Closed Captioning for Videos

Uploaded by UpDownMostly on 12.09.2009

OK folks
I'm going to try and make this as quick as I can
Ummm I've been playing around with the closed captioning
feature, for videos
and basically what happens is you upload your video
and then you can go and
set up closed captioning
for the video there's some tools that you use
and I'll put a link to one of the tools I was testing out over there
overstream dot com
And basically what happens is
you go in there and type all of the words as you are speaking them
to create an overlay file
and supposedly what happens after that is
there's a little button at the bottom of the watch screen
when you are watching the video and one of the options is closed captioning
and you can turn that on
and if someone has a closed caption file
associated with that video
then it will play across the bottom of the screen
and supposedly
what will happen is if you pick another language is
it will translate in to your native language or another language
So I'm curious how that works and I'd like to see
like to see you try that out
see what happens, I don't know
but it looks pretty cool
I don't know if I'll be able to do closed captioning on all my videos
but it's an interesting concept and it's something
that makes you stop and think about people who
have ah hearing impairment
They can't really enjoy a vlog much can they?
because they can't hear it
So I'm curious if you are hearing impaired or
or deaf ... right now
without closed captioning
How do you watch a video?
How do you watch a vlog?
or something like that or do you at all?
Umm do you have a tool that you use
that, I don't know, somehow translates
the words that are being spoken to
text so that you can
read them on a screen or
special device or something
I'd be curious to know how that works
Anyhow, I'm gonna give this a try and
see what happens