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What are you making?
Don't worry. Just sit down.
I'm going to make you the most amazing fusion dish,
so you just go sit down.
Brace yourself, sweetie.
So the mackerel swimming in ketchup is...
It looks really good.
Actually, this is the first time I've tried making this.
I may not know much about food,
but the harmony of the ingredients makes it seems...
What? Do you think it'll taste bad?
You don't know why I used ketchup,
There's a reason.
That sweet and sour taste will be just the thing.
And this.
Stop worrying and go over there.
I'm going, guys.
Wait up. We can eat together.
No, you two just eat together. My dad just called me.
And I need to check up on something as well.
See you.
Want to grab some food?
Why not?
What are you doing?
Why are you so scared?
You expect me not to be scared when you pop up like that?
I apologize. We need to go.
Alright, let's eat.
I'll give it to you.
Go ahead and eat.
Dig in.
I'm so sorry. I should be the one cooking.
Not at all. The father-in-law is supposed to keep you happy.
How does it taste?
It's good.
Go ahead.
I wanted it to be refreshing, so I put in a lot of clams.
How is it?
The freshness of the ingredients is very evident.
Its almost as if you pulled them right from the sea.
Just like you said, the ketchup makes the meal.
See? I told you.
Excuse me.
Yeah, it's me.
What? $30,000? Are they crazy?
Excuse me.
You're nuts! Why did you go and spend money on your own?
None of that money is left, so tell them to try again!
And if you're going to help, actually help!
Tell them to just do $20,000! What were you thinking?
And if you don't listen to me, I'm going to cut off your hands
and put salt and meat on the wounds so I can make some salted pork.
You've heard of salted pork, right?
I'll make sure it's nice and salty.
They don't know who they're dealing with.
Let's eat.
Why aren't you eating? Eat before it gets cold.
- Okay. Go ahead. - Alright, let's eat.
Those guys can't even do their job. I've lost my appetite.
I'm going for a drink.
You kids eat up.
Eun Byul.
You're home?
I told you before, right? My father is here.
Whose father? My father.
I've heard a lot about you.
Oh really?
Eun Byul, how have you been?
Have you eaten?
I did a little cooking.
I've already eaten.
They're going nuts because it's so good.
You should try some.
Woo San.
For you.
Eat up.
So tasty.
Now have some soup.
You keep coming here. You must be having fun.
This is all to help you out.
You call yourself a man, but you can't get anything right.
Eun Byul, some have some fruit.
Father, have some fruit.
Let me have some fruit that Eun Byul cut.
I can't cut fruit.
She doesn't know how to do much and she's a bit rude.
but she's not a bad kid at all.
It would've been nice if she had been raised a bit better.
Oh, I see.
You've been raised properly, so you can cut and peel fruit quite well.
Not really.
Eun Byul, I'll do it.
No, let me try.
Let her be. Let's see how she does.
It's been a while since the family has been together. It's nice.
Why don't you two live together?
Well, we're teachers,
and although we're in a relationship,
its not right to do that before marriage.
Then set the wedding date sooner and get hitched.
That's okay with me, but I don't know what Yi San thinks.
No need to worry about details.
You two can build your little nest here until Eun Byul goes abroad.
But I heard that this place was provided by her father.
Right. This place is so nice that I want it for my own son.
What is it? I told you not to touch knives!
- Bandage, bandage. - Bring a bandage, quick!
Do it slowly. Why are you in such a rush?
My future brother-in-law is so kind and considerate.
We've been close ever since we were children.
When she was young, she was so small, and when I'd drop her off at school,
she was a head shorter than the kids her age, so I worried a lot.
Woo San.
He gets like this when he drinks.
You fool. Act like that on a normal basis.
Eun Byul said she found out Mr. Jang was a relative after she moved schools,
but she must have been very close with Woo San.
These two were both weird in the head as kids.
They're pretty close as far as distant relatives go.
Good night.
Go ahead and sleep. Turn off the light.
Woo San, is it okay for you to sleep here?
Of course it is. He can sleep anywhere.
But where are you going...
I'll sleep in Eun Byul's room.
Tomorrow's Monday. Isn't your house fixed now?
But isn't it a bit too late for her to go home now?
How about going tomorrow morning?
Why don't you ask the school doctor to pick you up?
Eun Byul,
it's not like what you think.
Alright, then be sure you go in the morning.
Ok, Eun Byul.
The bathroom will be busy tomorrow.
Good night, you two.
So Yi, don't worry about what Eun Byul says.
