Does the definition "unseemly' or "frivolous" fits him well?
Yes,it does.
-Daniel is shocked,Daniel is really shocked. -No,I'm not. -This is canadian word,we didn't say words like this.
So,Luck,you are one of the Canadians in the troupe like Garou,Daniel and Bruno.
I've had to adapt,to remove my accent,cause when I came here no one understood me.
Only with subtitles.
I was talking to people and they watched me like I'm Celine Dine's cousin.
The resemblance is overwhelming!You are Clopin- the King of Truands from the Court of Miracles.
You sing "Nous sommes les sans-papiers"(We are people without passports) wich come up to our reality.
This topic is a problem of the present days.
We can sing "Nous sommes les sans-papiers" and it will be current.
Can you sing us part of the song?
With pleasure
It seems that it's real pleasure for you,a great adventure. We'll see shots from the repetition in Kiev where you cry all the time.Did you really cry a lot?
This was the first time we heard the Symphonic arrangement.This is horrific!
That's right!They add something new- symphony orchestra.
Let see some shots from your visit in Russia when you were in Kiev,December 2010.
I sang "Danse mon esmeralda" and I thought I'm dying.
I don't know if you saw the repetition from yesterday.We all were with teary eyes. Just because this is happeningů
Something new and differentů
This was moving and inspiring
What a feeling-to be spectators to your own show,that's so amazing!
It was really moving moment.
At that time Julie was pregnant.
She has been far gone in pregnancy.
That's why I tried to avoid a violent emotions.It would be terrible if I was given a premature birth. It was amazing to hear all these songs with people who perform them because we didn't have this chance during a years.
Infront the musicians on the stage we had this chance for the first time and we felt, with our souls,all the energy which Riccardo Cocciante felt behind the piano. this magic fill us and allow us to sing the songs in new way.
"Dieu que le monde est injuste"(God you made the world so unfair ').
You'll share with us all these horrific moments you have been through.It will be spectacular in Paris,Bercy where you will be performing December 16,17,18 as far as I remember.
You'll be together again,along with Bruno Pelletier and you'll sing "Dieu que le monde est injuste".
Quasimodo's song.Who became a victim of his time.
Helene,tears again!
And some people say I'm cry-baby.
Ops,Daniela is moved too.
I'm not cry-baby,I may have eye allergy.
I don't have allergy.This is really moving for me.Here we have a bunch of talents: Riccardo Cocciante,Luc Plamondon and a friend of us-I mean Victor Hugo.
That's right.
And,of course,human passion,rivalry between two men,two women. In this case-three men in love with two women.
Helene is first women who cry when I say "I love you".
Go on.
And,at the end,I begged her like nobody else. I don't know,maybe your allergy showed up again?
His "I love you" in this new version will make every woman cry. The women will pass out in front of our eyes.
Oh,thank you.
Helene,Julie,you have a duet in "Beau comme le soleil". In this song you sing about Patrick.
This isn't for my character,it's for me.
I have two songs with Julie.
I have to say that I induce them to kill Esmeralda in one of our songs. I'm the leader,he's the executor.
Absolute brothel!
I want to say that ,seeing how the priest became more and more handsome, if I knew it earlier I would choose him,not the knight.
And everything will end up in a perfect way.
Yeah,absolute brothel!
I have the feeling that Daniel is a priest conclude an agreement with the devil.
Oh yes!
That's why he's so beautiful today.
It's very kind of you.Today-maybe,but tomorrow you'll seeů
Lets go back to the beauty Frollo.
To the beauty Phoebus.I'm sorry.No offences.
Of course Frollo too.
To the beauty Phoebus.Julie write in her book,that Luc Plamondon wanted beautiful blond man. To keep the original.
-Like Patrick. -Like Patrick
How did you get the role.Of course you are beautiful like a sun ,but still..
Because of the voice,only for the voice.
:ůand temperature 40 C(104 F).I was very sick at the audition. They know that.With 40 C temperature.In front of Luc and Riccardo.
Both of them.Where should I go?My voice was broken andů
this is Luců
and Riccardoůnervously..
There were a lot of stereotypes,including for the women.I rememberů
You should be tall brunette?
No,small blonde,exactly.In this case I was suitable.But I was a little plump and they wanted shapely minion.I had to wear thin high heels.
You were minor then.
Yes and it was all about the hormones.
How old were you?15?
16.There were a lot of stereotypes and when they gather us,we didn't look the way they expected,but we sang better than they though.That's my opinion.
Let's hear the duet.Helene and Julie, "Beau comme le soleil".
You can see Helene Segara and Julie Zenatti Bercy,16,17,18 December along with the others.
They will sing the most beautiful songs from "Notre Dame de Paris". So,Patrick,you're torn betweem them?
-Of course. -Of course.
They were so kind.That I'm beautiful like sun and so onů
Helene,some people said that now you are ok,but then you were angry to each other.
We were fighting for Phoebus,every evening.
