Review-test Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Seaweed/volt ᴴᴰ *TRANSLATED*

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Hi What's up, I'm Natxo, I'm back on my channel
Today I upload a new video, a new Review. The Review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Seaweed/Volt
As you will know, a month ago I uploaded the Unboxing of these boots
With other football material stuff
You can see at the next link
Today what I will do, is to analyze the boots
After a month of trainings, matches...
I could rate and analyze the parts of the boots as the upper, soleplate... and it's what I will do for yours right now.
First of all,
Say that the idea of the boot has changed. A boot which changed a lot of things and technologies. A radical change
In all the aspects
The upper, the soleplate, the comfort... Is a really improved boot compared with the last versions
Starting with the upper, you can see that's so thin
Running my fingers inside the boot, you can be able to watch how thin it really is
The feeling is like a sock. That's so flexible too
Here you can see how flexible it is
Pressing the boot not very strongly or with my small finger, you can see how flexible it is
If you press the upper more strongly you can be able to touch the sock liner or the insole.
Globally when we analyze the upper
We will deduce that's so thin, pretty comfortable (You won't notice any comfort problem on firsts trainings)
And I think that's the biggest point of the upper, that allows you to get the best comfortability
And with a different upper-finish with the other versions (Like a leather finish)
And with the contact of the ball you won't have any problem, just the opposite
A nice ball feeling.
The best feelings ever with a Mercurial
Truly, a nice and improved design with support systems
Around the boot
As you know, now the Flywire is removed with the Vapor VIII
But inside the boot, on the midfoot
You will notice a new support system
As you can see right here,
You can see like support archs or "bridge" support technology
That the function of this systems
Is that, on the moment to lace up the laces
It gets like a tension
(If you can see images from the Nike GS, you will be able to see like this system os support but outside the upper)
There's too
But as I said, the main idea of this system is to have a god support at this area and don't get any support flaw.
The upper is so good worked and well designed
Now too,
Speaking about the soleplate
As you can see
That's a new chenged soleplate
In all the terms. Since the material to the stud pattern
There are two studs
6 of them, are on the front part plus this support stud on the middle
And two studs, as a novelty, on the back
This 2 studs, what they will do is to minimize the time of the boot on the ground before step in
As the slogan of Nike: You will feel an explosive speed around your feet
In my opinion (I've been playing on turf pitches of 2G or 3G)
And haven't noticed any problem with the traction, comfortability or any broke off stud
Maybe, the first time you wear them, you can feel extrange with the stud preassure
But later, you finally get used
The sole is so light. Pretty well-designed...
It's not higher profile like the last Superfly's was
A boot that
All the studs
Are so good
And the material they're maded
The soleplate is made of holographic glass-fiber
There are two layers
A clearer layer which is to power the flexibility on the front zone, and a darker layer on the back zone, to power strenght

No stability problems

The two layers plus a bridge on the midfoot that allows maximum strenght

Globally, the upper and the solpelate are so good , well-made and well designed.
You will be able to use them since the 1st day, box to feet.

The extras, are this bag. I think that's more useful than the two mini bags from the Superfly

I keep them with lasts, which they keep the right form of the boot without deformation

Lasts made of paper or lasts I personally made
The sockliner
It's micro-perforated
Until now, only the Superfly were micro-perforated

Here are how they were the last Vapor's without micro-perforation and with an EVA cushioning
The new ones, are so comfortable
They make triple function
Reduce the weight, ventilates the area and reduces the stud preassure

I recommend so much the boots
Highly recommendated
The pros of the boots are
They're so comfy, flexible, not stiff,
No break-in period
The toebox is much softer, not square as the Superfly

The best touch with the ball from the light-range boots.

Love this middle studs, which makes an awesome frontal traction and support

So fascinating
Speaking about the cons,
At shooting you feel non protected, you can be afraid of being stomped
First, you have a rare feeling with the stud-preassure on turf.
At the end of the day, not too much negative points

You first, see very rare the soleplate

Personally I would add another stud or two for better feeling
Any extern problem

Mark: 8,5/10

The graphics is a mixture of classic and bright color of the volt

Love the graphics from the heel. I think I know the meaning of them
The mango color means the 1st colorway of the Vapor VIII
The Solar Red the Clash Edition of the Mercurial's
The Volt from this version Seaweed/Volt
And the Retro Blue from the new ACC boots will be released now on October Fall/Winter

Don't know if I'm wrong but I think that can be the meaning of these graphics


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