How To Change The Timing Belt In A Toyota V8 2UZ-FE / 3UZ-FE

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Hi today we are going to be looking at a somewhat difficult
but very accomplishable task and that's servicing the timing belt
on a 2UZ-FE V8
that's 97-07
uh... that's that it was that somewhere in there
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classes plus ordering but the security reminder that all four of
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this india pretty challenging task up the steps are or also
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uh... before you start to take a look at what we're gonna meet
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you're doing this uh... this extensive maintenance
uh... we've got a analyze the water pump on meeting but he can go for uh... for
genuine a firms that
that uh...
holds the actuaries
basically we're going to be replacing
every moving parts they can wear out visible bangalore well-written and this
is an extension service uh...
this motor the circus life
is uh... i believe attorneys thousand-mile versatile
recommended that your quizzes ninety thousand so
as the uh... if you want the viewership of the year nine thousand miles service
actually called colors is the houses my process
and what is your article in the end of the eighteen hundred
them to do with fifteen hundred something like that
uh... which based on my research is is about right
that was needed as their leader placing
everything the river was here that was uh... i was just the kind of a point
that's not so you can find it
solar technology would be looking for a lot less
but uh...
and that any use genuine group are sitting in a video life is the kind s
younger right
the consequence to me that
but not a scary too much we're gonna we're gonna jump right in here and ready
to start with the tear down
and a very personal review is a
revolves covers so we can get access if obviously
and then disconnect aromatic
was one of those or or some other time
longer windows and getting through one simple that area
that we're going to need to uh... to get up internal the they cover on the other
side of the engine as well
and all of these armored cars
company india the lower cover for which there was
no less than eighteen patterns on this particular vehicle
yes we want to be extra careful on that one
naturalistic play here
the obvious piece this uh... mister box assembly here
which has
no comparable homes and concede
and uh... this stuff is all in a very little bit
depending on your specific vehicle
so that's a the steps are collided generic but uh...
but very straightforward and what we're doing
is a working towards being able to remove his readers sampling
so we can get access to the timing belt assembly
down here
so of course uh... make sure that you know you've got your car pooling awful
arianna called mine is
that's one of the andrea oklahoma day
driving all day
and we're going to start working toward moving that readers have
hand he reiterated u_s_ greatly coolidge
there's a really nice uh...
during those years
mostly accord
you know those injured in the news
karina just
will love
turnkey right there for your fingers
jerry king
and you've had turned
sincere with her and
and that uh... coolants is uh... just about done drained at which point we're
gonna be ready to
disconnects the upper and slower radiator hoses
and then after that we're gonna get to work on the uh... for local alliance
and we have those uh... radiator hose is disconnected
we have the uh...
the core winds that will cool i'm down here
draining then we're gonna
purple plugs and you plug them
and then we're beginning prorated again ah...
tackling the uh... the radiator assembly itself
we're going to need to disconnect all the
electrical connectors and uh...
the uh... air box or do you see you
and then the uh...
the supports itself
me and uh...
there are any just about reader to with every year so we are
and uh... we just remove that readers w now we have plenty of space to work
they start by removing the thermostat housing
and we've got that uh... thermostat housing or moving out of the way
mariovilla repair replace a thermostat
all we have all the other off
barriers ready to remove the uh... serpentine belt just got a half
a fourteen or meter socket on that uh... tensioner
turned that counterclockwise detection of l
and remove the belt by excel
now really get the uh... first glimpse of our court we're gonna removes the
uh... upper left and upper right side of all covers which was the uh... ten
millimeter bolts all around
and use our earth first glimpse of mandel here
this particular vehicle
disperse it has a
hardened twenty six thousand miles on a time bill clinton service so it was a
was that we do
slot in a
not into better shape if we had quite a bit life left in it
but this service cover was really easy to pull there's just a acquittal here
for us in vacuum hose that we need to uh... to pull off
the right size a little trickier uh... there's some uh... some water piping
and the campus issues then surgery need to uh...
disarmed but this tough gently with the uh... flatly true driver on clipped this
uh... sensor
and then uh... and then on board
the uh... the cover once we have everything disconnected
uh... and i believe the sensors gonna have to just read through there's well
and also remember to uh... to keep his gasket with uh... with the cover
and we have uh... that piping on the way and that uh...
that sensor connector disconnected
getting ready to uh...
former coming off
tourist images text the center of clip from the oversized qantas the thousands
we've got both those covers off now already remove the uh...
timing belt cover
every a that uh... center
tiring but cover removed now ready to remove the
the serpentine belt tensioner right here eternity that we're going to be removed
these two knots right here in here
and then the uh... the final bolt
back here
is uh... actually links to the uh... the alternator
and so to uh...
to get this assembly out as you can see this
one casting
that uh... that goes all the way behind the alternator here
we're gonna have to uh...
