TedxReset 2011 - Haci Ormanoglu - Öğrenebilme Yolu - Soul of Teaching

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Hello to everyone.
When we were students, we aimed at studying in Bogaziçi University.
I couldn't do that. It was not my destiny.
I graduated from Siirt Education Faculty.
But today I am happy to be with you as a speaker in Bogazici University,...
as a guest of Ali Bey and his team.
I was in the 4th class.
My teacher asked what I wanted to be. She asked everyone.
When it was my turn, I said that I wanted to be a teacher.
I made my decision when I was in the fourth class.
I was enthusiastic about becoming a teacher.
Even when playing games, I was playing the teacher.
Now, I managed to be a teacher and we do things with our children.
My parents lived in a village of Elazig.
Since there was no school in the village, they said,...
lets migrate to big cities, they went to Adana.
They left the loved ones behind, they left everything, they thought,...
maybe our child will be able to receive proper education.
Thank God they went there. My mother was the oldest girl of the house,...
so she looked after her siblings. She couldn't go to school.
She always felt sorry about that. She kept saying, I couldn't go to school,..
but I will send you. She never went to school. I entered the university exam.
The exam results were not announced but I told my mother,...
mom, I will win the school of teachers.
My mother was suffering from cirrhosis at that time, she passed away,...
the results came 3 days after she died. I couldn't be really happy because...
I wanted her to see that I won the school of teachers.
She really wanted to see this too. I went to her grave stone, I said,...
I believe you hear me, I won the school of teachers,...
I will be a teacher in the way you want me to be.
I will never beat these children.
If they don't understand the subject I will teach them again and again.
She told me that: If one doesn't understand it,...
teach it with beauty, teach it with love...
I have never changed my way for 16 years, when I first started teaching,..
one of the experienced teachers said, you are working hard...
but I will see you after 3 years. I said, I hope so.
It has been 16 years, I am working hard now, and I will keep doing this.
I have 15 minutes left. I will give you a summary of my story.
In Sanliurfa I had 84 students in a class.
When I arrived Elazig, I was shocked: There were 9 students.
There were 9 students in the whole school. I said ok.
The village headman came and asked about whether they'd close the school?
I said to him, what are you talking about? This flag will keep waving.
This school won't be closed.
After 1 week, a shepherd came, he had 2 children,...
I was never that happy before, I embraced him and kissed him,...
so we registered one boy and girl, now we had 11 students.
We were saved. They can't close the school now. The school was like ruins.
It was about to break down. They hadn't used the building for 4 years.
Then we started working. We had students from the 1st grade to the 5th.
We had students from each grade. I was embracing these 11 students.
We started to do our activities: We will hold exhibitions,...
we will organize a folklore team... that's how we planned.
We made a decision with children. We held our first exhibition.
How many studies can 11 students provide?
They provided 350 finished works.
We filled the most active saloon of Elazig. People there didn't believe us:
they said, you didn't make lessons but make paintings for all that time.
I said believe it or not. We studied like kings. We worked too hard.
We had a break of half an hour, in fact we had the right...
to have a break of 1,5 hours, so we worked in that 1 extra hour.
Our school ended in 15:00.
But my kids and I were working in the school until 17:00-18:00.
Then we held two more exhibitions: Village buds 2 and 3.
They were oil-paint exhibitions.
The students asked, how are we supposed to fill these huge things...
Because you know, they give little papers to kids and ask them to paint.
We are talking about 90/120 canvas... they said they couldn't do it.
I encouraged them. I asked them to trust me.
I never lied to them about this.
We found a sponsor, we bought oil-paint materials.
So we had more students now: from 9 students to 19 students.
Those who didn't like this village school,...
who sent their children to central schools, returned.
They said, teacher, you are good, you educate the kids well. Sure.
You can be successful if you do it with your heart.
Then we held an oil paint exhibition. They made 17 pictures.
Do you remember Bob Ross in TRT2? God bless him.
He taught us things that we couldn't learn at school.
They told us to draw our imagination. Imagine boy...
I don't know how to draw a tree. I don't know how to draw a mountain.
How am I supposed to draw my dreams?
This guy made the whole world like painting. I learned from him too.
I study first, I draw the sky, and the children imitate...
So within a period of 4 weeks we had 17 paintings. And it was mother's day.
The children said we want to give a gift to our mothers. What can we buy?
I said, here are your paintings. They said ok.
They went and kiss their mothers. They said;...
mom you worked so hard for me, I went to school and I learned something...
and I will give you this gift, this painting. Imagine that scene...
Kissing their mothers...
Now there is a painting of our school in every home in our village.
This kid here. She is killing me. She is 6 years old.
Actually she is a little older now. She was 6, she was a new student.
We were working on hand writing. She couldn't do it.
She was saying I can't do it. I said come on, my dear,...
you will do it my love, you will do it.
And I just touched her cheeks and she smiled. She was so motivated.
That was all about it. The other day the mother came to school.
She said teacher what did you do? My daughter worked until midnight.
I told her to go to sleep. But she said my teacher loves me so much,...
he touched me on the cheek, I don't want to disappoint my teacher.
That's why I will keep on working. Imagine the magic of such a touch.
Now I go to the university, there was a student, he told me to do the same.
We were going to set up folklore team.
They teased me: How can these children ever do this? They laughed.
I said why don't you trust these children?
They were in folklore uniforms. The governor decided to give the uniforms.
There are eleven students. We don't even have enough students.
We had 9 students in the folklore team. You can see the pictures here.
