Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Fresh Underpants

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 02.11.2012

Here we go...
This isn't moving
Try from the front once
The "Kalsari" is newborn
About the two door Volvo...
It's from 1979 so it's almost 10 years older than the original underpants
This body I got in a complicated way.
It was already ripped apart. Threre's no engine or interior.
It was a good deal, so it was a smart choice to change now.
The old underpants are pretty worn out.
It has seen it's best days.
Everything is full race except this spring antenna. This is even better for the pirate flag than the old one.
Take the handbrake off!
Ok, try it now.
Watch that it hits the ramp...
Let's just push and Bamse can try to steer it.
Ehh, are you gonna tilt the trailer? Yes
This is going well.
There's no horn in this thing.
Is everyone still alive?
Watch the paintjob, this is a veteran vehicle. You are the one steering.
Come on now! I want to go home. Goddammit
I don't have the whole day for you "projects"
Isn't this the same color? Hey, lets go now!
Here we go...again.
I don't understand you... ..putting all your money to this shit.
Then where should I put it? To booze and women.
To booze, women and just spend the rest.
This is a different color!
Henkka. This is way different! Let's get this back!
Technics, said a russian after seeing a hinge
I'm gonna pee my pants!
Good, hold that when we have to tighten it!
One engineer we have there!
Engineers can't do practical work.
This is how it goes. This is I have to build you car too?
Hopefully it stays...
What the?
Quality car for fucks sake!
Try it... Great! Just what we needed.
But we can open the sunroof. Doesn't rain too much yet.
Soon the battery's dead and it starts to rain.
If we can drive we can always listen some music And get the sunroof open.
I wonder how long we have to wait
The main idea is to switch everything from the old body to the "new" one.
Suspension and everything will be the same.
Originally I planned to just put the old engine in this and drive with it...
Not gonna happen!
More power is what we need.
A little problem... The body is too narrow again.
Rubs a bit. We need to widen things here.
Just a little bit