Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 2 ~ Traverse Town 1/3] (English Subs)

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Sora: Huh? Where am I...?
Sora: Traverse Town...
Sora: Hey, my clothes are different!?
Sora: Probably Yen-Sid's magic again
Sora: Oh yeah, where's Riku?
Sora: Riku!! Hey!! Riku!!
??: So loud...
??: What a terrible noise...
Neku: You're Sora?
Sora: Yeah but.. how do you know me?
Neku: Huh, so you're not a participant?
Sora: Participant?
Neku: Isn't it obvious? This is a game.
Neku: If you're a participant the time limit keeps on ticking away.
Neku: I must win this game. Also, I need a partner.
Sora: Really?
Sora: I dunno what you mean by "game", but I'll help you.
Neku: Huh? You just believe anything a stranger tells you, don't you?
Neku: Anyway, you can't become a partner unless you're a participant.
Neku: My partner, obviously
Sora: Even if I don't become your partner can't I just help you as a friend?
Neku: A friend? It's not that easy.
Sora: That may be true, but it's not difficult.
Neku: Weirdo... Do what you want.
Sora: Yup. I will.
Sora: Come to think of it, I don't know your name.
Neku: Dream Eaters!
Sora: That's a weird name...
Neku: No, not me! Them!
Sora: Aah, this?
Neku: It's gonna be a pain if we're surrounded. Let's split up!
Sora: Okay!
Neku: And...
Neku: It's Neku
Sora: Huh?
Neku: Sakuraba Neku. My name
Sora: Sakuraba Neku...
Sora: That's an interesting name.
Neku: N-no not really..
Sora: Well then Neku, let's go!
Sora: So yours is a Dream Eater too, eh?
Yeah. To win the game, you need their power.
Neku: You can use them too, can't you?
Sora: So this is a Dream Eater...
Yen-Sid: To defeat Xehanort, we must call...
Yen-Sid: For "those that sleep in sadness" once more that were in the King's letter
Yen-Sid: For that, we must unlock the 7 keyholes and recieve a new power
Yen-Sid: As you know...
Yen-Sid: The worlds are separated by invisible walls and one cannot come and go as they wish.
Yen-Sid: Until now we have been able to open a passage to the worlds without the walls with the keyblade.
Yen-Sid: However, to get to the worlds that have keyholes in the realm of sleep "The Worlds Shut Off by Sleep"
Yen-Sid: We cannot use such methods.
Yen-Sid: In your first journey, you two revived the worlds that were engulfed in darkness.
Yen-Sid: However, there are worlds whose revival was not complete and they remain in a state of slumber.
Yen-Sid: Gates do not lead to these worlds and even Heartless cannot invade.
Yen-Sid: Consequently, instead swarms of the darkness of worlds which are Heartless
Yen-Sid: There exists another type of darkness in the world closed off by sleep
Yen-Sid: That is, the beasts that feed on dreams, Dream Eaters
Yen-Sid: There are two types of Dream Eaters, those that eat dreams and plant bad dreams, they are called "Nightmares"
Yen-Sid: And those that eat nightmares, the benevolent Spirits
Yen-Sid: These are the two types said to be in existence
Yen-Sid: Just as Heartless and the doors of the worlds are one,
Yen-Sid: Seeking out Dream Eaterrs will lead you to the keyholes of sleep
Neku: I brought Sora! End our arrangement!
Sora: What's wrong Neku?
Sora: You're--!?
Neku: Hey! This isn't what you promised!
Neku: You said you wouldn't lay a hand on Sora!
Sora: Stop! Neku!
Sora: That guy's dangerous!
Sora: Why do... I feel so.. sleepy... all of a sudden...
Riku: Where am I...?
Riku: Traverse Town?
Riku: Even my clothes are different?
Riku: Sora, where are you! Sora!
Riku: We got attacked by Ursula and fell into the ocean. A keyhole must have been opened.
Riku: So that means, this place is a world closed of by sleep...
Riku: Keyblade
Riku: At that time, I was suddenly holding a Keyblade
Riku: Looks like it's started already
??: So you can come here without using a portal huh?
Riku: Who're you?
