Alejandro & Diego - 008 [2/2] (English Subs)

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And what's up with you?
I wasn't made for sports. Physically I'm useless. I made the team look bad.
Ale, but you don't even like it then why did you try out? You don't get along with them. You're a gym and weights kind of guy.
Your sensibility is different. -I already quit.
The humiliation was horrible. I even argued with Sebas.
I need you to know that if you need a friend to get everything off your chest, you can count on me.
You said Sebas.. That you thought that he could be... Gay.
Look, the truth is that I feel bad talking about this with you. But if I don't talk about it with someone, I'm going to go crazy.
Please, don't tell anyone.
Ale, c'mon, You know me pretty well. You've told me thousands of secrets and I've never told anyone anything.
After Rodrigo's death, I started to get closer to Sebastián. -Yeah, same here.
Yeah, but it's different. In my case, I... I don't know how to tell you.
It was my fault. I was mistaken. I thought Sebas liked me in a different way.
Did something happen between you two?
The most embarrassing moment of my life.
I told Sebas that... That I liked him, and that I was falling for him.
Do you feel love towards him? It's normal. It's not because your gay or not gay.
At the moment we are experiencing different things, new things. At this age we define out preferences.
And what did he tell you? -He told me he couldn't feel the same way because he liked somebody else.
Guy or girl?
He said he likes you.
He said that?
Yeah. Nora, I lost him as a friend.
No, no, no, I assure you that Sebas is cool, and because of me you two will never stop being friends. What do you think?
Would you do that for me?
Right this isntant.
Guys, In my opinion. Alejandro failed on purpose so all the players would land on top of him.
Look, Alejandro didn't fail on purpose. Plus, he already did you a favor of leaving the team.
Bro, he left us on the field without a word. -And do you want after what you guys did to him? You almost killed him!
No, no, no. I'm up to here with today's practice.
Calm down. If you want to relax. The shower's right there. And if you drop the soap. I'll make sure to make you happy, dude.
Oh, but what a cute baby you two would make. Or don't you think so, Sebas my friend.
Hey guys, Talking on a serious note. I thought of a great idea for us to have fun, al right?
Who wants to win some good cash?
Look, if it has to do with Alejandro, I pass. Because I don't play for that team. -Can't you leave him alone for a minute?
Hey, hear me out. It's about a dare. What ever it may be. No matter what happens. No one can find out. Mr. JP, least of all. Okay?
(All): Okay. Yeah. Sure.