pull the alternator out
offered stud
then they removed the tensioner then slide your finger back on instead
moderates there
here we've got the alternator removed but
and that's going to give us the queer selling it to remove this tensioner
and the uh... remaining big piece of the uh...
servant in those several major move now is this a
idler assembly right here
and there were any to remove this uh... this small police pursuits
we've got that uh... smaller idler pulley removed now we're working on
removing this whole assembly
and there are quite a few bolts that holden
and nuts
the other side here
well known to have access that's
really tricky
right here that comes this way
uh... there's a couple small word
it no leader brought circled the salty sunday here
uh... in some applications those are phillips screws that can be difficult to
get off
uh... then once we got all these boards off we're gonna be able to remove this
entire uh... bible reassembly
are about that so i will call you some weird and now are ready for a
what seems to be tricky sparks procedure
i've never done before sore about the find out that's removing this uh...
crankshaft bolt
this can be a real about her to remove
score again it's about a hundred and twenty-five thousand miles on it and
uh... mcdonald's or burger before
so make it nice and a nice and challenging i've got the area
central pneumatic earthquake
seven hundred for cans of
max important ninety psi act so hopefully that's not to break that loose
if this is
insufficient what we're gonna have to do is try the uh... the star ball method
where we will have cash operator bar
uh... and that's your bar to the breaker bar
too that uh...
that bowls
connects the uh... that eternal
and bought the star
and supposedly
that will give us enough force to break it wins
which which i would not like to try but uh...
you know we'll see how it goes plus find out
so forcefully era are an expected it will break that loose a with uh... with
uh... and also i guess i'll mention that there is a uh... a special four than
s_s_c_ special service to lead and purchased from without worry that
painfully here
uh... from what i can tell from my research the method of our people uses
the uh... the boxer that's so
for you to say it will demonstration on this though
that's about it i preferred by the people that this is like that
by one of the breaker or
and uh... by for a familiar sight nicely with them straight ahead
user recruit you like this one
shots like that
over the greater mark
and then i get that the carts that have this
perfectly between
the million support brace here
and floor service
this bar
does really having ready go
when i got my guest here by the way you have someone holding us as well
and then just in the car
upstart and that's our or send a has a big you're alright
and uh... a lot of leverage
mentioned over will break that uh...
that boulders
that uh... from what i what i can tell sort of doing actual finding itself
maitri don't make a mistake there
uses them
the trickiest part of this procedure some of you
you're frustrated
you're not alone there off of the people out there in your book
and hopefully hearing a little pick up a uh... an impact wrench that will over it
was for you
orders and or get the inspections will you need
or the year
mister obama can work for you
another we have that uh... crankshaft goldman's we are able to uh... get our
timing lined up
so what we're looking for
for tribal windup this white marker
with exactly zero degrees
wanna make sure that our candy heiress we have
this mark right here
that this focusing on
want this mark right here lined up precisely
with this mark break here
can see the mark of the from the police
in the back of the pulley
remark on the casing
and over here
we have some remarks
right here
right here
that we want to line up exactly and again
absolutely critical that we get all this
once we had everything lined up exactly zero
week advance the crankshaft pulley
to this mark right here at fifty degrees which is it a new full-time position
that will allow us
to disconnect the timing belt safely
and uh... unload all the uh... the tension on all the camps
with our client perfectly aligned were ready to uh... remove the crankshaft
point and uh... to do that we're gonna have to
on through the sports it's months so we see
but we don't want to uh... mess up the timing
when we remove it
uh... so uh...
using impact wrench sleep
which shows that only minimally of uh... move the uh...
the point when you always novels
or uh... now do your best manually stabilize the the surrounding poli when
u initially was in that bowls
then at that point is removed
we're going to it uses a uh... steering wheel polar to tool
to uh... to remove the pulley
tribune ever done this before it's uh... it's fairly straightforward
there are some uh...
some strolls in here
at the u_n_ search
the these route you with some bolts
i believe these or uh...
it no later
one point
to five
thread but that whatever
you can read it for free from uh... from autozone
in the which you want to print this and that's
skinhead handy
uh... but you just uh... through symbols and they're going to use those bolts
as leverage to uh... to remove the polling as will demonstrate your shortly
rights regard too
bolts reticent supports tend to think that the uh... the portal
that set on those bolts stanza
wants a wants both
so for the pile bolts are complete set
the whiskered and that's a with such a bolt
on that uh... remover tool
and uh... i think it is enough leverage to pull the void right off
however our case
please help that the uh... the bully just jamie right off without uh...
without using a port or not
so uh...
your mileage may vary
maybe you can just uh... take right off with your hands
well now we have that uh... fully remover ready to remove the cover which
is just uh... four votes
of one of them were assessed
matter right here's why were doing this pre-emptive replacement
not take
many broken teeth before you can uh...