Joshua: Name's Joshua
Riku: Portal?
Joshua: If you want to ask something could at least give me your name
Riku: It's Riku
Joshua: Hello, Riku.
Joshua: A portal is like a gate that leads to a world.
Joshua: It looks like for some reason the world that we are in is split in two halves that are exactly alike.
Joshua: The things that tie them together are portals
Riku: Two worlds?
Joshua: Just as we share one world,
Joshua: isn't it true that we each possess one of our own?
Joshua: It's just like that. It really isn't much of a mystery
Riku: Riku, right? I have something I want you to help me with.
Riku: I'll pass. You're really suspicious.
Joshua: Well at least here what I have to say
Joshua: I'm looking for a girl named Rhyme. I need her for the portal.
Joshua: If we have a portal then you may be able to meet your friend Sora
Riku: You know Sora?
Joseph: Looks like I piqued your interest.
Joshua: Sorry but, I don't know where Sora is
Joshua: If he's not in our world
Joshua: I just thought that he might be in the other world
Riku: I should look for Rhyme, right?
Riku: I got it. I'll help you
Riku: Why don't they attack you Joshua?
Joshua: The Dream Eaters?
Joshua: It looks like they don't attack those who don't have dreams.
Joshua: It's weird. I should also have dreams...
Riku: They don't attack those who have no dreams...
Riku: Then, do I too have dreams?
Joshua: There is not a person that does not have dreams.
Joshua: Although, there was a friend of mine that said we don't have dreams
Joshua: Truth of the matter was, he held a dream that was stronger than anyone else's
Joshua: You remind me of him
Joshua: You should make your dreams reality.
Joshua: In this world, when you make your dream a reality it becomes a Dream Eater
Joshua: It'll help you
??: I found you Joshua!
Beat: I'll defeat you and return with Rhyme back to our original world!
Joshua: Beat, there's no reason to do such a thing.
Joshua: You're being tricked.
Joshua: By the guy in black
Riku: What? Black cloak?
Riku: Perhaps...
Riku: He may be our common enemy.
Beat: Shut your mouth!! I didn't ask for a complicated explanation!
Beat: Get out here, Dream Eater!
Riku: Why?
Beat: I can't do anything about it
Beat: Alright alright! I'll Stop!
Beat: How Boring
Joshua: Bluffing is hard work isn't it? You should be more honest with yourself.
Beat: This time, I'm gonna protect Rhyme.
Riku: Those whom you want to protect...
Riku: What is this... drowsiness...?
Yen-Sid: A time only spoken of in fairy tales
Yen-Sid: The world is full of light. It is believed that light is the invisible blessing of Kingdom Hearts
Yen-Sid: Kingdom Hearts is protected by it's other half, the X-blade
Yen-Sid: But that is in a tradition known by no one
Yen-Sid: In that kind of world there was a force that scrambled for light, and the world began to be covered in darkness
Yen-Sid: Then those who scrambled for the light copied the X-blade and the Keyblade was born
Yen-Sid: Thus began the fight over kingdom hearts
Yen-Sid: That is the Keyblade War
Yen-Sid: With that, the world temporarily lost its light but was revived by the light left in the hearts of children
Yen-Sid: And even now they take the form of the countless number of starts that continue to give off light.
Yen-Sid: X-blade... made both of light and darkness
Yen-Sid: The fragments made by the Keyblade War were split into the Seven Pure Lights
Yen-Sid: and Thirteen Pure Darknesses
Yen-Sid: And the true light, the real Kingdom Hearts was engulfed by darkness
Yen-Sid: Because of this, there are many worlds in which the darkness is running rampant
Yen-Sid: Light gives life to darkness and darkness seeks light
Yen-Sid: The Keyblades were created for the purpose of stealing light but...
Yen-Sid: Those who have have begun to use the Keyblade to protect the light are the Keyblade heroes.
Sora: That guy!
Sora: Neku's not here either
Sora: Before I fell asleep,
Sora: Neku told the guy in black to End the agreement
Sora: Just what in the world did he mean?
Sora: What does Neku have to do with the guy in black?
Sora: Neku hasn't found a partner yet
Sora: At any rate, I'll try looking around for him.