Get Down and Get Slim Workout | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 31.08.2012

Hi, I'm Valerie Waters, with the A-List Look. And today, we are gonna get down and get slim.
This is a great workout I have for you that is going to slim your hips and thighs. So
if you're worried about bulking up a little bit because you've been doing too many lunges
or spinning or anything like that, this is the routine for you. So if you're ready, join
me on the floor and let's get started. So -- oh, that's my knees. Okay, come on down.
And I want you to lie on a mat, bring your knees to 90 degrees, okay. Try to make sure
your head is comfortable and that you're in a straight line. If this is not comfortable
for you like this, you can lie your head down like that. But try not to be all scrunched,
okay. So this is our starting position. Got a few exercises in a row. So we're gonna go:
Up, In, Out, Down. It's four counts. So it's up, in, out and down -- that's 1. We're going
to 20. And the key here is to keep this top leg, the top knee, in front of the bottom
knee, okay. So if you're rolling back like that, you're cheating. And we don't like to
cheat because we're here to get down and get slim. That's what we do. And that's 12, 13.
Now when you're going down, you want to press down. Press so you don't just let that leg
flop down. Good -- 18, 19. You should be feeling this already. And that's 20. That's so good,
okay. Now we're gonna go: Leg Lift Out Front. So you're gonna straighten that leg out here
and you're gonna lift it up for 20. Now what you wanna do is you wanna feel like you're
reaching out through that heel. If this is too much for you, and it's a lot, it's okay
to just bend it a little bit. You be where you need to be. It should be burning. It burns,
but this is what we do if we wanna have tight, slim legs. Ooh, almost there. And that's 20.
Okay, now I'm gonna straighten it this way. I'm gonna bring this bottom leg down for balance
and up for 20. Keep that toe turned down a little bit and keep your foot flexed. Good.
Abs are tight. You don't' wanna get sloppy in your posture. That's it. That's 11, 12.
Keep it going. You should be burning. That's good. Keep going. Almost there. And 20. Okay,
last one. This one's really gonna hit the glutes. You're gonna have your hand here.
You're gonna lean into it a little bit. Flex that foot, push through the heel, squeeze
your butt. Going to 20. Good. That's it. And push. Keep going. And squeeze. Stay with me.
That's it. Really good job. Don't forget to breathe. Five more. 16, 17, 18, 19. Last one.
And 20. Okay, pat that out. You're gonna lie on your back and just put that foot up on
your knee like that. Give yourself a little release. That's so good. Now, if we were to
go right in to that other leg, it would cramp up too soon because the supporting leg gets
tired. So I'm gonna throw in a couple ab exercises for you to let the leg rest. Aren't you lucky.
Now, so that leg we just worked, put it back up on your knee, we're gonna work your abs,
but it's also gonna stretch it. I call this a Pigeon Clam. So this is sort of the Pigeon
Position, but we're gonna come in tight like a clam. We're gonna do 10, and then 10 on
the other side. So you come in tight. That's 1, 2. And I wanna try to pull this knee in
tight. Obviously, because my hips are tight, this knee is kinda coming in -- 7. That's
good -- 8. Nice and tight. Make sure those shoulder blades come up. And 10. And then
just switch and keep going. And now you should feel a big stretch here, but you should also
be feeling your abs. Good. That's it, keep it going -- 7, 8, 9 and 10. Excellent. Okay,
now I'm gonna do -- I call this the Ultimate Crunch. I'm gonna start with my legs straight.
I'm gonna sit up and hug one knee. I'm gonna stay with the same side for 10, and then I'll
switch. So I'll come up, and go hug, and down. Once I start, I don't drop my head because
that would be too much on your neck -- 3 -- but you wanna go back as far as you're able to.
Exhale on the way up. That's 6. Give yourself a little hug. That's 8. That's 9. Good, don't
stop. We go right into the other side. You should be feeling these. That's good. Almost
there. Okay, two more. And that was perfect. Now we're not stoping yet because we're not
done. We gotta flip over, we gotta work that other leg. Okay, so get that same position:
Knees at 90. Head nice and supported. We're going: Up, In, Out, Down. Now, you ready?
And we go: Up, in, out, down -- 2. Going to 20. Good. And keep it going -- 8. Oops. And
there we go. That's 10, 11 and 12, 13. Good, that's 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. A little
pat. Extend that leg. I think this is the hardest one right here. Going to 20. So remember,
if you need to bend that knee, bend that knee. The other really hard part about this is trying
to count while I talk. So, guys, if I miss one, make sure that you don't miss one. I'm
saying 20, 20 on each of these exercises. And you should feel like you're reaching that
leg way out -- 17, 18 and 20. Oh my god, that was so hard, but we don't stop. We're going
right into the side ones. We're going to 20. Flex that foot. Reach out through that heel
like you're trying to push against that wall over there. Or the wall at your house, anyway.
Good. Okay -- 11. That's 12. Keep lifting it nice and high. Keep your weight forward
in your hand. Don't get sloppy. That's perfect. That's 2. One more. Ooh, that was so hard.
Okay, Side Donkey Kick. This is the end right here -- 1, 2. You're going to 20 -- 3, 4.
You finish this exercise and you're done. So you're almost there. This is a great little
routine, like if you did one of my cardio routines and you just wanted finish with this.
It's also one I use with my clients a lot if they have any, like, if they're ankle's
bothering them or their knee and they need something really, really low impact. It doesn't
mean you have to stop your working out, you just have to find the routine that works.
Okay, one more. Oh, that was it. That was 20. Lie on your back. Put that foot up on
your knee and give that a release. That was so good. Now I'm gonna hug both knees in and
just stretch out my low back a little more. I'm gonna stretch the other hip again. And
then one more time like that. If you pull your foot a little bit, you'll feel even more
stretch in your hip. And that is it. Great job. Thank you for getting down and getting
slim with me. This routine, you only have to do one time through, so you are done. And
I am so proud of you. I want you to meet me back here next week, and I'll have a new routine
for you. But for now, please remember: You are just one workout away from a good mood.