skipper to send have one holdout interference motor
and uh... we just remove the crankshaft angle sensor place as important to know
which side is out this is the side that uh... that faces out
and make sure you put in the
when you reinstall it
uh... we are getting ready to remove the timing belt
and uh... while removing that uh... crankshaft pulley can be the most
challenging part is procedures this is the most important not to make a mistake
who want to make timing marks very nero fin timing marks so there's no ambiguity
on the belts
and match those up exactly
to the left enright
three months over here
no radios roy transfer these marks choose a new bells
and martin martin there
maxxis marks up these athletes
we indicate the left
and writes
cam police
and then we also want to make some arcs uh...
on the uh... the crank shafts
uh... gear as well
so with the all of our time or someplace ready to begin uh... d tensioning the
uh... the timing belt
and we do that with the uh... the timing uh... ten and altered your unit
right here
and uh...
as you can see there's these that these two
twelve mobile bolts on the bottom here
inorder scanned
loosen them uh... a little bit
wanted out
will be online and will be on the other
and there's going to need slowly
detection deciding votes
near we have the uh...
that this inconvinience of the tensioner removed
then we are using it she embarked with uh... this large allen wrench to
the i'd wear
attached to that uh... ten surfaced in
okay here is the uh... tensioner uh... piston
and this parking yet
a little tricky to explain
there are these uh... these two holes uh... a set of holes right here
needs to focus
and samples right here
and that you will need it
of these holes to wind up
uh... it in distraction
and uh... and did you that you can just use a uh... a small alan rich
to he's rotate that back-and-forth
like that
throughout the to get those to line up perfectly
enactments boot
goes directly over it
mike cell
and make sure that uh... the bedroom
does not show any signs of week you jer where uh... if it doesn't need to be
now we're going to do is
compress this person down to get those those two sets of holes to wind up
never have
sticky allen wrench through
uh... american we can release the the vice the reuse to to compress that
uh... for this you can use a uh... assy cramped a bench vise uh... you see
on user diac
with it so that's the car what where we have available to you
uh... what we're gonna use a you know one where other compresses piston
to the polls lined up insert the allen wrench to uh... to get the uh... the
tensioner pretension so that when we go to reinstall it then we just have to
pull that pain hemel will get tension
tension back in the future
are outside the order now this uh... this is just a tiny little provides so
we improvised air
an apparatus here to have to do the trick believe that uh... sequence
would use for uh...
brake calipers or something like that with uh...
somewhat so were the in its tracks
make sure that we very secure we have discussed in place
hands knowing your
compressing that distant and get that i want to stay ready to
services those marks lined up
just like that
and now we have the uh... uh...
the pretense implicit there will be able to uh...
bolt onto the tensioner
and then paul that it out to uh... to apply the tension to tensioner
alright last night we uh... got as far as removing the trying bell pastor of
working up the bulk of prbly
and uh... and helped ensure components removed and now we are greatest are
going for extra credit
uh... skip that i got from uh... dalal roots of old story was uh... they're
completely has a uh... a brand new uh... ice and water pump in it
and then uh... it also came with her
some new
uh... to show police and uh... and other police
and uh...
you can share units
internship listing
who of course i uh... i don't really retention in this so you can uh... hero
party so desire
and then uh... france there was that we still need to install uh...
for the first few can show it to pressure stuffed
abducted i don't uh... see any
signs of uh... of leakage
anywhere undermined
my existing
but uh...
but certainly something really what we want a lot of you've you've got a lot of
miles on the clock
it's definitely recommend as a preemptive replacement at this is your
second time bill so i'll turn eighty thousand warm yet uh... a hundred and
twenty-five thousand on this particular vehicle right now
and uh... and quite frankly it wasn't so darn hot out they had probably
happily do anyway just for the sake of it
but uh... brown complimented and other
no fifty thousand or whatever
uh... these are going to start the week
there will be uh... very juicy
and i will
i will have the replacement parts handy but ultimately
your goal here is to replace a every
no moving component that can wear
uh... while you have all the support of course we're gonna place
of these uh...
insiders uh... basically every composer has a bearing the
what's your support for the quarter out
so let's get started on the air the water pump your and esprit
straightforward is just uh...
married straight into the block
with the number of remember bolts here
and we have the uh... all pumped
or uh... questionable fully intend
this is the uh... new called as the years executor of which forced to wear
and uh...
co-op the uh... we'll be asking
can offer a queen link we still want to uh...
run over that service with uh... a razor blade very carefully
and then just uh... just a clean shop rag make she ever
a perfectly clean surface to uh... to make a new gasket to them and uh...
but also this kind of cleaned everything up
dragon and uh...
