Turning copper coins into gold

Uploaded by TheCapux on 03.10.2010

Greetings my friends
tonight we're going to perform the classical chemistry trick of turning copper coins in silver and then
here you can see what chemicals we need to do this.
of course copper coins
few strips of solid zinc metal
Acetone (CH3-CO-CH3) or Alchool (CH3-CH2-OH)
and then zinc sulphate.
okay first of all you need to wash your coins
pour some acetone into a glass
let's degrease the coins
remember that you couldn't touch it after the acetone bath, or it would be useless.
okay, the first is gone...
of had the first things done
let's dry it with some scottex paper
okay now wash the second one...
okay, here we are.
mix thirty grams of zinc sulphate with one hundred millileters of water
stir until the zinc sulphate is completely dissolved into the water.
okay... done.
next phase: add our solution few strips of solid zinc metal
now we need to boil this compound
place it on the stove
be careful
I used a glass becker that is specifically made for this purpose.
do NOT use normal glasses.
now wait few seconds to let the solution heat.
now add the coin
and place it onto the zinc metal strips
once you have finished the previous phase,
we can starts with the last one.
place your coin directly on the heat
it is not difficult
okay wait few seconds to let the zinc layer and the copper merge,
forming a new layer composed of yellow brass
okay when the coin
turn to the yellow color, stop you and put the coin directly into the water to cool it.
and here we are
okay that's the results
a golden coins
of course is a trick
but anyway is quite amazing
thanks for watching mates!