#1 Netherlands - Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

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♪ [music playing]
>>Edgar Davids: Street soccer is expressing yourself with a ball.
And also physical skills and mental skills.
It's not for the weak,
it's just for the fittest and strongest.
>>Little Pinto: Street Soccer is, it's a lifestyle.
It's what I wake up for and it's the last thing on my mind when I go to bed.
>>Rocky: Street Soccer is my life.
It means a lot to me,
and it's a part of my identity.
>>Dju Dju: The most real pro players,
they always begin on the streets.
>>Edgar Davids: This is the return of the Street Legends.
I'm going on a tour of firstly Amsterdam,
then we're going to London,
then we go to Paris, Senegal,
Kenya, Ghana,
and then at last we drop by South Africa.
We want to show people you know that we are the best in Street Soccer.
>>Orry: Today is the first day of our tour.
And we are now at Edgar Davids Square
>>Vaante Je: Yeah it's gonna be difficult
because a lot of players in Amsterdam are really good
>>Terror: We're gonna play six game.
I think out of the six we must make six.
I can't lose, I can't lose. I can't afford to.
>>Wasinho: It's gonna be tough, but I'm ready.
♪ [music playing]
>>Man on microphone: Street rules;
the first to score 3 goals remains on the pitch.
[team chant]
>>Edgar Davids: Now we're in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam,
the street that I grew up with.
I grew up in the North,
but everybody came here, the best players came here.
This is the court that I opened back in '96.
So, here's where I got the keys,
'cuz I'm the mayor.
So I represent, I have to hold myself down.
>>male: The first street battle is about to begin.
♪ [music playing]
>>Ryan Babel: I used to play soccer on the streets.
And just having fun with the friends,
with the other neighborhoods,
and yeah, playing football.
♪ [music playing]
>>Local Coach: Players like Edgar Davids they were players that hang on the children's wall.
It looked like they were in movies so it was very good for the children.
They became then that they can play against players like the Street Legends.
♪ [music and cheering]
>>Terror: It was awesome game.
I told you, 6 out of 6.
It was not easy man, but we did it man, we did it.
We defeated them.
There's no Street Legends bane.
We defeat everybody, 6 out of 6, come on man.
>>Edward Davids: We won everything, we won everything.
So now it's off to London,
so we'll see what they can bring.
>>Ryan Babel: It's a wrap here in Amsterdam.
London here we come.
So watch out for the Street Legends.
♪ [music playing]