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Welcome to another episode of "What's Cooking?"
Join me, as I travel the country learning the
tips, trick and stories behind the recipes and
home cooks that make up the worlds number one food site:
This week, we're in Long Island, New York.
A popular escape for Manhattanites, and home to the famous Coney Island.
Allrecipes chef Anne loves living the island lifestyle.
For a while, even living in the upstairs of a crab shack restaurant where she worked.
I grew up crabbing right off these docks.
Catchin' snappers with a bamboo fishing pole and a bobber.
And that's what we did. We're a seafood town.
Well, it sounds like if anyone knows how to prepare seafood,
it's probably going to be Anne.
This is what's cooking.
We're here with Anne in Sayville, New York.
Got kind of a double pleasure for everybody today, a double treat.
We're gonna be making two things instead of our normal one.
We'll be making her chocolate silken tofu pie, or just chocolate tofu pie.
Which is gonna be a bit of a stretch for me cause I'm, I'm not so much for tofu.
This is the best way to turn anybody onto tofu
because it's amazingly delicious. It's just like a thick, dense mousse.
To swing it more in my favor we're also making a grilled shrimp and avocado BLT.
So at least 50% I'm gonna be happy. But she's, she convinces me that I'm
gonna like the tofu pie as well.
So we're gonna start with the tofu pie. So let's go ahead and get started.
The first step is to make the crust.
We just combine the almonds, graham crackers, and melted butter into a food processor.
And blend it all up.
Then press the mixture into your pie pan.
You have to use a large pie pan for this.
If you have a small one, umm,
-Was that smuall? -Smuall. You know where you are right?
- Hahaha, I do. - Okay. Long Island.
Umm, if you have a small pie plate, you'll have leftover filling.
But you can just pour it into, like, pudding cups and you can have pudding by itself.
-Oh okay. -So that works out fine.
Just press it down and then bake it for about ten minutes.
Tofu. I'm used to what I see in the picture.
Big 'ol square, rectangular chunks of, uhh, pencil eraser.
-Right. -So what's different about this tofu
and why am I gonna love it?
There's regular tofu and a silken tofu.
Silken tofu is very creamy and has a different texture than regular tofu.
And works perfectly in smoothies, shakes, dressings, and for this particular pie recipe,
you'll be shocked and amazed at how creamy and delicious it is.
Next, it's time to melt the chocolate chips. Anne does it in the microwave,
stirring every 30 seconds until it is melted.
You wanna do it in intervals cause you don't wanna burn your chocolate.
When you're, you can let the heat that's in there finish melting it for you.
You don't wanna overheat it. Water is the enemy of melting chocolate.
So make sure your bowl is dry, make sure your food processor is dry.
And if you do it over a double boiler on the stove,
you have to be really careful not to get any in there.
They call it seizing. Your chocolate will seize up
if you get water in it while you're melting it
Do you see how the lumps are disappearing in its own heat.
Next, we combine the tofu, some vanilla, and the melted chocolate
and blend it until it is the texture of mousse.
You want super creamy and really, really pulverized.
That's already looking like a mousse
And that's it, three ingredients and you're done.
Alright, I'm going in. If I'm not back in fifteen minutes,
send in the, the New York Fire Department. -You're gonna love it.
-That is very, very good. -Forget about it -Booyah!
-Do you trust me now? -I, yep, yeah. -You can trust me.
Just spread it in the crust, and pop it in the fridge.
-Six hours in the fridge and it's ready to go? -Yep.
And it's hot.
And it's hot. What? Let me get the paramedics for you.
We're done with the pie. The pie is in the refrigerator for six hours.
So now we're gonna make the grilled shrimp and avocado BLT.
So, here we go. (Laughing)
-First we're gonna start off here with the bacon. -Yes.
First, you cook the bacon. Anne broils it in the toaster oven
so they'll cook flat. Next, combine the mayo with the chipoltle pepper, some lime juice
and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Then blend it all together.
Okay, so our next step, we're gonna skewer the shrimp before we put it on the grill.
Alright, I'm gonna keep these simple because there's such a complex flavor profile
I'm just gonna do some basic salt, pepper, and a spray of oil.
Once the shrimp is skewered, lets head on out to the grill.
I'd say about three minutes each side. We don't wanna over cook them.
Beautiful new york day
-100% humidity. -Hotter than heck.
Once they're thoroughly cooked, we'll head back in and start getting the sandwiches ready.
Just slice some tomatoes and avocado.
And slice the grilled shrimp in half as well.
Now it's time to start the assembly line. Spread some of the chipoltle mayo
onto the toasted bread,
adding some shrimp and avocado.
After adding another slice of bread and add the bacon lettuce, and tomatoes.
And top it off with a final slice of bread.
-Cheers. -Cheers. -Forget about it.
Mmmm. Booyah.
Wicked right?
Wicked it right.
These are some good sandwiches. But I don't think you'll catch me grilling tofu
instead of steak anytime soon.
But this chocolate tofu pie is pretty good.
Let this be a testament that I will eat tofu.
Well, it's probably time to wake up grandpa and share the wealth.
Looks like he might be getting hungry too.
Well, that's a wrap. Thank you Anne. Thank you New York.
Join us again next week as we come to you from another kitchen with another cook.
And another episode of "What's Cooking?"