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Episode 8
The shining era of high school has passed, and I have become a 20-year-old.
The reason that that time in high school was shining...
because of Baek Seung Jo.ěž
I am going to have fun. I am going to live happily.
Oh Ha Ni?
I'm asking you if you're Oh Ha Ni.
To put it simply, I hate stupid girls.
You, you! Why did you come out from there?
Because it's my house.
I can't believe it! To be having breakfast with Baek Seung Jo.
What to do?
Logx = log (2^30 * 10^-7),
logx = 30log2 - 7log10 logx=30*0.3-7
For this problem we use f=ma.
Good luck.
This one.
Thank you.
What is this?
Oh Ha Ni!
Hey! Oh Ha Ni!
Hey! Hey!
What I said about you being a pain,
Weren't just empty words. Ever since I met you, I did not have one quiet day.
I told you to stop this. To not mess with my life anymore. How far do you intend to take this?
Please just knock it off!
Even though he's cold, I cannot stop my feelings towards him.
That's because I'm a persevering snail heading towards Seung Jo.
You're amazing, Oh Ha Ni.
You want to drink some water?
Come here.
Your girlfriend?
There's no way.
What does he mean "There is no way"?
You and Oh Ha Ni are very well suited.
Now, it's time I let go of my feelings.
Let's move out Ha Ni.
Good bye...
Baek Seung Jo.
What were you looking at?
The street down there.
People walking by and the alley... it's fun.
It's refreshing.
We'll stay here, and then we'll find a new house. Even though it's uncomfortable, just bear with it for a little while.
I'm alright.
It's fine, and I really like this neighborhood.
Since it's an old neighborhood,and it's a little emotional.
That's right. it definitely seems homey.
Yup there is definitely
Let's go eat.
Ha Ni, you came down?
Just wait a bit, I'll make it right away.
I knew you would come back!
I didn't know that we would be together this soon though.
You rascal, what do you mean by being together, huh?
Hey, give me a plate.
Ha Ni this is called yeongbap. Come on and try it.
Father, we eat and breathe together both upstairs and downstairs. If it's not being together then what is it?
If you're going to keep drinking Kim Chi soup and make things chaotic then just leave!
Father, how could you say something so sad. I...
Should I open it for you?
Have a meal.
But I don't have any appetite.
Don't just stay at home, go outside, take some photos.
And meet your friends.
Because you keep staying at home.
I don't even have anything I want to do.
Are you okay? Isn't there anything wrong with you?
I'm great, very peaceful.
What's the peace that you're talking about?
Not having anything you don't expect?
Being everything by yourself?
Isn't that why you were so quiet and suffocating in your own bubble?
Not going to DaeSun University and going to Parang University, didn't you do that because you hated the peace?
Please try this.
Our Ha Ni is so out of it right now that...
I'm a bit worried.
Don't you think I should cheer her up by giving her a call?
This late?
This rascal.
Ha Ni is the prettiest when she's smiling. I'm just saying this because she's always sad now.
I'll make her return to a smiling face at once...
Couldn't you allow us to go on a night date?
You can make her return to a smiling face?
Ah, of course.
Will you allow it?
Then well...
Ha Ni...
Not available to answer the call. After the beep....
Ah, why?
She didn't answer.
For the time being, dad said to split up some of the house chores.
Hyung, you have the cleaning, dishwashing, and the cooking.
I'm doing it all?
Should a young kid like me have to do it?
Dad has to go to work...
You're going to take the test tomorrow, right?
You can do everything.
You have to use your brains to benefit people.
I think people who has a lot should share what he has.

Good luck on your test! FIGHTING!!
I thought that you would always live in that house.
You're losing your advantage little by little.
It's fine, I don't need it now.
I really gave up Baek Seung Jo.
You, the one that was so stubborn?
I'm a different person now than I was before.
Because I realized that there's nothing more I can do.
I won't go chasing after Baek Seung Jo again.
Ha Ni.
I've talked about it with dad,
and closed my heart against him.
Now, I will look for a really
cool boyfriend.
Good-bye, Baek Seung Jo.
Hey! Let's go have lunch.
I came out without the dean knowing. I have to quickly eat and go back.
Right. I'm hungry.
I don't feel like it. You guys go ahead.
Oh Ha Ni.
