EmbroidMe Franchise Video

Uploaded by EmbroidMeCorp on 20.06.2012

In 2001, one year after getting its start in West Palm Beach, Florida, EmbroidMe was
ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as the number one embroidery franchise in the world. More
than a decade later, EmbroidMe continues to lead the way with franchises in more than
ten countries and is the premier promotional marketing partner for businesses around the
world. Whether customers desire embroidered apparel, uniforms, or branded pens, cups,
keychains and more, EmbroidMe’s broad range of products and services provide branding
and messaging solutions for every business’ needs. Not only do clients view our products
as fun and exciting, but they are in fact consumable. And as promotional items are given
away at tradeshows and events, our store owners attribute much of their success to repeat
Backed by United Franchise Group, parent company to industry-leading franchises, such a SIGNARAMA,
Plan Ahead Events, Transworld Business Advisors, Billboard Connection and SuperGreen Solutions,
EmbroidMe is a proven business, backed by more than 25 years of franchising by an organization
committed to success.
Due to a solid franchising history, United Franchise Group is backed by several of the
world's largest franchise financing programs and organizations allowing them to offer a
wide variety of solutions to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of business ownership.
A $50 billion a year industry, the promotional products industry has an incredibly broad
customer base as nearly every company has branding needs for embroidered apparel and
promotional products to that we at EmbroidMe can meet.
I chose EmbroidMe because I liked the concept of the franchise, the way they have it set
up, the support system. We looked at several franchises and everything that we found through
EmbroidMe and UFG just fit us perfectly.
With unparalleled support and all the tools necessary for success, EmbroidMe is a turnkey
franchise that provides everything you need to launch your new business, including the
necessary equipment to perform direct to garment printing and embroidery. Most EmbroidMe franchisees
come to us with little or no experience in the embroidery industry and most have never
owned a business. A professional attitude and hunger for success are the key components
necessary to begin the five-week training process.
Training begins with two weeks in sunny South Florida at the United Franchise Group corporate
headquarters. During this time, classroom instruction and production training will teach
you all the fundamental aspects of the business. We will show you how to hire and train your
production staff, and will review production and equipment training. Although our owners
typically don't perform much of the production, it's important to have a working knowledge
of how your equipment operates.
Our CEO, Ray Titus, is hands-on, passionate about our brands and likes to get to know
each franchisee personally. You too will be able to sit down with Ray during your initial
two-week training. After your two weeks have come to a close, you'll then spend a week
training on-site at a mentor store, learning all the aspects of the business. You will
work with an established owner, who will continue to mentor you, especially important through
the first few months of starting your business. The final two weeks of your training will
happen on-site at your store. We will send a representative to your location to spend
time with you reviewing equipment operation, local business marketing, and helping to establish
the contacts you will need to launch your new business.
The number of topics that are covered in training are as diverse as what you need to know to
run the business. But certainly, sales and more than just the vanilla here’s how to
sell. This is how to sell this product, this is how to sell it to this industry. Here’s
your game plan and your numbers and all the things that if I went out into business for
myself, I’d have to figure that out on my own.
After your five-week training session is over, our support continues. One-on-one session
with our field representatives offer ongoing support, helping to identify new growth and
profit strategies. We provide ongoing marketing programs to support you and your business,
including our customizable virtual shopping portal that allows you to offer 24/7 online
ordering to your customers. We also provide targeted advertising campaigns and an in-house
public relations and marketing team committed to promoting and growing the EmbroidMe brand.
And with the knowledge that location is key to any successful retail business, we even
help with site selection, renovations, and lease negotiations to ensure that you have
the best possible location for high-traffic, visibility and accessibility.
We have an established network of over 100 preferred vendors and suppliers that allow
you to take advantage of the best quality and pricing on your products. With EmbroidMe,
you will be able to run a successful business in your own hometown. Yours is a business
that will not require long hours and overcommitted schedules. Our stores are typically open Monday
through Friday and our owners are able to enjoy time doing the things they love all
while building a business of their own. You will develop relationships with businesses
in every industry and quickly become part of your own corporate community.
By watching this video, you've already taken your first step to becoming the next EmbroidMe
franchisee. We invite you to meet with the local representative in your area and also
visit with local embroidery owners. The best way to learn about a business it to sit down
and talk with someone who does it for a living. Join us for a discovery day at our corporate
offices in West Palm Beach, Florida. Take a tour of our facilities, meet our management,
training and support staff and get a feel for our business. Call us today and learn
more about your exciting future in business ownership with EmbroidMe.