I forgot my bag.
You're not sleeping yet?
I still have homework.
What kind of homework?
An essay about ourselves.
How am I going to write this?
There's nothing to see, why do you have to hide it?
You still can't look.
Just write the truth... Don't make up things or feel embarrassed.
include what you like and dislike.
As long as you're honest about yourself, then it'll be a good essay.
You should take some time to reconsider
about our school's doctor.
There's really nothing between us.
Alright, if you say there's nothing.
Thanks for dinner.
You know how to say thank you too?
Come to think about it, I never got a chance to thank you.
What for?
You helped me more than once.
Oh, how is Hee Kang doing?
He's much better now.
You even know my brother's name too?
I'm not stupid.
I heard that name several times, how can I forget?
We still have homework.
What am I going to write?
Write about myself...
Should I write the truth?
Life is truly tough.
Younger brother, living expenses...
a mother that always causes trouble, a messed-up stepfather...
In this life,
is there anything left for me?
You have a brother, a mother, and a stepfather...
and you can paint too.
You're very good at painting.
You're right.
I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're right.
It's an amazing feeling
when I start to paint.
I admire that.
You're the first person to say that to me.
Don't you have a teacher?
There's Eun Byul, Sang Tae...
and me too.
It won't be the same if Eun Byul goes to study abroad, right?
I have too much free time,
so I'm not quite sure.
- But where is your house? - What?
Are you walking me home?
It's alright.
I can go home by myself. Go home.
Chae Moo Shin.
Often in the movies, they normally show the scene when a damsel is in distress,
a handsome guy like superman would appear to rescue her from danger.
I thought that only happens in the movies...
What are you saying?
I just want to say thank you.
I was wondering...
when Eun Byul was a kid,
was she really small and weak?
Don't ask too much.
Go to sleep.
She was just small,
but not weak.
The first time I met Miss Yoo,
she had on a funeral outfit.
Eun Byul's mother...
passed away when she was in fifth grade, right?
A little girl with braided-hair...
What are you looking at?
She didn't cry and kept standing there...
staring at the sky.
- You even remember all that too? - Though it's been a long time ago,
I still remember everything.
It must be very hard on you, having to deal with her bad habits.
She's much better now.
Back then, her pets always died.
Dog, cat, bird...
they all died within a few days of having them.
Did she forget to feed them?
She didn't know how to take care of them.
Even though chairman had tried his best,
but Madam's place
no one can replace that.
She had no one to take care of her,
so she doesn't know how to take care of others.
But Miss...
kept on learning.
Eventually she started to undestand more about...
and death.
Why am I crying?
Is that why you want us to write it?
So Yi.
Mr. Jang, why are you still up?
Where are you going this late at night?
My dad kept on calling me.
Oh really?
I think he's waiting for me.
Then you should hurry home. I'll take you.
No need to. Just go to sleep.
It's alright. I'll go with you.
Then we'll go to get a cab.
Then let's go.
I can't get you to stay any longer,
I hope you're not mad.
You're too polite.
- May I escort you to your house? - My dad may be waiting for me outside.
I hope you'll come to visit my house more often.
Then I'll be going first.
What are you doing here?
Did you really come out here to say bye to Miss Shin?
It doesn't matter if you believe it or not.
Anyway, what will you do...
if Miss Shin finds out about the truth?
I don't know.
You really have no brain.
I know. Don't say anymore.
what does your dad do for a living?
He's a teacher.
He was fired because he found out about some illegal matters within the school system.
You're very different from your dad.
You're right.
I became a teacher in order to fulfill my dad's dream.
But I'm not fit to be a teacher at all.
That's not true.
You're suited to be a teacher.
If not for you...
I'll probably be working at another job with my senior.
I guess I'm your savior.
What are you saying?
I helped to fulfil your destiny as a teacher.
My destiny.
Will you be home late today?
Yes, I'll be going to a party with my dad.
I don't know when I'll be done, so you can go home first.
Alright, call me if you need anything.
How strange! You won't be going out?
There are other ways.
See you at home later.
Did you finish your homework yet?
Let's hear it... Who's going first?
Hey, second place man...
You're the first one today.
Come on, let's be brave.
I also want to climb on top of the roof...
I want to be in first place until I'm tired of it.
I'm rather complicated.
I'm chicken-hearted...
I probaby will never get to be number one until the day I graduate.
I'm stupid and a jerk.
However, I...
trust in myself...
There will be a day
even it's just a coincidence, I will surely get to be in first place.