Because you're being like this, you don't seem like the Oh Ha Ni I know.
Is it because you're afraid that if you go to the cafeteria you might meet Baek Seung Jo?
If I see Seung Jo,
my heart might waver again.
I really can't hold you back.
I wonder if you won't be able to meet another guy because you're like this.
Even so...
I'll eat later!
Hey Oh Ha Ni. If you made your decision, then it's a good thing to run into him often.
That way you can build tolerance.
Do you think you won't run into him when you go to the same school?
That's right! Dok Go Min Ah said something right.
It's actually good to meet him first.
Let's go. I'm hungry! Let's go quickly!
Let's go! Let's go!
What do you want to have? Huh?
[Oh Ha Ni grew tired of Baek Seung Jo and broke up!]
It's now time for a lovely mood with Bong Joon Goo.
Did you see above?
Please spread the word.
Even if you see someone you don't know, tell them about it.
Next order!
- Gogi dub bap please
- Gogi dup bap right here
Hey Bong Joon Gu, what are you doing?!
Ha Ni, you came. What do you want to eat today?
The Gogi Dup Bap (meat on top of rice) is really good today. Eat that.
Hey Bong Joon Gu! I'm not in the mood to play around.
Hey Bong Joon Gu, you're causing an incident.
Hey Bong Joon Gu, what are you thinking? If Baek Seung Jo sees this, what will Ha Ni become?
Baek Seung Jo? He already saw it.
He's over there.
This is completely cheesy.
I'd probably get sick of it too.
You must get really tired, Baek Seung Jo.
Is this possibly a struggle to change Baek Seung Jo's interests?
Hey girl! What did you just say?
I forgot Seung Jo.
Baek Seung Jo has nothing to do with me anymore.
We don't live in one house anymore...
We're strangers now.
Our Ha Ni is speaking well!
Hey Baek Seung Jo, you heard right? You heard correctly right?
Ha Ni ah! You're not going to eat Gogi Dup Bap?
Hey Oh Ha Ni!
Why are you being so sluggish?
Hurry up and bring the balls.
I'm really tired. Just a little...
What did you do that you're so tired? Stop talking and bring the balls.
That racket...
Could you put it down when you talk?
It's nothing.
I heard you're still just picking up the balls.
Why... did you come?
Why would I have come?
I'm part of the staff here too.
That's that.
I'm trying so hard to suppress my feelings. I'm not even attending classes.
But if you just come like this, what am I supposed to do?
Ha Ni ah. Ha Ni ah.
Seung Jo. You're here, I have something to say to you.
Next Friday and Saturday, our Top Spin Club is going on an MT for two nights and three days. Let's go together.
I don't want to.
I came on the condition where I could come only if I wanted to.
Seung Jo ah.
Since we're players, should we make a bet with a match?
If you win, you don't have to go. And if I win, you go.
Let's go outside and have a game. What do you think about that ?
I don't care...
But will you really be okay?
Ah brat.
I know that you play well.
Let's just try it for fun.
Let's do a dual match. That sounds fun.
You and Ha Ni on one team.
-Pardon? -Pardon?
Then I... uh...
Should I play with Yoon Hae Ra?
Is your brother upstairs?
He's not there. Where did he go?
He said he didn't have class today, so he was going to stay home and read.
Earlier, he was holding a tennis bag and left.
Ahh, he went to the Tennis Club.
Have you been well? Yeah I'm Seung Jo's mom.
I've gotten curious about something.
Do you know what club Ha Ni signed up for?
Oh my! Really?!
Oh excuse me. Where can I find the Tennis Club?
I came to meet a student named Oh Ha Ni.
You probably don't know Oh Ha Ni. The club's name is Top Spin.
Ah Oh Ha Ni?
Oh my! You know Oh Ha Ni?
Something about her breaking up with Baek Seung Jo... there was some commotion at the cafeteria.
Oh my, what?!
What kind of rumor is that?
That is all a lie!
Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni will never break up.
Those two people are doing fine!
You students tell the others too!
But then, who are you ma'am??
Who's that lady?
Excuse me. Where should I go to find the Tennis Club?
Ah wait a min...
Possibly, Seung Jo's mother?
Ah I was right! Hello.
Oh Joo Ri, Min Ah! Nice to see you!
