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You know, there's a lot of way to decorate ceramics. You can be creative. You can use
it on, well, mugs or anything else. But just because it's on the internet, you need to
make sure that it's right. I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving, well, it's one of my
favorite holidays. It's great to get people together and have a big time. But sometimes
it helps to have some activities, and I always like to have creative ones, things where they
can make something -- taking mugs and personalize them with writing. You know, you can put like
your initials on it. This recipe for fun couldn't be easier. All you need is an oven that's
preheated to 350 degrees. Some mugs that are, well, solid in color. I'm using white because
I just think it's kinda classic. And some sort of a pen, a pen that has a ceramic paint
in it. And things are available and they're very affordable. There are some tutorials
on the internet that indicate that one can use a Sharpie. And I tried it on this side.
And you can see, it's already rubbing off. We don't want that. What you wanna use is
one of these ceramic friendly paints that can be applied with a pen. And what's great
about this is that once you've baked it in the oven for 350 degrees for 30 minutes, you
take out, you let them cool, you wash it and it's fine. Now, I don't recommend that you
put these through the dishwasher, because that's gonna wear this off over time. And
don't use steel wool to wash your coffee mugs. You probably don't do that anyway, but it's
just a little tip. So the main thing here is just to have some fun. And it can be a
great group activity. And think about it: After Thanksgiving, what comes next? Right,
the holidays. Christmas. So these make great Christmas gifts. So, you know, you can do
anything you want on these. You can put an initial, as I already pointed out, you can
put peoples' names, you could do little drawings, you could do abstractions. Just have some
fun. These pens with ceramic paint in them come in a wide range of colors, so, hey, just
let your imagination run wild. Or you can write little sayings on here. Quotes or something
like that. This is gonna be a coffee cup. You know, most people really need coffee before
they come alive in morning. If you drink a cup of coffee, suddenly you're an instant
human. Now that'll get some laughs. Hey, if you're enjoying these segments, tell a friend
about them. If you've got some ideas on how to personalize some mugs or ceramics, I'd
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