I then can look at my mom and she can be proud of me.
To become someone that I can be proud of.
To be able to reveal yourself
is not an easy thing to do.
But to be able to trust in yourself
is actually something greater.
Alright, who's next?
Hyo Bin, go ahead.
I wrote a poem.
Very good... A different style.
Let's listen, everyone.
It's vacation and yet there's school.
Give back to me my youth.
Quietly I close my eyes,
all my problems will soon be solved.
Nothing has changed, and everything is the same.
But there will be one day, everyone will know my name.
Come in.
Chairman, have you heard the news?
What news?
Jang Seo Dong is out on bail.
That can't be possible.
Didn't investigator Choi say that he'll be put away for good?
I heard that he's no longer in charge of this case.
Something is not right.
How could someone like investigator Choi be transfered to another case?
and that trouble-maker can be released?
Things are like we suspected.
Even investigator Choi couldn't handle the pressure.
That person has his reasons for withdrawing from the case.
Chairman, I don't have a good feeling about this.
To a human, the most important thing is...
My one and only goal is...
to make a lot of money.
as long as I can make money, I'm willing to do anything.
My last friend in life is money.
However, someone willing to be friends with someone like me.
He's afraid that I'll go down the wrong path.
He worries for me.
That friend always cares for me.
Because of that friend,
I will sacrifice and live with dignity until I die.
I promise.
Since he mentioned you, would you like to go next?
My dad is an alcoholic.
My family is poor.
My mom has the worse luck.
My head is about to explode.
Money debts always follow me.
Though I having no money,
but I'll keep trying.
This fate of mine, I'll fight it.
I won't run away.
I will face it or I'll regret it one day.
There's a goal in my life
and I will do my best to defend it.
Let's go.
The audience was all breathless.
That was good.
With a rhythm too.
Alright, next?
The next person will be...
You scared me!
What brings you here?
I was on my way to see Mr. Jang,
I noticed the door was opened, so I...
I knew it.
By the way you look, I knew you're not here to look for me.
Have a seat.
Come in. Have a seat.
It's summer vacation, why are you still here?
Miss Shin is not at home.
You don't answer your phone.
That's why I'm here to find out whether you're still alive or not.
And I'm here to pick up a few things.
My phone was dropped in the water, so it's not working anymore.
There's not just only cell phones,
There's always other ways as long as you really want to call.
It seems like it never crossed your mind that I'll worry for you.
It's not like what you think.
Forget it, you're not fit to lie.
I'm sorry for having to take care of my dad.
Don't worry about that.
So the fact that he's living with a student is still a secret, right?
Yes, it's a secret.
And there's no change in your relationship, it gets better instead.
In the future, I will try my best not to bother you anymore.
There you go again.
Just follow your heart whenever you feel tired.
No... You're more than welcome to look for me anytime.
I'll be here for you, okay?
You must feel pity for me.
I'm vulnerable and confused...
I always think for others first instead of myself,
and so you're so good to me because you have pity on me.
So what Miss Shin is trying to say is that...
I like you, right?
and the reason why I like you was because I feel pity for you.
Yes, therefore...
Miss Shin.
No, So Yi.
I know my heart more than anyone else.
So there's no need for you to make random guesses.
I hate to be this frank.
So just continue to date Mr. Jang.
The poem you wrote last time,
I sent it to the The Youth's Magazine in Seoul.
They must have laughed at me, right?
Why did you do that without telling me first?
Your poem was selected.
Look here.
Though you didn't get a gold medal, you got a silver one instead.
- What do you mean? - Second place.
They said it's very unique.
With this medal, there shouldn't be any problems for you to not get accepted into college.
So... I...
Yoo Eun Byul.
Who are you?
Wow, you don't take after your dad at all.
He's doing well, right? Is he healthy?
Who are you?
You don't need to know.
Tell him that Jang Seo Dong from Ying Dong Po sends his regards.
Tell him yourself? Why should I?
Let's have a toast. Cheers.
Sir, you need to relax with your business now.
Now that I'm getting old, I like touching money.
The hotel is just too big. It's too hard to run.
If the turnover goes smoothly, I'll go with the family resort idea.
With your network, you can do it. That's why I'm trusting you with it.
And the contract conditions?
Let's just change some details.
Come to my office next week with the contract.
Yes, I will.
You must be Eun Byul, right?
Your beautiful daughter must be bored.
No, not at all. Don't concern yourself.
Is she still a student?
I'm about to send her overseas.
But she's still a girl, so I'm full of worries.
