When Anime Collide 1A 1/2

Uploaded by animelovers987 on 18.10.2008

When watching anime, make sure that you're in a well-lit room
and that you don't sit too close to the TV.
Because otherwise, you won't be able to see anything.
You see, isn't that a lot better?
So make sure to sit in a well-lit room, and not too close to the TV.
Not like this.
( Miku Hatsune singing in Japanese )
Captioned by Shintarou Inuzuka VOA Cosplay Group
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Okay, people.
- #3: What's up, people? - L: Now, make sure to do exactly what Haruhi says.
Or else she'll probably beat you.
Yes, Mr. Foreman.
Okay, so here we go.
All right, we're starting with the first scene ...
which is ...
Why did Haruhi type the script out like this?
Here we go.
- #3: Screw this, I'm getting ramune. - L: Lambo. He loves the ladies and thinks like one.
Your line.
L ... uh ... (high voice) L! He loves Light ... (normal) He loves Light, and he's COMING for him, yeah!
#3 ...
Where did our #3 go?
I have no idea!
- LAMBO: I hope he went to get another beer. - L: Okay.
#3. He's here, and we have no idea why, so don't ask us for the info -- seriously, we don't have it.
Okay, since he's not back for that line, I guess I'll have to do the voice-over.
(imitating #3) Like they don't have the missing footage of Mikuru from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, episode 00.
There you are!
- It keeps falling out. - LIGHT: Your -- your line right here! (laughs)
- #3: Uh ... - LIGHT: Right here. Right there.
And speak loudly.
Like I didn't have the missing footage of Mikuru from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suziyama, episode 00, English dub.
Shit, I wasn't supposed to talk about that.
Okay, cut. Are you drunk ?!
Not yet.
Good. Just stay that way, okay?
- LAMBO: That's not a possibility, you know. - #3: No guarantee. - L: All right.
L: Action.
Hahahahaha, Lambo's here!
Ha-ha! You're emo!
I don't have to justify myself to you!
Just watch: one day, emos will rule the world, and I will be their king!
Hail to the Bovino famiglia!
You stupid cow! Why did you come here?
Where's Tsuna? I wanna play!
Thank you.
You jump.
Get away from me, you stupid cow!
#3, you're on!
L, are you okay?
(flatly) I am Semi-Expendable Ninja #3.
You might want to ... you might want to knock him out of the way like the script says.
before Haruhi comes over here and smacks you with something.
Oh, wait -- Haruhi's not here, so I'll smack you with something!
LAMBO: On the head.
( standby beep )
Now, continue.
From "L, are you okay?"
L, are you okay? I am Random Semi-Expendable #3 -- Ninja #3.
Thanks for helping me there, #3.
No problem.
( crying )
Cut. And he became an hero. The end. ... Oh wait. Action.
Who are you?
Page 4, right at the top.
I'm Lambo, from 10 years on. I see my infant self has mishandled the 10-year bazooka for the 15th time this week.
That's what she said.
What the hell is that?
The 10-year bazooka.
It's a special bazooka that when used, you switch your past self with your 10 year older self -- For 5 minutes, of course.
O ... kay ...
So, L, it's been 10 years since we last met -- how's Light doing this time?
Oh, Light? He's doing fine -- we just got done with a party last night.
What the-- ? Why didn't I turn back into my 5-year-old normal self ...
It's been 5 minutes.
Because you're gay.
Look who's talking, Light's boyfriend.
Light! I'm COMING for you!
Oh yes, back to the issue. It seems my 10-year bazooka has malfunctioned again, so I'll be here for awhile--
(imitating Elvis) Thank you. Thank you very much.
You still have one more line.
Want me to shoot you to try it out?
I know that Light likes older men, but not THAT much older ...
Okay, fine.
Do you -- do you want a sticky rice treat? I brought 'em from Italy.
MARIO: Mamma Mia!
What the hell was that ?!
That was my cell phone.
It's right there.
Do you see it? My God ...
Okay, let's take care of this.
What the hell was that?
Oh, that was my cell phone ring.
NARUTO: Believe it! Believe it! Believe it! (etc.)
It's -- Hey, that's not in the script!
You deserved it.
- LAMBO: You tricked me into taking mine, and mine was a perfectly good one. - L: Oh yeah?
I have the perfect attack!
( standby beep )