some of
some conservative hits with uh... break later
and now ready to install the uh... the new bought
and here we have our new water pump insult along with our own
new word portraiture
will ferguson venture itself
in the new either polio care
and here we have the uh... the although the new timing belt lined up
is that lead to produce
trenching this time works over
and uh... as you can see it's
very easy to get the mind of precisely
with uh... which is a warning message indeed
to know your march in the exact creek location
and here we have the new timing belt was called with the
all the time works transferred over
you know
one of the protect lead
we have the new tests are person installed
priority to uh... to pull the pin to uh...
but off the tension
there we go
now i just want to uh... try hand cranking the motor
to uh...
to make sure that
everything turned over smoothly and we don't feel any kind resistance that
might ah...
valves are
making friends with the pistons
and we had the uh... poli reattached so we can keep an eye on all the timing
we have the that ensure installed
and uh... engaged standout we uh... we are trainee engineer over
very carefully and very solely by hands to make sure that uh... slower bundy
that might indicate the uh... that this is in the valves are forget assembling
and uh... it's two one eight seven system compression he had lost removed
all the historic logs so uh... celebrations builds inside this order
and uh... so far so good
we had turned it over several times
i made sure that all the time arts still matchup
which they do
and uh... we're not seeing any
kind of resistance or hearing any noise that indicate that uh... there's there's
any kind of interference happening inside of the soldiers
so uh... at this point things you're much easier for ready to uh...
reassemble everything
and uh...
if we have with the rent anything of note here that uh...
that is difficult will be sure to note that the video
but it's basically just run through uh... also sees you know this assembly a
in reverse order
and uh... the reassembly is flying along we've got all the other spark plugs
reinstalled from our uh...
protester in overseas dot the the artwork
uh... o'leary installed here along with the uh... the operator just below it
then right now or reinstalling the uh...
the rights uh...
tamp rather
and here we have all of the uh... time bill covers reinstalled
were uh...
just about ready to
reinstall the serpentine belt
and uh... reinstall the radiator assembly
and we have our readers and we re install uh...
are uh... for actions reconnected
so need to uh... to reconnect now road radiator hoses and an over trend
transmission local lines
to the three roses going to reinstall the transat having
we've already replaced the interest at incentives that have been
this isn't what you you never had before is that
just massey's maxine
the uh...
factory defaults on our cities all over again
sum up
discussing ultra black
rvb sultana hallmark six bucks
transgene part
and uh...
when i look at the ethnic differences in our stuff down and stuff
looked like some people
poli largely silicone on the uh...
v inside c_e_o_ of the water park
well into my waterpark didn't seem to me like
there are many a r_t_e_ american the factory
and uh... i don't use some people
which would like to put my started argument for the measure
and some people don't
net that's if you can
clashed with the uh...
the regular mantle
rubber seal wanner
for this one definitely are gonna need
partido and this is a strong
where network t_v_ went we need to get that out
ideas absolute means you can
uh... just use a
through dry rejecting it to be able to that meeting and
uh... he's a washcloth interest and have abrasive cloth or something like that
you can get it as crazy candidate and of course make sure that the uh...
services mating x also who is perfectly bringing water pump
so the surface is perfectly clean
uh... we want to have a
well for of pristine nature of this
for uh...
for your r_t_c_
dislike it seems your gonna
uh... here
str kept it off
and just have a nice even be
goes all the way around
you want to completely thought that trough
and have plenty of extra
to uh...
spread out around it
and uh... and don't go crazy but
it's hard to have too much
chip with that trough there
we are ready to install
the simple treaty because there is this uh... this x reports reported to you
if you had a
there doesn't appear that uh...
some paper calpoly most ports we didn't do any duster debris in there
they can get those out first
you get this scare left
and that was uh... a little bit tricky could be uh...
but returning was just repeat that already on a lot passage with will
slid right there's definitely a treaty it first
and uh... just be really deliberate make sure you don't mess up your r_t_c_ u
and you've got to get that that part press in there
and we are a
the end of march second alexander probably just about four
and there are allot procedures out there on how to properly worker told system
and uh...
meat packages that
inspired make sure the
reservoir readers for
and one cycle
uniforms are more sense than others
uh... yes i can tell you know the ls
or at least twenty eight server not one of them
it's all going to do with it
you're stuck in your
europe or something like that
but mutual here so just a you filled out dinner
fired up
jetty combats more after
running motor through a single heat cycle one or watching it
dr hand-to-hand leaders dot
yet the terrific
happy and colourful
hannah living
fired up just fine
connector tunnel and we have absolutely everything is mechanically required
to start my people
we don't have any of our coverage just in case we uh... we missed something
and are buried there
so uh...
what rising yet
admirable character for about fifteen minutes concede
we'll see how everyone
life there
and the
sidewalk and stuff
force but back up to uh...
pop back on it
and that property
forty-five self-confidence
hoping that it may have
i think that's helpful
specifically dropped flex its planes
lifetime fitness
i'm not sure if i
fifty-year filter
at ninety one
photographs of your help