Yaprak Dokumu - Episode 1 Part 3 - English Subtitles

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I'm sorry, the house is a mess.
No! Don't you even worry. We're going to help you with everything and everything will be fine.
Thank you
It seemed like we were waiting for those exact words.
The previous tenant never used to pay the electricity or water bills
That's why we went through some very rough patches at first
Neyyir's husband died years ago and she never remarried after him. She raished her daughter and worked with sewing.
That's how you're living?
Everyone lives their life depending on their situation. This is how I'm living.
What am I supposed to do? I hope I'll never need to rely on anyone.
May God give you strength
Eh, what else can I do, my dear?
My mother felt at that moment how good her life is
We all respected this strong, courageous woman (Neyyir)
You don't know anyone here in the neighborhood, daddy?
No. There weren't any stores here back when I lived here
It was all fields here all the way to the beach.
Who's this?
Sevket, my brother.
You're kidding. This is your brother?
So good-looking. Like an actor. Is he married?
No, right now he's a soldier. But he's finished in about a week.
Since then, Sedef's face was glowing with joy
This was our first dinner together at home. We were all very happy at the time.
This bed is mine, I got to it first.
Alright, we'll play for it!
Alright, we'll play for it!
What are you gonna see in your dreams?
Leyla told me I'm gonna see the boy who's gonna marry me.
My goodness, she knows everything. Here, let her sleep next to you.
I hope she doesn't get cold.
Trabzoun... you're so far away.
It's no use being this upset Ali Riza. It's not worth it, my love.
When I was born, and lived my childhood, and was raised in this house
this bedroom used to be my mother's--and the one across from here was mine
And the garden that you see that's a mess right now used to be beautiful. It has my mother's smell.
We're going to turn it back into heaven. A heaven like it used to be before
And you're gonna put a rose in my hair!
I hope God doesn't take you away from us, Ali. May God protect you and keep you above us.
I wish everything had happened as we wished.
What's happening, sister?
Someone's at the door. Don't get up
Coming coming!
Who's here at this time?
Wait up, I'll open it! You're gonna break the door!
People are sleeping, what's happening to this world?
What only I'm supposed to be up early?
My son!
Father, my dear.
Sevket, we missed you!
Soldier number 95, Sevket Takin, Istanbul, at your service!
We weren't expecting you to come this soon.
I took all my time off at once
You're our celebration today. We've missed you.
Brother is here! Brother is here! Brother!!
With Sevket coming back, our family was complete again and we are all very happy.
Good morning!
These are for breakfast.
Thanks, we appreciate it.
Welcome. I'm Sedef.
Nice to meet you. Sevket.
Come in, my dear.
No, some other time. I have some work.
What you already made friends with the neighbors here?
Sevket being with us made us forget our troubles for a while. But not for long.
What is this? We're gonna need a water motor to be able to wash the dishes.
How's it going?
I can't do this anymore, dad. We're gonna need someone who understands this stuff.
I'll get someone
We've barely been here two days and we already paid all that money. And still the kitchen needs a lot of work.
Dad was paying without saying a word.
We've spent a lot, but that house looks great now.
Most importantly we can comfortably now live in it.