What's going on? Wearing those kinds of clothes...
Oh, I was trying to disguise. Does it show??
It's very obvious.
Did you come to watch Ha Ni play tennis?
When you watch the Wimbledon matches,
Sharapova wears those white tennis uniforms.
And she does the swishing!
Imagining Ha Ni do that, could I just sit at home?
Where are they playing? Let's hurry up and go watch.
I think the practice is over now.
It's over?
Later tonight, Ha Ni and Seung Jo will be playing tennis on one team.
What's up with being on the same side as Seung Jo?
Yeah. Ha Ni is desperately trying to forget Seung Jo.
Oh my. What are you talking about?
Actually, I thought everything was going to be okay between Ha Ni and Seung Jo.
I thought that way too. Think about it.
After graduation, they...
They even kissed.
That was on the night of graduation.
And, Baek Seung Jo did it first!
Seung Jo, really!
After doing that... why?!
I've made my decision.
I'm going to have Ha Ni back at our house.
Even if Seung Jo says something, it doesn't matter.
They even kissed.
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We're going to lose anyways. So just tell them you're going to the MT.
You're saying to give up now?
Listen carefully.
You just run the opposite way from the ball.
Don't get in my way.
Just pretend that I'm not here
Don't serve me any balls, okay?
I want to go with Seung Jo to the MT.
So I don't intend to go easy on you.
Show me what you've got.
I told you to not get in my way!
0 - 15
Ah, come on!
Hey! Don't come, don't come.
Advantage. Wang Kyung Su and Yoon Hae Ra.
This time, if we don't get the point.
It will be the game set.
Keep your mind on the game Oh Ha Ni. Got it?
Then, this is the last one.
Game set. Wang Kyung Soo and Yoon Hae Ra's win.
Yes! We won, we won!
That punk!
Thank you Oh Ha Ni.
Thanks to you, ever since the day I was born,
this is the first time I ever lost.
Feels very refreshing.
I'm sorry.
That's why, from the start...
Aigoo, Mr. Baek Seung Jo
Oh, your pride must have been hurt a lot.
Is this the first time you've lost?
I'd like to pay you back sometime.
I'm cool, whenever you want.
However, we'll stay teamed the same way we are now.
How about having it when we go on the MT?
But the MT is next week.
Right, no matter how much of a genius you might be, 1 week is pushing it.... right?
Fine. Let's try it out.
On the last day of the MT. Call
We have only one week.
After one week, we'll win, for sure.
Do you understand?
Does that make any sense?
When did you ever know what makes sense or not?
When you asked me to raise you to the top 50 students,
Where'd that attitude go?
Now, spread your legs shoulder width apart.
A little more, Yeah. Now lower your stance.
Follow me.
Put your foot forward.
Your right foot too.
3 You should hold the racquet
Like this...
And keep your hand like this.
3! Like so, to the right side.
Try it again.
Like this.
2, 3
1, 2, 3
In every sport the fundamentals are important.
Every step should be at the same pace.
Keeping it steady.
Come on. Hurry, hurry.
Now harder.
She's really trying her best.
I mean Oh Ha Ni.
Even so, what can you do with only one week?!
Well, it's fun.
Oh Ha Ni has the joy of raising /teaching.
Joy of raising/ teaching?
She's amazing. It's like if she puts her mind into something and works hard, she can achieve it.
That's because you're good at everything without having to make an effort,
and having to work to death to accomplish something,
you don't know anything about it.
You're like that too.
You're right.
Follow the ball until the end.
To the right, to the right.
Keep your eyes on it until the end.
No matter how hard I try I keep closing my eyes, so I can't see. What can I do?!
I said No! How many times do I need to tell you that.
Please think about it.
If they stay for 3 nights and 2 days, something's bound to happen, right?
If you let me have a break...
I can plan everything out.
How long are you just going to chase her?
Don't just chase her.
Can't you make Ha Ni come to you?
You need to have respect.
Because you follow her around so crazily,
That's why she's not acknowledging you!
Hurry up and go finish what needs to be done in the kitchen.
HEY! Change that hairstyle of yours!
That-little- thing- That's not Ha Ni's style!
What am I really?
Even though my resolution was firm...
just thinking about spending 3 days and 2 nights with Baek Seung Jo...
my heart is fluttering.
