Kpop Music Mondays - Top "Turn It Up"

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 27.09.2010

Today's Music Monday is theeee...
No. No I'm not gonna read that. [READ IT!]
No, that's stupid! I'm gonna say what I want to say! [SAY IT!!]
Not at all! Today's Music Monday is the...what!
Today's Music Monday is the Super Sexy Sexy Super Sexy Super Sexy Sexy Edition
With TOP's "Turn it Up!" Yayy! [BARRGHHH!]
The best part of this music video is 100% TOP.
So much TOP! There's TOP in a Cup!
TOP in a Hat!
There's TOP in a car!
Ohh, well, we don't have a car...
But anyways, to be more serious...
The best part of the video is definitely, it's just TOP, right!
TOP is so sexy how can I...meep!
I'm sorry Simon! You're the sexiest one to me!
TOP's the kind of rapper that likes pimpin clothes,
big booty hoes, fast cars, and monkeys!
So my favorite part of the video is the monkeys. I love monkeys!
He's got monkeys playing guitar, monkeys singing with him.
And he's got some kind of monkey magic. Now, I don't know
what this monkey magic is that he speaks of, but I imagine
that it goes something like this:
I wish I had an iPhone. MONKEY MAGIC!
Oh! A banana. I guess this is my wand. Spudgy!
Make me an iPhone. MONKEY MAGIC!
[sound of Spudgy disappearing]
Oh. That worked out terribly! Maybe I'm doing this wrong.
I wish I had a banana!
Yay! That worked out great! I'm on to you TOP!
I know your sneaky ways.
Since this is a hip hop video, there isn't a lot of dance in it,
but I will give props to TOP for his crip walk.
The one dancy part of the video is really really cute and adorable [Simon coughing]
I mean, it's ok I guess. Umm, we call it "Fly baby bird fly!"
I can do it!
This is the worst dance ever.
As for the English of the song we easily give this a...
four out of five. [Wait a second! Wait a second!]
What? [four out of five? Are you crazy?]
No, that's right. Four out of five [this deserves a five out of five]
It's just a bunch of nouns strung together of all the things he wants to buy
[Okay, the main verse, Turn it Up loud, it's English. It's great!]
But still, no, see this is my meter. I make it with my hands.
You can make your own meter if you want.
[ominous silence]
Totally not fair.
Now the biggest chunk of English in the song is when TOP lists
all of the expensive things that he has like Dior and Dolce and Gabanna and Givenchy
Well, you know what TOP?! We can do our list also. Check this out!
I got that BB Cream Magic. Daiso on the walls.
A Gmarket Skirt and a Spudgy T-Shirt
Yeah, that's right TOP! I bet you wish you had a Spudgy shirt.
Monkey magic can't help you there, buddy.
Last week we asked you what song is more "Hood"
2NE1's "Can't Nobody" or F(x)'s "Nu ABO"
And F(x) got kind of destroyed. 2NE1 won with
400 points to 160. Supreme victory!
For this week's showdown we ask you what video is
sexy sexy super sexy sexy sexy sexier:
TOP's Turn it Up, or Hyori's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Leave your votes in the comments and we'll announce the winners next week.