The Fuplers: BULLY (Ep. 11)

Uploaded by MattKoval on 10.06.2011

Okay. Lindsay honey, we received a phone call from your teacher, Miss. Sigafoose.

Awww, you're in trouble.
She says you've been acting up lately.

Nah uh.
Mmmhmmm. She says you've been hitting boys
in the face, clawing at their eyes and punching them in the testicles.


No, no. Thats not funny. What I would like
to know is
why would Miss. Sigafoose make up such things?

Frankly I find it an outrage and I think we should go to the superintendent of schools.

Oh my god!
Carol, I think it deserves a bit of an investigation.

Fine. We'll go straight to Anderson Cooper.
Mom, she hits kids all the time.

Oh fooey!
Lindsay, have you been doing those things?


Yeah right.
Lindsay Clementine Fupler. Have you been
hitting boys in their testes?
Except for Brandon.
And Marcus.
And Veronica.
Veronica? Has testicles?

She's that special child.

Lindsay, why would you do that?
They're mean to me.
They, they say I smell.

And I'm ugly.

And I have man hands.
Oh for pete's sake!

Lindsay, if they're mean to you, you need to tell the teacher.

But hitting is better.

Lindsay, I need you to promise right now,
you will not hit or strike any other student.
Do you understand me?
Okay Lindsay?

Okay Dad. I promise.
I'll just choke them!
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