What to do?
This isn't right.
Ha Ni!
Ah, Joon Gu. You came early.
Here, take this with you.
What is it?
It's a lunch box.
Joon Gu.
You have to remember,
I am your home.
A home that will always be there for you no matter what.
It's still there after you've partied so much, and even
after you've sobbed because things are so tough and then you come home.
The thing that always stays the same, your home.
Hurry up and go. Be sure to come back safely. Don't hurt yourself.
Thank you. I'll eat it well.
Joon Gu!
Thank you.
Aish! This really isn't my style.
It's really tough to earn respect.
Ah, Sunbaenim!
You rascals... look at the way you're dressed.
The MT of our tennis club...
is for us to reside on campus...
and undergo special training. It's a tradition.
Sunbaenim! That's ridiculous!
Be quiet.
Starting now, I'll give you 5 minutes
Go back and drop your stuff at the clubroom.
And then meet here again.
Some people are not here yet,
Once everyone is here,
We'll do it.
Who hasn't showed up yet?
Baek Seung Jo,Yoon Hae Ra and Oh Ha Ni.
Fine. Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Hae Ra
Are special members so that's okay,
But Oh Ha NI?
What's with that punk?
Omo! Hello.
It's a little idle right now.
Before the customers start coming for dinner...
Please take a seat.
Ah but...
People like Ha Ni always ride these. It was so cute to me.
So I bought one, but it doesn't fit in my car.
I just brought it here.
Tell Ha Ni to ride it.
I'm not sure if it's okay to keep receiving things.
If you don't take it, then it's not okay.
Your mail...
Ah thank you.
I haven't been able to change the address yet. I'm sorry.
Do you like it?
Just the two of you living together?
Ah well.
I got a disease... depression.
It's pretty serious.
I heard from Soo Chang.
Before Ha Ni came, at our house, the person who talked and made mistakes...
I was the only one.
Seung Jo and Eun Jo... they don't have that type of personality. And my husband is busy.
If I don't laugh, our house turns into a depressing hole.
But when Ha Ni came, I liked it so much. It felt like I was living.
I was happy.
Would it be okay to live together again?
You haven't changed your address yet.
I thought about it a lot.
Maybe I'm being too selfish.
That I'll be the only one that's happy. She seemed like the perfect match for Seung Jo.
Maybe I'm being too greedy.
I feel like Ha Ni will be sad alone too.
Actually I was waiting for that too. But now they're all in college, and if Seung Jo gets a new girlfriend...
Rather than having a hard time moving after getting close to everyone...
I thought it might be better to hurt a little bit right now.
To Ha Ni...
We'll start tomorrow at 6:00AM. In the morning we'll swing. In the afternoon we'll learn how to top spin.
To the people who think we're going on the MT to have fun, it's a good idea to reset that mindset.
Here here here. It's time to rest. We'll all rest and after an hour, let's meet at the front court.
Good work.
Yah Han Ni ah.

Come here.
You don't need to come to the evening training.
You're in charge of the dinner now.
By myself?
You were tardy this morning. Think of it as a punishment and go make dinner. It's better off this way. You don't have to train.
Wait a second.
Then what about the match on the last day?
Oh that? Of course we have to do that, since I promised.
How can you put her in charge of the food? She needs to train more than the others.
That's your problem. She was tardy though.
Are you not letting her practice because you think you might lose?
Sunbae (Senior)
You have that low of confidence?
Ah.. that...
Hurry up with the food.
So we can train with the time leftover. I told you...
The match after tomorrow, we have to win.
It'll probably be tiring... by yourself.
You're not saying that you'll help me.
I don't really like cooking.
I have something to say.
You might have already noticed, but I'm interested in Seung Jo.
So I'm going to tell Seung Jo this time.
It should be okay, right?
Why are you asking me?
I'm not sure.
I keep feeling like I'm taking candy from a baby.
Ah, it's not that.
I'm fine.
I feel better then.
Then work hard.
There's no end to this peeling.
Ah hot.
Yah Oh Ha Ni
Do you still have a lot left? If you keep going slow like that, there won't be any time to practice.
Seung Jo ah.
Baek Seung Jo.
Help me.
I need to hurry up and finish so I can practice.
Sesame oil.
Yah Yah Yah!

Ground red pepper.