She induce them to kill me,every evening,during all these years.
-She suffered. -She suffered.
But she hold on.
"Dechire",Patrick.We are listening to you.
:"Dechire".You all sang with Patrick.Do you know all the songs and can you swop your parts?
I will not sing "La monture".
For example "Vivre".How it will sound?
You canů
It's normal to know all the songs.We cryed once,we were back stage,we watced the others,we cryed againů
We've made fools of ourselves,sometimes we were incene,but we listening to the same music 7 days in the week.No,6 days, at the same minute every day,the same thing.We were programmed.
We changed the lyrics.
Well,when you sing them whole yearů
Six times in the week,whole year and this was not the endů
Why you two laughting?
Because we changed all the words.
For example?
"Belle"(beauty) we changed to "vieille"(old lady).
What else?Full couplet.
That was something I don't want to talk about on the TV.Because of the kids. Moreů"vivre"(live) became "ivre"(tipsy).
I seeů"Etre pretre et aimer une femme".
He makes you cry.
Yes,all the songs Daniel sings in front of me make me cry. HE makes me cry.
She's inspiring me!When you sing love songs to Helene she's crying.That's ubelievable!
Probably when they sing "Belle" you'll pass out on the piano.
When we sing "Beau comme le soleil" he can walk on the back of the stage like this.
Yes,he can.
Will we see you soon in France,Daniel?We miss you.
-Really? -Yes!
-I think so. -You think so?On the stage?
I'm just about to finish my album who will come out in the autumn in France. Maybe you'll see me.I hope you'll see me in my best.
I know this isn't new but the more you get old,the more beautiful you are.
-Like this. -Really? -Yes.
-Well,this is evident! -We getting better!As I said to Helene older-better.
Did you were in touch to each other during these years?Or you get together only on TV shows? Did you call to each other?Did you send e-mails?
Honestly,canadians see each other more often,same to frenchmans.Our relationshipů (I can't find the right words)it's better to finish this sentence in these days.
We three talking to each other on the phone often.
It's always three of us.
It's hard.For example Garou is in New York,I left him 3 messagesů
-And no answerů -This is strange.
I send him pictures and he answered "I changed my e-mail twice".
What kind of pictures?
You scoundrel!
"Les oiseaux qu'on met en cage" Garou and Helene.Will you sing us part of the song?
I remind you that they will sing in Bercy for 3 exeptional concerts. The famous arias from "Notre Dame de Paris".16,17,18 December.
What's next?Tour the country?Or album with syphony orchestra?Something?
-People want "Notre Dame" again with new things. -Yes.
We've tried to find a good reason to gather together like this,with symphony orchestra, with concerts,to sing the songs,but without costumes and so on.
We just wanted to be together again and share the music, as we did now because this is a real pleasure for us.
This is for you.What about the audience?
If you warn us in advance and if we are available on Saturday and you're bored at home-call us and we'll come.
We'll make pyjama party.
:Julie,in the musical you sing "La monture". Garou said in the beginning that he couldn't. Why?
-Not Garou. -Me. -Rightůwhat is it about?
Young woman who lostů
Devoted woman.
She's young virgin who is starving for love,carnal love.
You were 16 when you sang this lyrics.You sang "Free me from these chains,take me,you bastard."
This looked even better in Moscow.
Yes,in Moscow it was funny enough.
When she sang "Take me,you bastard." people screamed "It happened already!".
That was indelicate.
ůYeah,it was the Holy Spirit and I am Virgin Mary.
It's overpopulated there.
My little residence.
We are listening,Julie.
Maybe you're forget somethingůbut what beautiful melody,what a beautiful songs. Everything that we listened today,so gorgeous songs.
The lyrics,the melodyů
Speaking of that,I listened to them not long ago,I don't even have the album I didn't watch the DVD.I watched it right before we gather together. I've never watched the DVD-isn't that strange?
I uncover these songs for myself,these incredible lyrics and I understood how na?ve I was 13 years ago to understand.
But now,listening to the songs,I understand perfectly well what bliss is to share these incredible songs,this magnificent story started by Victor Hugo so beautiful incarnate in the songs we sing.
And everyone of you has brilliant career.Luck mostly in Quebec than France. Maybe you'll be back soon?
I admit that now I'm occupied with Port-au-Prince in Haiti.
I'm on vacation here.I'm building a town in Port-au-Prince,I'm helping. I am president of organization called " VilajVilaj ".
Thank you for watching "Chabada" today devoted to "Notre Dame de Paris".
And,of course,we can't close this show without the most popular song "Belle". Patrick,Garou,Daniel,please come to the stage to perform the new version of the song.
Patrick FioiůHelene is in tears again. Patrick,Garou,Daniel.Julie,Helene and Luck are in tears.
Beautiful composition and,for me,the right performers,because everyone of us is in the right role. There is something magical between us when we are together, this is always happening,these meetings are magnificent.