Downsized - Episode 6 Unemployment Blues

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 What are you acting so surprised for? You had to see this coming.\
I figured it would be somebody else, Hank. I was good at that job.\
Anybody would be good at that job, B. They make those jobs so anybody can do em.\
This from a security guard with 60 grand in student loan debt.\
I don't consider that my debt because I don't pay it, and this rate, I'll neve rhave to
pay it because I don't make enough. How much is unemployment now?\
I have no idea! I am hoping that it is $1500 a week or else we are never getting out of
this place!\ How about I ask my brother to pay you off
the books? I bet he'd do it.\ No I can't wait tables anymore, Hank!\
How about Nook's car service? I know he needs drivers, but you have to know how to drive
a hybrid car. He has one of these environmentally safe car services as an alternative to public
transportation. \ Really? Do people use it?\
Yeah, it's pretty cost-effective.\ Maybe I can work for him. In sales.\
Maybe you can hand out some flyers or something.\ No! I hate those people! And I hate this apartment!
Most people don't live like they're about to be evicted! How are we gonna be able to
afford a wedding?\ Babe I'll marry you any date any time.\
You can't even afford a ring. We can't afford an apartment. We can barely even afford this
room. And I hate beer! All the time I sip this shit and I want to throw up! I want wine!
Good wine!\ If I had the opportunity to stay home and
collect money every week, I certainly wouldn't be moping about it. I mean really, some of
us have to work for a $400 a week pre-tax.\ We so can't live on your salary!\
Not the way you wanna live, with spanish tile and rugs from persia--\
Persia?! I'd settle for my own bathroom!\ Look second shift is almost done. I gotta
go.\ Yeah I know.}