Put in a little bit.
I said just put in just a little.
Woah. It looks so good.
Who made this? It looks so good!
Please sit down.
Ha Ni, did you do this? You're really great.
You can get married now. What is all this?
It looks so delicious Ha Ni.
Woah it's really good, it's really good! Try it, try it!
What is this?
This is quite good.
It's shrimp! So good!
Try this. It's really good.
Yah Baek Seung Jo.
What are you? Give her some compliments.
Seung Jo, he's very picky.
Oh Ha Ni.
Let's go practice.
I wonder if the kids are doing okay.
It would be nice if they got closer so that she can come back.
We spent all that time together. How can Seung Jo be so cold?
I didn't notice it when they were here. But since Ha Ni is gone, the house seems empty and no fun.
You think that way too, don't you?
Can we ask Ki Dong shi to come live with us again?
Should I meet Ki Dong once then?
Honey, thank you so much.
Even if we live together again,
I'm not going to give up my room. Definitely not.
1, 2
1, 2
How many do you have left?
Keep your hips straight.
Keep your back straight
Keep your back straight
Keeps your hips straight. And your butt too.
Ah I can't do this.

Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
I'm tired.
Tired is playing tennis.
Get up.
To the outside.
Back hand.
One more time.
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What are you doing? Let's do it again.
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Baek Seung Jo!
You missed the afternoon training yesterday.
Without catching up first, don't do anything else.
Will it be okay?
You'll probably regret.
Then maybe I should go buy some ramen.
Ha Ni ah. What happened with this?
Even though it looks like that, the taste should be okay.
Jong Suk.
You eat one.
Try one.
Where did the Dae Jang Geum from yesterday go?
I'm sorry.
-Actually, I didn't make it yesterday. -Then who made it?
You were the only one who missed the evening training.
Ah! Baek Seung Jo.
Seung Jo?
Good job!
Doing a good job!
Ah, you came?
What are you doing Oh Ha Ni...
What are you going to do by following them?
No, I'm not following them. I'm just getting fresh air.
What? Is there something you wanted to tell me?
I don't know what to say..this isn't my usual style.
I was second when I entered the school
I also applied to lower school than the ones that I could go.
There were some circumstances.
Is that so?
I like you.
And you?
How do you feel?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Watching them.
Possibly, do you like Hae Ra?
From the looks of it, this seems fun. However, I'm sorry but...
I'm going to borrow her since we have a match tomorrow.
Huh? Oh okay take her.
You're doing good. In a position that can't even serve.
That's not it.
Come! We're going to practice until you get it right.
Should I change my hairstyle?
It's the coolest style in my neighborhood though.
Oh Ha Ni is really working hard. Right?
You're alright?
Yes, I'm alright.
Good Job. You succeeded.
The speed of your serve was pretty fast too.
It works if I do it like this?
Yeah... You did well.
He smiled.
Baek Seung Jo looked at me and smiled.
To see that smiling face.
"Good Job."
To hear him say that...
Did you get hurt?
You are hurt.
Well, it isn't Oh Ha Ni to just fall (and not cause trouble).
What is it?
We'll forfeit the doubles we were going to do later.
No, we have to do it.
How can you do it like this?
You can't even get up.
But still.
You said we have to win...
I practiced really hard.
With your feet?
It's fine. There's nothing we can do about it.
I'm sorry...
-Because of me... -I wasn't even counting on winning anyways.
Get on.
Hey! Baek Seung Jo!
You have to play the match you promised. How can you just go?
Do we have to do the game now?
Let's set up another one soon. Today, as you can see...
Omo! You look so cool!
Huh? Woah.
Ah. Who are you?
It's a little awkward.
You look like a different person.
Yeah totally! You should have done it sooner.
What happened to your hair?
I cut it.
Who is that? Is it Seung Jo?
What's going on? What's going on? She got hurt?
Ha Ni!
Where? Where did you get hurt?
It seems she hurt her leg.
Sit down, sit down!
While training, she twisted her ankle.
It also seems to be weaker because of the accident from before.
Looks like you're going to have to put it in a cast again.
Try using an ankle brace
It'll be a good idea to keep it on for 6 weeks.
A half cast? Alright.
You look different.
What are you talking about, environment?
Can you say something like that right now?