The United States.
There are so many high level schools in America.
I'm going to get her engaged to Mr. Kim while we're at it.
She'll be studying abroad for a long time before she comes back.
Chairman Yoo.
You used business as an excuse to brag about your family.
No, not at all.
Actually, sending me abroad might be a waste of money.
To be honest, I might not even graduate from my crappy high school.
Eun Byul.
Shouldn't people who want to go be the ones to go abroad?
Why are you saying such things?
It seems your daughter is stressed out because of this.
It seems so.
She never used to act like this.
Let's eat.
Did you get home safely yesterday?
Did your dad say anything? I didn't think he'll be waiting for you.
There's a little problem, I'm afraid he might give you a call.
It's about the wedding.
I've tried to talk to him but he wouldn't listen to me.
How about...
I'll get a loan without my father knowing. What do you think?
If you do that, I'll feel burdened.
Do you really feel burdened?
No, that's not what I mean.
Of course it should be my responsibility to take care of that.
Miss Shin.
Just give me a bit more time.
I'll try my best to get a place of our own soon.
I'm sorry.
Because of Eun Byul, you have a lot on to deal with already.
Not at all.
Are you crazy? Do you know what that meeting was about?
Did you think you could just speak your mind there?
I felt so stuffy. I couldn't breathe.
That wasn't your first time at a meeting! What's with you?
Then stop making me go to them.
You don't like it when I don't like something.
Is this because I'm sending you abroad?
Or because of the teacher?
No, it's not about that. Where did you get that idea?
What about him?
I just want to change the mood because it was so stuffy.
It just didn't work.
I'm going to be watching you until you go overseas.
What for? What's there to watch?
Don't slip up!
There are things I can forgive, and things I can't! Got it?
Alright. I can go home, right?
Don't forget where your real home is.
I'm going.
Eun Byul.
Did things go well with your dad?
You may not hold me in much esteem,
but try and respect me, alright?
Mr. Jang, are you hungry?
Me? Not really.
I am.
Let's go eat somewhere.
Didn't you say you went to a party?
It wasn't one where you really eat anything.
It must have been a rough time.
Just kidding.
I see you're in a pretty foul mood.
Forget it. Good night.
Eun Byul.
How about we try and nip this foul mood in the bud?
I think this every time you come here, but you're so happy when you eat.
- Am I? - Happy?
Want more?
I'm full.
Can I ask you something?
Yes, go ahead.
I want to take my wife on a trip somewhere overseas.
Where'd you go on your honeymoon?
Newlyweds all know great places.
Didn't we go to Hawaii, honey?
Honey? Hawaii? I don't believe this.
Hawaii? Is it really that great?
Of course.
Honey, what was that beach where we drank the wine?
I should go there?
Your wife will really love it.
Here. It's 4 bucks, right? Thank you.
- Thank you. - Come again.
How can someone in a bad mood kid around so easily?
Now what? Say the word.
There's something I've always wanted to do.
Let's get our fortunes told.
That's all a scam.
And people will discover their futures in due time.
Believe? It's just for fun.
No way.
Not a chance. I'm scared.
Mr. Jang!
Are we really going?
What if we get caught by those guys again?
There's no other way.
If I get caught, take care of Mo Se for me.
Da Bin.
Let's go.
It's so high.
This is not the time to be admiring it.
Ye Bin's first.
Why me?
Because you have the longest legs.
That's true, but...
Climb up.
Wow, you're good.
- Go up. - Hey, wait.
A little more.
Keep on pushing.
Why aren't you pushing?
Who are they?
Your early life was hard. Were you born in the year of the dog?
Feb 28th.
You have many women.
Let's look at you as a pair.
Your attitude problems are insane.
You come from different backgrounds and clash a lot.
but you do mesh well.
Quiet. What do you know?
But he's saying good stuff.
If you say heave, she'll say ho. It just works between you two.
We still have our little arguments, but I think you're right.
You're pretty good.
We're not in a relationship, so you don't need to say that.
What do you mean? You two are so good together.
if you marry early,
You two are good, but the people around you aren't.
You could get separated early.
Do you know the evil circle spirit?
The evil circle spirit?
Is it very bad?
Well, all evil spirits are bad.
But why are you speaking so informally?
He's older, and we're paying customers.
Oh, about that...
you're Eun Byul's friends?
Are you close?
Of course.
We're her closest friends.
Oh, are you?
We gave her pointers so she would feel comfortable in school.
And we hung out with her a lot.
Anyway, eat up.
