Saajanji Ghar Aaye (Eng Sub) [Full Video Song] (HD) With Lyrics - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Uploaded by thebollysongs3 on 30.11.2011

Your groom has come here long back.
Don't delay it any further. Come out quickly.
I've come to your house to take you away with me.
To give my heart as a present in return for your heart.
Listen, what my every heart beat is saying.
Your suitor has come home and the bride is blushing. Your suitor has come home.
Oh heart! Silly reasons will not work out any more.
The girl must go to her suitor's home.
Listen, what my dot on my forehead is saying?
I've fallen into a trap of a madman.
How could I? Tell me, my friends. Tell me.
Oh dear! Even your friends are swooned over my style.
What would they say? Ask them. Ask them.
Go away you liar. Why're you self-praising?
Listen, what your lover is saying.
He's stupid and innocent. It's my benevolence.
To have accepted him, tell him. Tell him.
She's teasing me wantonly in return for her benevolence.
I've given my heart to her, tell her. Tell her.
You're ignorant, heart's do break sometimes, mad man.
Listen, what your mad man is saying.
Applying henna. Jewellary shining.
Crying and making everyone also to cry.
You'll go away tomorrow morning.
You'll make me remember you so much.