These children were saying, teacher,...
my heart will stop, I am going to die, I am so excited.
I said you will not die, is it easy to dance in front of 2000 people?
Is it easy to do this for the first time in a village? They did it.
Can you applaud this folklore team.
We competed against schools with 2000 students and we won the first prize.
My students were saying, are we going to do it again next year?
I said come on, you were saying you were so afraid,...
you said your heart would stop, what happened?
They said, it is all over now.
Learning by doing. Learning by experiencing.
Please let children do this.
We had this garden, the children didn't know how to plant parsley.
We just decided to do hands on agriculture classes.
We built a greenhouse.
When I told the villagers that we would build a greenhouse,...
they said come on, you can't build a greenhouse,...
it is so cold in winter in Elazig, but we built it.
We grew onions and parsley.
One month later a woman came and said teacher you know what,...
I have some guests coming can I get some onions from your greenhouse?
I said ok, you can get them but please make sure you plant some too.
Our goal was to encourage the villagers... Strawberries.
We ate a lot of strawberries.
The children planted strawberries in their homes.
Now in the village there is strawberry in everyone's garden.
But it was us who started it. Don't forget about your teeth.
Healthy teeth healthy smiles. Like the toothpaste commercial.
We told them how to brush the teeth. I said, stop explaining,...
I just bought one toothpaste and one toothbrush to each of my students,...
gave it as a gift to them. It is fine. Learning by doing.
The healthcare personnel came and they were surprised:...
We have never seen such healthy teeth in a village.
I said we brush our teeth every day. We made ourselves heard in national media.
Tayfun Talipoglu, a TV programmer, came and stayed with us for 4 hours.
He said, this is a treasury. I have to film all of this.
This TV program was aired several times and after that program,...
they reached us from all over Turkey.
They donated books and stationery and other materials.
We declared 8 other village schools as our sister schools...
and we helped them with these extra materials that were donated to us.
ETI biscuit company sent us 30 boxes of chocolate.
The children went obese eating all that chocolate.
I said come on guys what is going on. You should move a little bit.
You don't like eating wafers anymore,..
they just wanted to eat chocolate after that.
We decided to set an association. We named it 'let the blossoms not wilt'.
We want those blossoms to become flowers.
We reached out 4000 students with our association. We keep going.
We celebrate 23rd of April all the time.
Typically they read poems and then recite poems and come one,...
stop doing this, this is children's festival and it is just the guests...
who talk and children keep waiting in the cold, listening to the lectures.
There are only ten children in the school.
So all these children had to do everything, they had to sing,...
they had to recite poetry, they had to dance,
they don't have time to change costumes.
We don't have the time to do that.
We just get our flags, our balloons and invite the villagers.
They sing songs around the village on the 23rd of April,...
the villagers were saying what is going on?
The children walked around the village and invited people over to festival.
You see there are these grannies, this is so important you know.
This granny here is the mother of the village headman and she said,...
son, may god bless you, I have lived in this village for 50 years,...
for the first time you brought these villagers together.
This is very important. For the first time these 70 villagers got together.
Half of them are crossed with one another.
They don't talk to one another.
Children are common denominators. We have to make good use of them.
They all came to the festival and danced with the children.
We had a kite festival.
University students... They came to my school for internship for 6 years,...
I told them, why don't you learn how to burn a stove? They don't know about it.
I am sorry. This is the reality. They have to learn these things.
They came to our school for 6 years. They invited us to their universities.
So we visited different universities and talked to them.
You can't develop if you don't break your shell.
We decided with the children that we are going to make the mountains green.
So in 2009, 1st of January, we decided to enter the year by planting trees.
We had bags of almond. The children dug the soil, and seed planted the almond.
This is what it looks like. And the caterpillar landed on the child's foot.
I said stop. I am going to picture this moment.
I am sure that if you plant a tree one day, you will see a caterpillar...
landing on your foot, a butterfly landing on your shoulder or...
a bee buzzing around you to thank you. Don't you stop planting trees.
The climate here is very good for agriculture.
We wanted to start with children, all the children planted...
3 grape seedlings and we actually ate the first harvest already.
Our school closed down because of lack of enough students.
There are 25 households. The school will close down.
I said why don't you make children?
I said why don't you give birth to children?
I will just help you with that.
But now our school closed down because of not having enough students.
But it is not over for us.
We had this center for children and we have this great team.
There are 158 children. Street children. We give them training.
We give them education to protect them from the dangers of the street.
I volunteered to work here. So we will do great things together.
Rather than this typical classical education,...
everywhere around us is a workshop for us.
Yes the balloons, the children were bored in front of the computers,...
I said come on, let's go outside. I bought a hundred balloons,...
everybody blew up the balloons, I said come on toss the balloons in the air.
And the one who throws the balloon the highest will be the winner.
So they just worked and worked. They were just so exhausted for 25 minutes.
When you produce something you will be happy...
so we try to improve the manual skills of our children.
This is our summer school. We have reading programs.
Children finish reading 15 books. After this we organize kite festivals.
So people who were living in the same apartment,...
they didn't even know each other,...
and they got to know each other thanks to this kite festival.
They met each other with this festival. Right now, we are saying...
let's make peace with books and let's make peace with our neighbors.
We have this project. How many of you flew a kite? Quite good.
Anyone who played with marbles? Keep going.
I am a very emotional person, I will cry if you do this.
Finally, as a final word,...
the seeds of these flowers, it was the children who planted these seeds...
and it was them who grew these seeds. So please applaud them.