Bringing someone who was healthy home like this
That's not it.
It was my fault that I got hurt. So don't say that.
That's right.
I guess If you say so.
I get it. I'll keep my mouth shut.
Ha Ni really didn't say anything about you changing your style?
That's because she was with Baek Seung Jo.
You're so pitiful!
Though, your hair looks great!
I think so too! You look like a totally different person. You should have done this sooner!
Hey, do you know? Ha Ni really likes this style.
He said she didn't notice.
Ha Ni. Here eat!
Eat this too. It's a boiled egg.
What about the other people?
It's okay.
Thank you Joon Gu. I'll eat well.
Ha Ni, I'm really doing my best.
Do you know?
or from the movie Personal Taste you can sense...
the first quote goes, "All things are not studio but location."
We take it from a realistic perspective.
So, location, sound, and art.
Without even knowing, I ended up coming here.
Since I already came,
How about I catch a little look of his face?
Seung Jo.
How about we go see a movie today?
There is a movie I really want to see.
What do you think? After watching it we can go __________.
Okay, sounds good, I've been wanting to get out anyway.
Popcorn and two sodas.
It's 7000 won.
Let me pay.
I dreamed about going on a date together since freshman year of high school.
I would even have a fashion show the night before to pick out clothes to wear.
Watch a movie, and when it ends go window shopping together.
Then sit together at a coffee shop and chat.
All of that he's doing with Yoon Hae Ra.
I'm sorry.
Ha Ni! What are you doing here?
You... You!
Sunbae you too.
Ha Ni.
You like Seung Jo, right? I know.
And that's right, I like Hae Ra.
But Hae Ra likes Seung Jo. Don't you think that's wrong too?
That's why, you and I should collaborate.
First, since we don't really have anything planned... we'll follow them...
When we get a chance, or if it gets dangerous we can leave.
That's a little...
What's a little?
Then did we come out just to watch them have fun together?
Anyways, does Seung Jo... does he have fast hands?
Huh? What are you talking about?
Ah touching. Skinship. This kind of stuff.
I'm not sure.
I don't think it's like that.
He doesn't like doing those...
Not interested...?
That's because it's you.
I don't think it'll be easy for Seung Jo to hold it in with someone as sexy as Hae Ra.
I love you.
I love you.
This is me saying this.
Like I said, these are my feelings.
It's not a dream or anything, but...
Please don't let anything happen in this dark place.
I heard those two were engaged in real life.
Aigoo. I'm so sorry.
You did well!
I'm sorry.
That brat... where is he puttng that hand?
-Ah really. -Thanks.
What am I doing?
Sneaking around on someone else's date, planning to intrude.
I just got to see them get along in the end.
Ha Ni, they're going that way. Let's go quickly.
What is it?
I'm thinking about stopping.
What are you talking about?
I can't watch anymore.
It's too difficult.
Ah, what's wrong all of a sudden?
We have to go, what if they make a move?
If they like each other, there's nothing we can do.
I've realized that now.
Then, are you saying that you're going to acknowledge them doing that?
I don't wan't to be made a fool of anymore.
I'm so sorry!
How am I supposed to get rid of it?
I have to go meet my girlfriend right now!
Do you know how much this is?
I'll give you the money for dry cleaning.
Yes, the money for dry cleaning.
Dry cleaning money?
Yes. How much...?
Ah, she's my hoobae. I'll give it to you.
Right here. 10,000 won.($10)
Are you playing around right now?
100,000 won ($100)?
Oh. Why are you being like this?
You're playing around with me right now, aren't you?
This is worth 2,000,000 won ($2000)!
Then you should at least pay half.
1,000,000 won ($1000)?
I'm only 21. Where do I have that kind of money? Please forgive us.
Do you want to get beat up or do you want to quietly figure it out here?
Ah please let this go and talk. Why are you being like this?
Ha Ni!
Are you okay?
Boss. What's going on here?
Seung Jo. Do you have 1,000,000 won? You're from a rich family.
Sunbae! Yes?
I will, you know...
Ah! One, two, three.
-Hurry! -Get them!
Get them!!

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Let's move, Ha Ni.
Bye, Baek Seung Jo.
I forgot Seung Jo.
Baek Seung Jo has nothing to do with me anymore.
What is it that you wanted to tell me?
I like you.