You should have called first and then come over.
It was a surprise.
But does Mr. Jang live here?
Mr. Jang?
Ms. Hong, what's this about?
I'm not sure.
Whenever she eats, she gets wacky.
She talks nonsense.
She's taking medication.
But I hear you're a part of some organization.
We're rookies at Big Star Entertainment.
In other words, they want to be entertainers.
They're practicing to debut in the entertainment industry?
As singers.
But we're pretty much celebrities already.
So you've been on TV?
- We have a lot of talent... - But not much luck.
We might even get overshadowed by some of the younger people.
You look like you girls would be good.
Who's backing Big Star?
I'll find out.
Don't be disappointed. Just work hard.
I'll find out for you.
I'm not doing this because I want something in return.
I just want you to be good friends with my Eun Byul.
Stuff like that. Okay?
Of course, Mr. Yoo.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Mr. Yoo, I love you!
Mr. Yoo, you're the bomb!
Should we go on a trip?
A trip? With you? Just us? Why?
Why do you look so disgusted?
You're on a high now.
It doesn't have to be Hawaii.
Well, where do you want to go? Let's hear it.
Actually, I've never been on a train.
Do you live in the Amazon or something?
I'm serious. I always fly to Europe or Southeast Asia.
I really sympathize with you.
Let's go, okay?
I want to go on a train trip.
Your break's almost over and you're not even thinking of studying.
That's right. I need to study all the time.
And then I have to go abroad.
Then I may never know when I can take a train again.
Fine. That was a threat, wasn't it? Alright.
Really? When?
Let's make some time on the weekend.
Are you some kind of kid?
Hurry up.
When I give the signal, we go. Alright?
What signal?
You'll do a snake dance.
Would you look at this?
I warned you that when school starts, I wasn't going to go easy on you.
I should just shave your heads and make you look like me.
Mr. Park, why would you mess with our hair?
Isn't that a violation of human rights?
It's the boy in second place.
Do you even know what human rights are?
When humans act like humans. When students act like students.
The rights they have are human rights.
Stop talking nonsense.
You think you're Angelina Jolie?
What are you...
Mr. Jang, watch your students.
You keep zoning in and out, so these kids have gone berserk.
If the teacher's flaky, the students will get in trouble.
Why are they all from my class?
I get it.
Didn't you know you needed your hair cut to regulation length today?
This is regulation to us.
Did we ask you to suddenly shave your heads?
You need to at least obey the rules.
A hairstyle is an expression of self. You can't take that from us.
Don't such rules maintain monotony, making things easier for teachers?
Since it's a hassle accepting diversity.
Yeah, it's too much.
You know what the richest man in the world said?
Your worst teacher is better than your boss will be in the real world.
If you can't follow the rules here, how are you going to survive out there?
School is a good simulation for the real world.
But the head teacher went too far.
He didn't even listen. He just told us to cut our hair.
It's called a rule, but it's brutality.
If I call you guys on sleeping in class, is that brutality?
If the rules go, education goes.
Having someone tell you you're wrong
and helping you fix things is the foremost thing in your life.
He's really happy.
You can use this to learn how to be flexible and grow as people.
You can grow in all sorts of ways.
Oh, Mr. Ko.
What are you doing?
I cleaned the bathroom the entire vacation. I don't want to come near this place.
What happened?
With what?
Your investigation.
Oh, the living together thing?
But how did you know, Mr. Ko?
I heard it from the Bin Trio.
Did they find any evidence?
It was a lie.
Are you serious?
They said they actually went to her house.
I knew it was all nonsense.
Can I go now?
You really didn't answer any?
My life has been very eventful.
Hey, show me a little.
You should do your own studies.
Hey, can you still call yourself the ace of MyungMoon High?
I think we're going to debut soon.
You know the singer, Sun?
I think we're going to be featured on her album.
What does that mean?
Anyway, good work.
If you need anything, be sure and ask, okay?
If things go well, we'll buy you dinner.
Miss, the chairman said to bring you safely to him.
My dad?
Without any notice?
Where's Mr. Kim?
Mr. Kim is a bit busy. Please get in.
Then we'd better hurry.
She's on to us! Catch her!
Ahjussi, it's dangerous! Run!
How can a girl be so fast?
What is it?
I don't know.
Who are those guys?
Ahjussi, please help us.
Take us to the police. Someone's chasing us.
- Please help, ahjussi! - Please hurry!
Did you give my regards to your dad, kiddo?
Get out!
What is this? What?
Going somewhere?