Let's Play New Vegas Ep. 12 Pt. 2: No One Ever Buys the T-Rexes

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 22.11.2010

>> Darn it. No one ever buys the T-Rexes.
>> RYAN: [laughs] I'd like to see what you've got for sale.
>> Sure thing. Have a look.
>> RYAN: Oh, I'll buy a T-Rex. I'll buy a T-Rex from you.
Just one.
Where is the T-Rex?
You have a thousand of them? Oh, no I don't want a thousand of them.
Oh, this is going to take forever.
Hmm. [yawns] ...for the kingdom...
One Dinky the T-Rex souvenir, please.
Oh, and you've guns and things. Excellent. OK.
Let's buy some guns and things.
Actually, I think all I really need is the...
Yeah, I think I'm pretty good on anything else
unless you've got stimpaks. I will buy your stimpaks.
Excellent. Tell me more about the souvenir rockets.
>> They're scale replicas of the real thing,
every detail. Got a liquid in them that makes them glow.
From what I hear, REPCONN used to give them out on tours of their HQ up in Hinderson,
but I guess they had to stop after the first few kids thought they were filled
with Nuka-Cola and drank it down.
The papers had a name of the condition and everything.
They called it the "REPCONN Shakes." Those were bad times for RobCo.
>> How did they end up here?
>> RYAN: Well, they unloaded what they had on the Dino-Bite as a tax write-off
but that was before my time.
Plenty of demand for them, seeing as how they're one of a kind collectors' items
but I might still have some in back.
>> RYAN: I'm kind of curious, I kind of want one.
Oh, that's ammo. I want miscellaneous.
Uhh... You know what? Sure, I'll take one.
Yeah, I'll take one.
>> Come back soon, now.
>> RYAN: That's not a place I'm meant to go.
>> OK, there's a sniper upstairs I'm guessing?
Manny Vargas. Hello, Manny Vargas.
Oh, you have an... interesting face.
>> What's going on, man?
>> RYAN: I'm looking for a man in a checkered coat.
>> Sure I know him. What do you want with him?
>> RYAN: I don't know.
I'm looking for answers.
>> Must be something pretty important to be chasing a guy like that.
Well, listen. I can definitely help you find him, but I've got problems of my own.
Maybe we can do a trade: You get my help, and there's something I need too.
>> RYAN: [laughs] Oh my god, that's...
That's very forward. Do I want to pick this?
Jesus, OK, yeah sure. Fine.
You've had your needs neglected for far too long, haven't you?
I can tell.
>> Yeah, like everybody depends on you, you know?
But they don't ask you about how you feel, what you worry about.
There's something I like about you, you just seem really understanding.
I was going to ask you for a favour, but I'll just tell you what you want to know.
The guy you're looking for, Benny, he was travelling with some members of my old gang.
They were going to Boulder City.
>> RYAN: I'm... I'm glad that that didn't go where I thought it was going to go.
[laughs] Where is Boulder City?
>> It's straight up route 93 from here. Just keep following the road north.
>> RYAN: Any idea why they went that way?
>> No clue. I know Benny hadn't paid up yet.
Maybe that's where they were supposed to get square.
>> RYAN: That's all I needed to know.
>> Glad I could help.
Hey, I know you've got no reason to help me out now, but you seem really nice.
Can I at least tell you about the problem we've got here?
>> RYAN: Sure.
>> See? I was right about you.
Novac, it's home for me now. I want that to be for good.
I like it here, and I've left too many homes behind,
but the only resource we've got here is junk.
Without that, people wouldn't have anything to trade. We'd all have to leave.
We get most of it up the road from the old rocket test site, but a bunch of
ghouls showed up one day and took it over. We can't get in there now.
>> RYAN: Why don't you deal with it?
>> I would, but I've got to watch the road.
Caesar's Legion has been taking territory just east of here.
They took Nelson. If we let our guard down, they might attack.
All it takes for the Legion is for them to sense weakness.
>> RYAN: Well, what needs to be done?
>> Well, they got to go, or this'll be a ghost town before long.
Doesn't matter to me what you do.
As long as the ghouls are out of there, that's good enough for me.
>> RYAN: OK, I'll see what can be done about it.
>> It'd mean a lot to me.
>> RYAN: Goodbye. >> Yeah, see you.
>> RYAN: I was going to do the whole ghoul thing anyways, so... why not?
Um, yeah. So, I guess now I have a purpose in life to continue on.
[laughs] And that confirmed bachelor just comes in handy.
Ahh, so let's see here.
"Head to the REPCONN facility west of Novac to investigate rumours of ghoul activity there."
And that is...? Where is that?
That's that way.
Yeah, you know I guess... Sure, why not? We'll go and...
have a gander!
But, you know what? Before I leave I think we're going to make that a video.
We're going to make that an episode.
So tune in next time, Internet people, when we go...
to make sure that this town can sell glowing rockets that kids drink
because that's very noble. Look both ways before crossing the train tracks.
Thanks for watching, Internet people.